The Sims 3, Ambitions, and World Adventures Traits List [Guide]


This Sims 3 Personality Traits Guide provides information about how the traits in Sims 3, Ambitions, World Adventures, and Late Night affect your Sims. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners of The Sims 3 will also find this guide helpful, as all of the traits offered in their version are featured here. Also in this guide is a list of which lifetime wishes that will pop up if you make a Sim with that particular trait. If you want to be sure that your Sim gets a certain lifetime wish you want then you need to make one of the traits you pick have that lifetime wish as a possiblity.

This Sims 3 Guide or Walkthrough was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed for the consoles but most will be the same. There are a few traits that are introduced from the expansion ( Ambitions, World Adventures , and Late Night) and are indicated with a note to whick expansion it comes from. If it is not noted, then it is from The Soms main game.

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Return to Top Absent Minded

Lifetime Wishes: None

Absent Minded is very much a negative trait. It literally helps with nothing, but might provide for a bit of amusement at 1st. Your Sim will randomly forget what they were doing.

Return to Top Adventurous

*** Requires World Adventures Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Great Explorer, Physical Perfection, Private Museum, Seasoned Traveler

Adventurous, introduced with World Adventures, helps to trigger 4 of the new lifetime wishes that came with the expansion when used in combination with another older trait. This trait will help keep your Sims happy while traveling. They will get a small (+10) adventuring moodlet while they are out and about. Since it always sticks around, it helps a lot more than it seems. Additionally, your Sim will see a reduced cooldown before they can go on another vacation, from 48 hours to just over a day. The only drawback is the trait causes your Sim to get the stir crazy moodlet more often, but this shouldn’t happen if you are really using the Sim to travel a lot!

Return to Top Ambitious

Lifetime Wishes: CEO of a Mega-Corporation, Emperor of Evil, Leader of the Free World, Swimming in Cash, Living in the Lap of Luxury

This trait is for the Sim that is driven toward success. They ar much better at getting promotions at work. The best part, is they get more lifetime happiness points when wishes are fulfilled. This is awesome for a jack of all trades Sim. Why? They can milk every skill’s interest wishes for many extra lifetime happiness points. The downside is that they will sometimes get anxious to advance, even at really high level careers. Since they are so good at moving up, they can of course pursue another career.

How Many Extra Lifetime Happiness Points Does Ambitious Add?
The ambitious trait will increase the lifetime happiness points gained from any wish, normal or lifetime, by 15%. So, if your Sim chose a lifetime wish worth 30,000 points, they’d get an additional 4,500 points.

Return to Top Angler

Lifetime Wishes: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

The de facto trait for fishermen. Sims who have this trait are amazing at fishing, plain and simple. They will learn fishing faster, and catch more fish in a shorter period of time. Anglers can also have a blast while fishing. This can lead to an eternally happy self-employed Sim.

Return to Top Artistic

Lifetime Wishes: Master of the Arts, Star News Anchor, Illustrious Author, Rock Star, Hit Movie Composer, Visionary, World Class Gallery, Home Design Hotshot

Artistic Sims make great painters, and will raise the painting skill faster. The trait does boost the rate they’ll learn writing and guitar, but not as much as painting. For me, this means that I can skip this trait for authors and musicians more or less, as once they are level 10, in those skills it will not help any more. For that matter, it doesn’t do much for painters either, but they will be able to talk about art which can help to build friendships.

Return to Top Athletic

Lifetime Wishes: Become a Super Star Athlete, Become a Master Thief, International Super Spy, Become an Astronaut, Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, Martial Arts Master, Physical Perfection

Athletic Sims love to work out and play sports. They enjoy a boost to the rate the athletic skill is learned. Additionally, they get fatigued more slowly. This makes it easier to accomplish wishes like ‘work out for 10 hours straight’. They will do better in pro sports, and military careers. If not because it directly increases performance, then because they will gain the skill faster to get promotions.

