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We found 126 games with cheats!

   N Gauge World Train Simulation
   N GEN Racing
   Nagano Winter Olympics '98
   Namco Anthology Volume 1
   Namco Anthology Volume 2
   Namco Museum Classics Volume 1
   Namco Museum Classics Volume 2
   Namco Museum Classics Volume 3
   Namco Museum Classics Volume 4
   Namco Museum Classics Volume 5
   Namco Museum Encore
   NAMCO Museum Vol. 1
   NAMCO Museum Vol. 3
   NAMCO Museum Vol. 4
   Namco Museum Volume 1
   Namco Museum Volume 2
   Namco Museum Volume 3
   Namco Museum Volume 4
   Namco Museum Volume 5
   Naniwa Wangan Battle
   Nanotek Warrior
   NASCAR 2000
   NASCAR 2001
   Nascar 50th Anniversary SE
   NASCAR 50th Anniversary Special Edition
   NASCAR 98
   NASCAR 99
   NASCAR Racing
   Nascar Racing 2000
   NASCAR Rumble
   NBA Basketball 2000
   NBA Fast Break '98
   NBA Hangtime
   NBA Hoopz
   NBA In The Zone
   NBA In The Zone '98
   NBA In The Zone 2
   NBA In the Zone 2000
   NBA In the Zone 99
   NBA Jam Extreme
   NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
   NBA Live '96
   NBA Live '97
   NBA Live '98
   NBA Live 2000
   NBA Live 2001
   NBA Live 2005
   NBA Live 99
   NBA Powerdunkers
   NBA Powerdunkers 3
   NBA ShootOut
   NBA Shootout 2000
   NBA Shootout 2004
   NBA Shootout 97
   NCAA Final Four '97
   NCAA Football '98
   NCAA Football 2001
   NCAA Football 99
   NCAA Game Breaker 2000
   NCAA Game Breaker 2001
   NCAA GameBreaker
   NCAA Gamebreaker 99
   NCAA March Madness 2001
   NCAA March Madness 99
   Nectaris Military Madness
   Need For Speed
   Need for Speed 2
   Need for Speed 3
   Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
   Need for Speed 4: High Stakes
   Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed
   Need For Speed: High Stakes
   Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
   Need for Speed: V Rally 2
   New Century GPX Cyber Formula
   New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 2
   New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 3
   New Super Robot Wars
   New Super Robot Wars Special Disk
   Next Tetris
   NFL Blitz
   NFL Blitz 2001
   NFL Extreme 2
   NFL Game Day 2000
   NFL Game Day 2001
   NFL Game Day 2002
   NFL Game Day 99
   NFL GameDay
   NFL GameDay '97
   NFL Quarterback Club '97
   NFL Xtreme
   NFL Xtreme 2
   NHL '97
   NHL '98
   NHL '99
   NHL 2000
   NHL 2001
   NHL Blades Of Steel 2000
   NHL Championship 2000
   NHL Face Off Hockey 2000
   NHL FaceOff
   NHL FaceOff '97
   NHL FaceOff 2000
   NHL FaceOff 2001
   NHL Hockey 2000
   NHL Hockey 2001
   NHL Hockey 99
   NHL Open Ice Challenge
   NHL Powerplay '98
   NHL Rock The Rink
   Nightmare Creatures
   Nightmare Creatures 2
   Nightmare Project
   Ninja Jajamaru
   Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
   No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing
   No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking
   No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
   Norse By Norse West: The Lost Vikings Return
   Norse by Norsewest
   Not Treasure Hunter
   Notam Of Wind
   Nuclear Strike
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