Torchlight II Confirmed for Spring 2011

torchlight 2

The new chapter in the loot-driven, click-heavy RPG has a firm release window.

All you adventurers out there scouring the depths of the dark dungeons in Runic Games’ Torchlight for phat loot will no doubt be elated to learn that the developer has confirmed the sequel to the unexpected hit has been confirmed for a Spring 2011 release date. Torchlight II will follow closely in its predecessor’s footsteps, maintaining its similar core gameplay to the famous Diablo franchise. The team has confirmed perhaps the most interesting new perk to be online co-op with other similarly leveled players.

Other various new gameplay additions include new pets, randomly generated dungeons, overworld areas with day/night cycles and weather effects, fishing, and a retirement system that will allow “sufficiently leveled” characters to pass along benefits and perks to new characters.

It should be noted that Torchlight II is a separate project from the Torchlight MMO that has been mentioned. Both projects are forthcoming and neither development cycle conflicts with the other’s.

As of now, Torchlight II has been confirmed for the PC, with a Mac version to follow at some point down the road.


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