Return to Top Bookworm

Lifetime Wishes: Star News Anchor, Illustrious Author, Professional Author, World Renowned Surgeon

Bookworms love books. This helps them to read faster, and consequentially write and do homework faster. They will be better authors than other Sims, which means this is a great take if you want your Sim to be a professional or illustrious author. Reading faster helps with studying in the library. They will have a blast reading books, as well. This can make reading books a good way to gain lifetime reward points, because they will develop an interest quickly in reading volumes of books.

Return to Top Born Salesman

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: None

This is an excellent trait for self-employed Sims who will be making use of the consignment shop brought with the Ambitions expansion. You will sell more items and at a higher value than without this trait. Good for painters, sculptors, inventors, gardeners and other types that usually sell their wares through the inventory interface.

Return to Top Brave

Lifetime Wishes: Firefighter Super Hero, International Super Spy, Become an Astronaut, Great Explorer, Physical Perfection

Brave is an interesting trait for Sims to take. If you have ever had a fire, and watched how crazy Sims act, or lost your Sim’s stuff to a burglar, you should be able to appreciate brave. They will do better fighting fires and kicking burglar butt.

Return to Top Can’t Stand Art

Lifetime Wishes: None

This could be useful if you want to keep your Sim’s home very spartan and undecorated. They will be happiest living there. It could be considered a negative trait because it will often cause them a can’t stand art moodlet, which can slightly diminish mood when they see art.

Return to Top Charismatic

Lifetime Wishes: Fashion Phenomenon, Super Popular, International Super Spy, Leader of the Free World, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers, CEO of a Mega-Corporation, Star News Anchor

Charismatic is a powerful trait to take: if you want your Sim to make friends. Friends aren’t an absolute essential in the Sims 3, and a core group of good friends is often enough to suffice. Charismatic Sims cannot pick the Loser trait.

It can help with careers however. Politicians should always be charismatic, as it will boost campaign contributions, and is an actual requirement of the career track. Other careers that derive promotions partly from relations with co-workers will also benefit. Charismatic Sims are great at chatting at work.

They will gain the charisma skill faster, and more often please other Sims when engaged in conversation.

Return to Top Childish

Lifetime Wishes: Super Popular, International Super Spy, Jack of All Trades, Great Explorer, Martial Arts Master

Childish Sims like toys, can fish in pools and require more fun to get by. Pick this trait for your Sim if you choose the Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish. They will get a kick out of having all those kids’toys around.

Return to Top Clumsy

Lifetime Wishes: None

Only give your Sims the clumsy trait if you want them to be entertaining for a while. They will trip, drop things and the like. It’s probably more likely to be annoying than anything. They can literally trip over their own feet, and are more likely to break objects when interacting with them.

Return to Top Commitment Issues

Lifetime Wishes: Heart Breaker, Gold Digger, Jack of All Trades, Renaissance Sim

Ahh Commitment Issues. A good way to get the Gold Digger or Heart Breaker lifetime wishes. It will be harder to get them into romantic relationships, and they’ll also occasionally desire to swap careers. This can be a bit chaotic, but makes for a neat type of Sim to play. Especially as a Heartbreaker.

Return to Top Computer Whiz

Lifetime Wishes: The Tinkerer, Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler, International Super Spy, Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, Chess Legend

Definitely take this trait if you want your Sim to enjoy playing with computers. They will get a lot of fun out of it. They will also be better at socializing over the computer, making computers the juggernauts of home entertainment they are in reality. Your Sim can practice chess on the computer more effectively, boosting the logic skill gains. Be sure your Sim doesn’t own the cheapest computer, as I believe it cannot play chess. Your Sim will be able to over clock the computer, and when combined with the improved graphics upgrade can really boost fun. Of course a computer whiz cannot access the technophobe trait.

Lastly, with the Computer Whiz trait, your Sim will be able to hack computers during the night hours. This will enable them to steal money over the internet. As they get better and better at hacking, this becomes a viable way for a Sim to earn a living.

Return to Top Couch potato

Lifetime Wishes: Professional Author, Gold Digger, Chess Legend

If your Sim is going to sit a lot, give them the couch potato trait. They will sleep longer, but be given really nice mood bonuses (double) for sitting in comfy chairs. Get the best chairs available for maximum effect. Great for authors, hackers, chess players, and anyone else planning to sit on their rump all day. Taking this trait, your Sim cannot be athletic or a technophobe.

