Prototype has been billed as a Sci-Fi Action Game, but don’t let the Sci-Fi part put you own taking a look because it’s no space wanderer by any means! What it is though, is potentially the most brutal rampaging title you will have seen, and is pushing the limits many games dare not get close to in terms of blood and violence.

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You are Alex Mercer, not a normal man in any way, shape or form – in none of his forms. Confused? Don’t be. Alex has the incredible ability to shape-shift and that is just the beginning of his intriguing talents. Alex is caught in a three-way battle taking place in a futuristic New York City, between the military, the monsters, and himself.

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If you have no stamina, Prototype is not for you because this is without doubt the best example of a non-stop action title seen in years – you will rarely get a breather, and the action is more intense than in any recent survival horror title including Resident Evil 5 and the game will even horrify you more, too.

The range of assaults, attack combos and acts of huge destruction is unimaginable until you get your hands on Prototype and see for yourself. Take a look at the trailer above for just a few of the possibilities in Prototype, and then try to imagine that there are plenty more where they came from, many of an equal level of violence and brutality.

Prototype is due for release on June 12th 2009 and will appear on the PC, Playstation 3 and XBox 360 only – no other platform stands a chance of running a game this good!



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  1. avatar Sanket Shrestha says:

    its a sci-fi game which lets you control a mutated person who is searching for answers since his past blackout. During the game, you can kill your enemies(mutated creeps, police forces) and use their DNA to transform into different beings. Its quite fun, if you like being the bad guy for a change.