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Alphabetical Cheat Code Indexes for PC

We found 168 games with cheats!

   J.A.S.F. Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters
   Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds
   Jack Houston and the Necronauts
   Jack In The Box Escape
   Jack in the Dark
   Jack Keane
   Jack Lumber
   Jack Nicklaus 4
   Jack Nicklaus 5
   Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Brar Challenge
   Jack Nicklaus Golf 5
   Jack the ripper
   Jack The Zombie
   Jade Dynasty
   Jade Empire: Special Edition
   Jagged Alliance
   Jagged Alliance 2
   Jagged Alliance 3
   Jagged Alliance Online
   Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
   Jagged Alliance: Crossfire
   Jagged Alliance: Flashback
   Jailhouse Life
   Jakers! Let's Explore
   James Bond 007: Blood Stone
   James Bond 007: NightFire
   James Bond Junior
   James Bond: 007 Legends
   James Bond: Quantum of Solace
   James Pond 2: Codename Robocod
   James Pond 3
   Jamestown: Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot
   Jamestown: Legend of The Lost Colony
   JamParty: Remixed
   Jan's Room
   Jan's Room 2
   Jan's Room 3
   Jan's Room 4
   Jan's Room 5
   Jan's Room Burger Shop Escape
   Jan's Room: Chapter New Year
   Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters
   Jane's Combat Simulations: Israeli Air Force
   Jane's Fighter Anthology
   Jane's USAF
   Janes AH-64D Longbow
   Janes ATF Gold
   Janes USNF 97
   Janes USNF Gold
   Jane`s F/A-18 Simulator
   Janitor Joe
   Janjan Escape
   Japanese Garden Escape
   Japanese Garden Escape 2
   Japanese Style Room Escape
   Jaws Unleashed
   Jazz Jackrabbit
   Jazz Jackrabbit 2
   Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files
   Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition
   Jedi Knight
   Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
   Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
   Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
   Jeff Gordon XS Racing
   Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds
   Jekyll & Hyde
   Jerry Rice and Nitus' Dog Football
   Jersey Devil
   Jersy Devil
   Jet Car Stunts
   Jet Moto
   Jet Set Radio
   Jet Set Willy 3
   Jet Strike
   Jetfighter 2
   Jetfighter 3
   Jetfighter 3: Platinum Edition
   Jetfighter Anthology
   JetFighter IV: Fortress America
   Jetpack Joyride
   Jets 'n' Guns
   Jets 'n' Guns Gold
   Jewel Match
   Jewel Quest 2
   Jewel Quest 5: The Sleepless Star
   Jewel Quest Solitaire 2
   Jewels Of the Oracle II
   JForce: Unstoppable
   Jigsaw Explorer
   Jigsaw Killer Reborn
   Jill of The Jungle: Jill Goes Underground
   Jill Of the Jungle
   Jim Power In Mutant Planet
   Jimmy White's 2: Cueball
   Jimmy White's Cue Ball 2
   Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
   Jinn's Quest
   Jo Guest In The Milk Round
   Joe And Mac
   Joe Danger
   Joe Danger 2: The Movie
   Jogos Escape Blue Room
   Jogos Escape: Small Room
   John Daly's ProStroke Golf
   John Deere American Farmer
   John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles
   John Woo Presents Stranglehold
   Johnny Bazooka Tone
   Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All
   Join Strike Fighter
   Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
   Joint Strike Fighter
   Joint Task Force
   JoJo's Fashion Show 2
   Jolly Rover
   Jonah Lara Rugby w/ Brian Lara Cricket
   Jonah Lomu Rugby
   Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge
   Jonathan Kane: The Protector
   Jones In The Fast Lane
   Jonny Quest
   Joshua & Battle of Jericho
   Journey of A Roach
   Journeyman Project 3: Legacy Of Time, The
   Journeyman Project Turbo
   Judge Dredd
   Judge Dredd: Dredd Versus Death
   Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death
   Juicy Town
   Jump Start Adventures: 4th Grade
   Jump Start Adventures: 5th Grade
   Jumpers For Goalposts 2
   Jumpgate Evolution
   Jumping Jupingo
   Jungle & Desert Strike Bundle
   Jungle Strike
   Junk Escape
   Jurassic Park
   Jurassic Park 3 - ScanCommand
   Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
   Jurassic Park: The Game
   Jurassic Wars
   Just A Trim Please
   Just Cause
   Just Cause 2
   Just Like Real Life

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