Return to Top Coward

Lifetime Wishes: none

This is only for personality. It can give some negative moodlets, especially in the dark. They will faint when they see ghosts and burglars, and sometimes during fires (dangerous). Still, you do not have to have it dark anywhere, and this Sim can stay away from the cemetery. What’s the point? I think only a neglected baby Sim should end up with this trait.

Return to Top Daredevil

Lifetime Wishes: Become a Superstar Athlete, Become an Astronaut, Master Thief, International Super Spy

The Daredevil trait was not what was expected. I was disappointed with its impact on the game, but I must confess: I had a blast watching my Sim do stupid things. They will last longer in fires, and are better at putting them out. I did like the adrenaline rush moodlet, which can give Sims who are around others an easy way to get a +15 mood boost at any time.

Sadly, the extreme versions of actions this trait provides, like ‘take extreme shower until extremely clean’ do not actually do anything different.

Return to Top Disciplined

*** Requires World Adventures Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Martial Arts Master, Physical Perfection

This trait gives an all around improvement to Martial arts, and inspires both of its associated wishes. Either is good to pursue and both will likely take the same amount of effort. The skill improves martial arts’ learning rate for the Sim and makes them better at sparring, breaking blocks and using the dummy. This means more victories, and fewer injuries while training.

Return to Top Dislikes Children

Lifetime Wishes: None

This will make Sims take a mood hit when they are around children. Since there are plenty of children in the game, this can happen pretty often. Naturally, there are no lifetime wishes that are inspired by disliking children.

Return to Top Dramatic

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: None

The Dramatic trait is one of those that will impact your Sim’s day to day behavior by quite a bit, and can make them fun to watch as they moan or get excited about trivial things. You will get a lot of positive and negative moodlets, usually of a small magnitude, from life events while having this trait.

Return to Top Easily Impressed

Lifetime Wishes: None

The easily impressed trait leads to more frequently seeing the impressed moodlet after other Sims boast. Also, if you discover that another Sim is easily impressed, you can take advantage of that by having your Sim boast to them.

Return to Top Eccentric

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Paranormal Profiteer

This is the only way to get the Paranormal Profiteer Lifetime Wish. It will let your Sim unlock new inventing designs faster, boost the skill gain rate, and help with production times, so it is also useful for Inventors.

Return to Top Eco-Friendly

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: None

These Sims get kicks out of recycling and carpooling, and hate waste. They also make good gardeners and may get a positive moodlet from time to time for pursuing that art. They do not want to be wasteful to the environment at all and will look for ways to help save the planet. Also, your Sim’s recipes will be ‘organic’ but that doesn’t seem to have a big impact. They will also get some new social interactions. I think the biggest up swing is that they take about half the regular time to shower and still get squeaky clean, because they save water!

Return to Top Evil

Lifetime Wishes: Emperor of Evil, Master Thief, Gold Digger

A great trait for master thieves and emperors of evil. They also get a mood boost for being in the dark. Good for saving money on lights.

If your Sim makes it to the top of the criminal career track, they’ll develop an eerie red glow that will scare cowardly Sims. Evil Sims’ evil cohorts will be delighted however.

Again, like with daredevil, there is no benefit or difference to ‘eat quick meal fiendishly’ and other strange evil actions your Sim can take.

Return to Top Excitable

Lifetime Wishes: None

Excitable Sims are fun to watch at times. I think it is really cute how the female Sims say Wooo! Anyway, this will get your Sim a lot more positive moodlets during game play. They will actually get moodlets from simple things, like phone calls, that other Sims do not. Make their favorite food something very high quality like lobster thermidor to get a great bump in mood every time they eat their favorite meal. This is a good trait for all sorts of Sims, because there are many ways the excited moodlet can appear.

Return to Top Family Oriented

Lifetime Wishes: Surrounded by Family

This trait is great for accomplishing the Surrounded by Family lifetime wish. They’re better at raising children, requiring less time to teach kids to talk and potty train. They will be better at talking to other family members too, providing a nice serene environment for raising the children.

