First Play – Borderlands DLC: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution [Video Preview]


Gearbox Software’s successful hybrid first-person shooter with various RPG elements have released their latest DLC pack for the game. This pack entitled Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, which costs 800 Microsoft Points (or $10.00), pits the player character mercs against the hilarious automatons that players encounter throughout the normal game known as Claptraps. You’ll be seeing a lot of these circuit-addled foes as they use everything from shotguns to samurai swords to try and take you down.

Join Andrew and Jason in the video below to take a quick look at the early parts of the new Borderlands DLC pack. Viva la robolution!

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it’s said in the video that the level cap has now been raised to 69, this will actually be done by a forthcoming but as of yet unreleased free patch to the game. To my understanding, this patch will add an additional 8 levels for all players regardless of their owning the DLC. Any beefy players looking to pump their maxed-out character may want to consider this before finishing all that the Borderlands DLC pack has to offer.


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