Call of Duty : Black Ops Intel Locations [Guide]

COD Black Ops

*** Collecting all 42, Intels you will unlock the Closer Analysis Achievement/Trophy.

The following is a list on how to find the 42 Intels scattered across 14 missions. One mission has no Intel while the 14 others have 3 each.

If you die after collecting an Intel, it will automatically be saved so you will not need to return to collect it again in that ocation. You can also save & quit at anytime during a mission once you have collected the intel if you are revisiting missions to collect any you may of missed earlier.

Return to Top OPERATION 40

Intel #1 You’ll come to a garage with lots of crates and weapons in it. The Intel is behind the RPG
Intel #2 You’ll be on the 2nd floor of a burning building. Head into the right side top floor room and the intel is on a table on the back left
Intel #3 You’ll rappel down a hill running forward and at the bottom is a plane hanger. The intel is inside on the left up a ladder

Return to Top VORKUTA

Intel #1 As Sergei tries to break into the armory you will be told to go to the roof. Stop by Reznov and grab the intel on the table to his left
Intel #2 When you dive under Sergei to hit the door switch on the other side there is a room in the back right with the intel
Intel #3 Before getting on the bike turn around and the intel is on a shelf behind Reznov

Return to Top U.S.D.D.

No Intel to find!


Intel #1 As you climb the comm tower taking them out floor by floor it’s on the right side of the 3rd floor before you use the ladder to the roof
Intel #2 In the room you blow open with the C4 its in the back left
Intel #3 As you are making your escape you will come to a control room on the right with a viewing gallery. The intel is in on the left as you enter in a small command area

Return to Top S.O.G.

Intel #1 When you are climbing the hill back and forth and you get to the top there is a long tent with tons of crates. It’s on the left
Intel #2 As you are moving down the next hill there is a bunker on the far left mid way down. Enter it and the intel is in the “window” facing down
Intel #3 When you get to the burned out Marine building its on the right side in the dark right before the room with the american flag on the wall

Return to Top THE DEFECTOR

Intel #1 As you leave the room with the Projector after getting the Defector, there is a small room on the right with the intel
Intel #2 As you are following the APC you will come to a right turn in the road. The intel is in the building straight ahead of you before you turn
Intel #3 In the final area that you need to hold waiting for transport it is in the building to the right as you enter the area. When you come into the area the docks are at the far top side. Head right and there will be a busted open brick wall. The intel inside there

Return to Top NUMBERS

Intel #1 Right away before climbing the ladder go to the back right area
Intel #2 You’ll do a slow slide down a metal roof with about 5 guys below you. The intel is in front of you on the ground in the little fenced in area
Intel #3 After losing the package you have to jump from roof to roof to extract. Starting where you lose the package go down a level, then one more. Turn around and it’s on the metal roof

Return to Top PROJECT NOVA

Intel #1 On the right after climbing the stairs in the very first building where you think Steiner is. This is after going down the hill at the start and after not allowing anyone to surrender
Intel #2 As you go into the final white hanger on the right with the missile in it the intel is in the back room
Intel #3 As you run for your life with the countdown, the intel is on the right before getting the the front of the ship


Intel #1 When you enter the hut with the hammocks there is a main room off the hammocks that you have to go through. In the back left of the main room. Take hard left when leaving hammock room
Intel #2 After blowing the explosive you will fight through a village. At the back left is a small hut. It’s on the ground in the back left of the hut
Intel #3 In the rat tunnels a guy will pop out at Swift, then Reznov, and finally you. Take a left where the guy pops out at you and the intel in on the ground on the right

Return to Top CRASH SITE

Intel #1 Immediately on beginning the level the intel is to the left of the dock on some crates
Intel #2 When you get off the boat it is in the small hill path up on the right
Intel #3 When you get to the crashed plane and climb the wing you will then drop down to right beside the plane. Turn around and its on the ground

Return to Top WMD

Intel #1 In the 2nd zoom in from overhead room where you need to blow the power, it’s right to the left down the stairs as you enter
Intel #2 In the Comm Station that you rappel down to its in the back room by the stairs to the first floor. Enemies open this room to come out after you
Intel #3 In the final warehouse that is covered in bombs. DON’T go into the main control room. Instead go to the center table with a bomb on it and its on the back

Return to Top PAYBACK

Intel #1 As you are chasing the Russian you will come to a large cave room with VC coming down a hole above and to the right. The intel is on the right on some shelving
Intel #2 Before getting into the HIND the intel is on the table on the right side of the camp
Intel #3 At the final big fight with your destination in glass above head to the left of the room and the intel is on some crates

Return to Top REBIRTH

Intel #1 Right at the start when you take out the guy turn hard left and its on the ground behind you
Intel #2 When you are nearing the final room you will come to a lab with a center glassed in area. The intel is inside the glassed in area
Intel #3 While wearing the hazmat suit you will go through one building and then down a street and the destination building will catch on fire. To the right of the destination building is a home with 2 stoves. The intel is on some shelving to the right of the stoves


Intel #1 As you are fumbling around the level you will come to a 4-way hall with a #4 on the wall. Take the left and the intel is on a cigarette machine
Intel #2 After the scene about Vorkuta you will exit to a hall marked 132-3 go to the right to a dead end and it’s in a wastebaket by some scattered papers
Intel #3 When you get to the hall marked 2 you will have to enter an office area. The intel is on the left on a desk on top of a file sorter

Return to Top REDEMPTION

Intel #1 After you “land” you will head down the right side of the ship. You’ll be told to take out 2 helicopters and the rockets are in front of you. Just before and to the left of the rockets is the intel on the ground by a large open container
Intel #2 You’ll then head down a lot of stairs to the bottom of the ship. At the bottom when you enter the room is a large table. On the far side on the floor under the table is the intel
Intel #3 In the 2nd section you will come to a room with a large map of the world. Then head up some stairs to an overlook room. The final intel is on the floor on the right under the desk of this small room


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  1. avatar digger106 says:

    It depends on which cage u go to

  2. avatar Kyle says:

    Looking 4 cheats in blackops. On crash site i start out on the boat cannot get off, and there are no docks or crates. In rebirth in the glass cage I knife the guy in the back so the door doesn’t close or release the nova 6 and there is no intel in the room or cage. Please help!!! these are the only intel i cannot find. Thank you!