Return to Top Flirty

Lifetime Wishes: Heartbreaker

Give your Sim the Flirty trait, then take the heartbreaker lifetime wish. This can be a fun Sim to play. They never get married, they just fraternize with 10 or more Sims, and do it well because flirty social actions are successful more often. They’re great at flirting, and beginning relationships earlier. They’re less shy about it, and do not need to know the other Sim as well, plain and simple.

Return to Top Friendly

Lifetime Wishes: World Renowned Surgeon, Super Popular, Surrounded by Family, Leader of the Free World, Star News Anchor

If you want your Sim to have a lot of friends, or pursue the Super Popular lifetime wish, make them friendly. They will be better at making friends in multiple ways. When in free will mode, they’ll normally act friendly. The friends bar will move faster for these Sims as well, which is great for making the most of their time socializing.

Return to Top Frugal

Lifetime Wishes: Gold Digger, Swimming in Cash, CEO of a Mega-Corporation

Frugal Sims search for deals. This trait enables Sims to clip coupons from the newspaper and save money. Once they save money, they’ll get a +10 boost to mood for 8 hours. Take this if you want a poor Sim, because the frugal Sim does not seek wealth.

Return to Top Genius

Lifetime Wishes: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, The Tinkerer, Hit Movie Composer, Chess Legend, Monster Maker. This one opens up many doors to intellectual pursuits.

Making a Genius Trait Sim is a great way to eventually become Chess Grand Master. They will be much better at chess over time, and will have more fun doing it making chess a great way to boost mood. These Sims will also gain logic faster, and be able to solve the unsolvable on the computer to earn money.

Return to Top Good

Lifetime Wishes: Surrounded by Family, International Super Spy, Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler, Leader of the Free World, World Renowned Surgeon

Good Sims are kind at heart. They are nice to other Sims unquestionably, and do not even have the option to be mean. They give to charity, and can comfort others with friendly interactions. This gives them a +15 mood boost for three hours. Good friends are nice to have around. Good Sims can’t be evil, or mean spirited of course!

Return to Top Good Sense of Humor

Lifetime Wishes: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

This can be quite useful for making friends. Their jokes will almost never fail, and when they hit the mark, it will really boost relations. If your Sim completes the comedian charisma challenge, they’ll be masterful at telling a good joke. Great for politicians at campaign fund raisers.

Return to Top Great Kisser

Lifetime Wishes: Heartbreaker, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Excellent for a Heartbreaker Sim. This will keep the ladies in love with your suave Sim. Kisses will have a greater effect. It’s extremely potent when coupled with the flirty trait and attractive lifetime reward. It’s only really useful for making lovers, not friends. Keep in mind that romantic interests are not best friends.

Return to Top Green Thumb

Lifetime Wishes: The Perfect Garden, Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, Celebrated Five-Star Chef, Bottomless Nectar Cellar

The Green Thumb trait grants an all-around boost to gardening. The skill will be learned faster, and they’ll start with a gardening book. Their plants are better, hands down, than all the average Joe Sims. Gardeners with Green Thumb will see a quality boost to all plants they grow.

Also, the Green Thumb trait will unlock the revive dead plant action, which can be used to revive a dead plant. With the Super Green Thumb lifetime reward, they’ll be more likely to be able to revive dead death flower plants. This is the only way you can really duplicate them. Grow a single death flower, harvest it, revive the dead plant, and grab the harvest once more. The plant will then be permanently dead, but your Sim will have doubled their number of death flowers. Wax, Rinse, Repeat.

Return to Top Grumpy

Lifetime Wishes: None

If you want a challenge, make a grumpy Sim. If you want a real challenge, make a grumpy, loser, clumsy, absent-minded, and hot-headed Sim. Honestly, these types of traits add challenge and personality to the game, but I do not usually pick them for my Sims.

Return to Top Handy

Lifetime Wishes: Become an Astronaut, Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, The Tinkerer

Handy is a very useful trait for any Sim. With the handy trait, Sims will be much safer when upgrading objects in the home. Failing to upgrade a television, for example, can produce a nasty electrical shock. Electric Shock is one of the most preventable forms of death in the Sims 3!

Their repaired objects will also resist breaking in the future, resulting in less lost time repairing items in the home. Repair enough plumbing and you can eventually make your plumbing unbreakable, allowing your Sim to upgrade all plumbing with self-cleaning, allowing for both upgrades at once.

Return to Top Hates the Outdoors

Lifetime Wishes: None

Hates the outdoors can be useful for authors and artists. They will be happier at home, and the stir crazy moodlet will no longer plague them after being cooped up for a week. They do not like being outdoors, and will get a -20 moodlet when they are outside. Again, I’d only bother with this for making a Sim like myself, or for playing an artist or writer Sim.

Return to Top Heavy Sleeper

Lifetime Wishes: None

There are some neat effects for playing a heavy sleeper Sim. This trait will allow your Sim to listen to music in their sleep, without waking up, and enjoy the mood boost it provides. Put on your Sim’s favorite music and drift off to la la land.

Since they can also sleep at work with this trait, it is even more useful. Consider taking the Professional Slacker lifetime reward with this trait.

Return to Top Hopeless Romantic

Lifetime Wishes: Hit Movie Composer, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

I found the lifetime wishes associated with this trait very appropriate. Hopeless romantics make great partners in the Sims 3. They are great at romantic actions, and enjoy being around those they love. This is yet another great trait for a solid Heartbreaker Sim.

Return to Top Hot Headed

Lifetime Wishes: None

This trait has largely negative consequences. Only pick it to experience some different reactions when Sims get really mad, very very easily with this trait.

Return to Top Hydrophobic

Lifetime Wishes: None

Another ‘I want to make my Sim like me’ trait. Hydrophobic makes Sims afraid to Swim, plain and simple. Choose this trait it if you just do not know what else to pick.

Return to Top Inappropriate

Lifetime Wishes: None

This is good for an Evil, Mean Spirited Sim, as they can easily make enemies by insulting other Sims. Make the inappropriate jerk Sim have high athletic skill to turn him into a real bully. They can also do inappropriate things, like rummage through other Sims’ trash cans. They can find good items this way! Hey, one Sim’s trash is another Sim’s treasure right?

Inappropriate Sims can also dress oddly for occasions (like sleeping in a tuxedo at bedtime), and even bathe in sinks in front of other Sims.

Return to Top Insane

Lifetime Wishes: Jack of All Trades, Gold Digger, Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, Master of Evil

Insane Sims are quite chaotic. They can fish in swimming pools (although it is not worth bothering much), dress inappropriately when going out, and even talk to themselves to socialize and prevent loneliness.

They’re, frankly, insane. Thankfully there is no real drawback to playing an insane Sim, so go for it. Too bad you can’t stock a swimming pool with fish. Fishing from a pool isn’t very great, considering there are very rarely fish to be found. I guess the problem is not getting the insane Sim to do it. Oh no, it is probably that the fish just can’t live in a swimming pool.

Return to Top Kleptomaniac

Lifetime Wishes: Possession is Nine Tenths of The Law, Master Thief, Living in the Lap of Luxury

Kleptomaniacs do not mind to steal from anyone. They can only do it at night, unfortunately ,but they can swipe just about anything. How to Steal: Visit a Sim’s house, or a public place after hours (when it is getting dark) and click a location near something you want to steal and select Swipe Something. They will try to grab something nearby.

Sims can make a living this way, selling objects they steal from others. It’s great for a thief Sim. Beware, your Sim can be arrested for stealing! Thankfully it is no major consequence. A weird quirk of this trait, is that Sims can return a stolen item and get a nice +15 mood boost for 8 hours. I guess they feel good when they overcome their urge and return the property. The Sims 3′s Ambitions expansion adds the Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law Lifetime Wish, which is unique to Kleptos.

Return to Top Light Sleeper

Lifetime Wishes: None

I hate this trait. I love the fully rested moodlet, and it really dips how often you see it. They’re more prone to waking up. This does mean that a brave, athletic, light sleeper Sim is a burglar’s worst enemy, but I just do not seem to get burglarized very often. An alarm does the trick.

Return to Top Loner

Lifetime Wishes: Illustrious Author, Professional Author

This is a bread and butter trait for making a great Author, as the lifetime wishes associated with it imply. Since writers need to spend most of the day behind the computer, they can do so alone in the bedroom (or just at home if they are single) and get an Enjoying Solitude moodlet at a whopping +15 to mood. Additionally, they can get by without socializing as often because it is just not as strong a need for loners.

The downside? A -15 ‘Too Many People’ moodlet when in a room with 3 or more Sims.

Return to Top Loser

Lifetime Wishes: Chess Legend, CEO of a Mega-Corporation

I hope this isn’t a ‘Sim-like-me’ trait for any players out there. I’d hate to think someone would describe himself as a loser. They will fail at just about everything more often. Don’t even think of trying to make a Loser the Chess Grand Master. The loser trait will additionally prevent a Sim from being Charismatic or Brave. It can be an amusing trait choice as many nasty and embarassing things can befall loser Sims.

Return to Top Loves the Outdoors

Lifetime Wishes: Become a Superstar Athlete, Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium, The Perfect Garden, Become an Astronaut, Seasoned Traveler, Visionary

This is an awesome trait for fishermen, gardeners, musicians playing guitar for tips, and any other Sim that will spend the better part of the day outdoors.

The trait incurs a +20 moodlet when a Sim is outdoors. This is an awesome boost, and combined with the beautiful park moodlet can make for one happy musician.

Another boost from this trait is that outdoor loving Sims are better at gardening and fishing!

Return to Top Lucky

Lifetime Wishes: None

Lucky is a great trait for Chess Grand Masters-to-be. They’re more likely to win, and that means more frequent bumps in chess rank. This also makes them more likely to get raises, less likely to burn food, and sometimes wake up feeling lucky, giving a +5 boost to mood for the whole day. It’s a great trait to choose overall.

Return to Top Mean Spirited

Lifetime Wishes: Heart Breaker, Gold Digger, Emperor of Evil

Good for Wicked Sims. Works great with evil for criminals and Gold Diggers. They enjoy making enemies. They will also kick butt in fights, and win more often. Another burglar-killer here. Actually, get them to tick just about anyone off and they can fight. Good with Inappropriate for getting the insults flying.

Return to Top Mooch

Lifetime Wishes: Gold Digger, Swimming in Cash, Living in the Lap of Luxury, Super Popular

Sims can mooch off other Sims if they take this trait. They will be able to mooch money from others, but this doesn’t always go down so well. Consider making a homeless Sim with the ability to mooch and try to survive that way. Good luck!

Return to Top Natural Cook

Lifetime Wishes: Celebrated Five-Star Chef, Culinary Librarian, The Perfect Garden, Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Every household should have a Sim who is a natural cook. This trait is good, very good. It will boost the quality of all food they cook. Since the 8 hour great meal moodlet is so long-lasting, a meal made by a natural cook is great for a long day at work.

Considering I lost my gardener to a house fire, I also must state this. The natural cook will never burn down the kitchen. Food will not burn either. This is a huge perk. Natural cooks can also learn to make foods they eat out in the world. My chef learned the ambrosia recipe from television. My other non-chef Sim spent a long time never learning any recipes from cookin’ cable. This is with level 10 cooking and never having read a cooking recipe book. While we’ve confirmed any Sim with the cooking skill can learn a recipe from television, Natural Cooks may do so more frequently.

Return to Top Neat

Lifetime Wishes: None

Neat is a cool trait to take for most any Sim. They will actually have fun while cleaning. This is great for afternoons spent cleaning the house. They can also clean when they are in a bad mood. Good for tidying up the kitchen after cooking a group meal. The ability to clean the entire house of any scum is also cool, because it saves the player time in finding all the dirty objects.

To use the clean entire house action with a neat Sim, click an empty space of floor. Your Sim will proceed to clean the house and have a good time doing it. On the down side, they’ll suffer more negatively from being in a dirty room.

Return to Top Neurotic

Lifetime Wishes: None

Neurotic can be great for Sims that want to stay at home a lot. They can freak out, and get a tranquil moodlet, removing any stress-related moodlets. They will also get satisfaction and lifetime happiness points easier by doing mundane tasks. Checking to see they didn’t leave the stove on can calm them, giving them a mood boost, and they’ll be more likely to get wishes to make the bed and the like, which can be yet another useful way to pick up those extra happiness points.

Return to Top Never Nude

Lifetime Wishes: None

I’m not sure what the point of this trait is other than to help neurotic people craft simulations of themselves. Sims with this trait will not remove their clothing.

Return to Top No Sense of Humor

Lifetime Wishes: None

Sims with no sense of humor are only entertained by other Sims with no sense of humor. They’re the ones randomly spouting trivia, and boring the heck out of everyone in the room. That is, except other Sims with no sense of humor. Another roleplay trait that is usually passed over, this has been discovered to make the fun bar drop more slowly. This means your Sim can enjoy the having a blast moodlet for up to nearly 16 hours.

Return to Top Over-Emotional

Lifetime Wishes: None

With the Over-Emotional trait, Sims will experience a +25% boost to the effect of all positive moodlets. On the flip side, they’ll also experience this effect on negative moodlets. Thus, it is best for Sims you know that you can keep in a good mood. Having a +25% boost makes services like those rendered at the day spa so much better, and provides boosts to beautifully decorated and enjoying music moodlets. I love this trait!

Return to Top Party Animal

Lifetime Wishes: Rock Star, Become a Superstar Athlete, Super Popular, Heartbreaker

Only take this trait if you are really like to watch Sims party. You will be compelled to do it because you chose the trait. They can really liven up a party by cheering during the party, and everyone who’s invited will show up even if they have to miss work. They will get more fun out of dancing, as well.

Return to Top Perceptive

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Pervasive Private Eye

This will help a ton with the Private Investigator profession. Your Sim will rise in the ranks much faster and gain more money along the way. It also helps with learning other Sims’ traits.

Return to Top Perfectionist

Lifetime Wishes: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, The Perfect Garden, Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium, Seasoned Traveler

Perfectionist Sims take their time and do things right. Food quality, paintings and novels will all be made better with this trait. The problem is they take so much extra time to do everything that it can get annoying. Still, perfectionist writers and painters will be more likely to make great novels or masterpieces.

Other than the time-sinking into daily activities, perfectionist Sims have another annoyance. They’re compulsive about making the bed every day when they wake up. I often go so far as to cancel the action when I catch it. I’m not big on bed-making. My bedroom is not a display, and neither is my Sim’s. Neither the perk or drawback of this trait seems to affect sculpting.

Return to Top Photographer’s Eye

*** Requires World Adventures Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Visionary, World Class Gallery

This trait is directed toward players who want to pursue Photography with World Adventures. It boosts the rate you learn the skill, and makes a nice impact on the value of all photos your Sim takes.

Return to Top Savvy Sculptor

*** Requires Ambitions Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Descendant of da Vinci

Savvy Sculptor will improve the rate at which Sims learn the sculpting skill and prevent them from breaking their sculptures in progress. An important trait for any Sim that is going to take the art of sculpting seriously.

Return to Top Schmoozer

Lifetime Wishes: Super Popular, CEO of a Mega-Corporation, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers, Leader of the Free World

Sims with the Schmoozer trait are great for any job that relies on boss and co-worker relationships to determine promotions. Sims will do much better when hanging with co-workers at work, and groveling to the boss. They will be better at asking for things. This might go very well with Mooch. Sims possessing this trait are better at complimenting others. This is awesome for a politician to get campaign funding.

Return to Top Shy

*** Requires Late Night Pack
Lifetime Wishes: None

The Shy trait is a personality trait, primarily. It doesn’t have a big impact on game play but will change how your Sim behaves. They will have a harder time making friends. Shy is like the polar opposite of Star Quality and Party Animal. Personally, I’d prefer loner. At least they get the enjoying solitude moodlet.

Return to Top Slob

Lifetime Wishes: None

The polar opposite of Neat Sims, Slobs do not like dirt, but they do not mind being around it either. They do not suffer negative effects from being in dirty environments. They can also eat nasty, foul food and get by. They will trash up the place in their wake, soiling toilets, counters and sinks with their special blend of grime.

Return to Top Snob

Lifetime Wishes: Fashion Phenomenon, CEO of a Mega-Corporation, Gold Digger, Living in the Lap of Luxury, Swimming in Cash, Bottomless Nectar Cellar, Private Museum

I really hate snobs, so I will not be cursing any more of my Sims into being them. They love to buy expensive things, so this trait is well suited to a Sim that wants to have a high net worth. They love compliments, as they are sure the speaker is right about how great they are. Snobs have been discovered to be much more sensitive to World Adventures’ nectar. They prefer good bottles and will receive a better moodlet bonus drinking it. The opposite is true however for low-quality bad tasting stuff, which may put them in a sour mood.

Return to Top Star Quality

*** Requires Late Night Pack
Lifetime Wishes: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Distinguished Director, Superstar Actor

This is going to be one of the most commonly used traits for Sims post-Late Night. The Star Quality trait will make your Sim gain celebrity levels faster, which is a major perk in the expansion. Almost every feature hinges on a Sim’s celebrity level.

Return to Top Technophobe

Lifetime Wishes: None

Technophobe is definitely not a trait I can relate to. Technophobic Sims hate all forms of electronics in the game. They will occasionally get mad and break electronics around them. It can make for some funny interactions. Do this while visiting another Sim. They should never try to repair a broken electronic, because they can get a fatal shock. Technophobes cannot be couch potatoes.

Return to Top Unflirty

Lifetime Wishes: None

This is very much a role-play trait. It provides no inspiration of lifetime wishes, and its only other effect is that Sims will have less flirting options, and hate flirting in general.

Return to Top Unlucky

Lifetime Wishes: None

Nasty things can happen to unlucky Sims, but the Reaper will never kill them. Taking this trait is like having a permanent death flower in their inventory. No matter how many times I deliberately killed my Sim, the reaper would neer take them. This leaves the only way they can actually perish — old age. Sometimes when they wake up they will get a feeling unlucky moodlet that causes a minor (-5) hit to mood.

Return to Top Vegetarian

Lifetime Wishes: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, The Culinary Librarian, Celebrated Five-Star Chef, The Perfect Garden

Vegetarian is a neat trait in the Sims 3. Well, sort of. It’s great for giving Sims personality. They will get sick any time they eat meat. Since so many of the foods on the list of recipes are meat, your vegetarian Sim will be able to make vegetarian friendly replacements. They will also enjoy a nice boost to longevity. Be careful not to eat meat on accident, or your Sim can get sick.

Return to Top Vehicle Enthusiast

Lifetime Wishes: None

With Patch 15, this trait was introduced to all Simmers, even without the Fast Lane Stuff Pack. Sims can develop relationships with their cars, and this will help them to do so faster. Sims with this trait can name their vehicles from the start, without building a relationship first.

Return to Top Virtuoso

Lifetime Wishes: Master of the Arts, Hit Movie Composer, Rock Star, Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Ahh, the Virtuoso trait. This is vital for Sims who want to earn a living playing guitar for tips. They will earn much more, and get better in guitar faster. Considering your Sims can’t play guitar for tips until the 5th level, boosting the rate the skill is learned is a huge plus if this is to be their primary source of income.

Return to Top Workaholic

Lifetime Wishes: Jack of All Trades, Renaissance Sim, CEO of a Mega-Corporation, World Renowned Surgeon

Workaholic is definitely one of the best traits to pair with ambitious. Workaholics are great at getting promotions. They enjoy working so much, they get a mood boost while they are at work. Additionally, they can work at home from the computer. This can not result in a promotion, but it can raise the performance bar in between work days, resulting in an easy promotion the next day.