The Sims 3 Hidden Trait List [Guide]


So if they are hidden how do you know about them? How do you get a hidden trait?

Hidden traits in the Sims 3 are passed on by Sims of certain careers to their offspring. Finding some of these traits will require that your Sim starts a relationship. Others are much simpler to unlock by simply having a Sim in a certain career track and have children and they may get the trait. Please be aware that it seems to be random as to whether the child will get the hidden trait from Mom or Dad.

Some of the traits are so hidden that it is difficult to tell your Sim even has it. You see, one reason they are called hidden traits is that they do not appear in Create a Sim. They do not take up any of the 5 trait choices either. So this makes them hard to confirm but there are ways to tell for some.

Note that for the traits unlocked by seducing an NPC Sim, they will lose their job when you marry them. This should still allow them to get the trait, but that Sim will be unemployed and need to find a new trade.

Return to Top Criminal: Natural Sneak

A Sim in the criminal career track’s offspring may pass this trait along. The can naturally sneak. It is easy to tell if you have this one, if the ‘sneak here’ option appears when moving the Sim. It is really not that useful, and is just for fun as far as I can tell. I would think this might make them better at the Criminal career track.

Return to Top Law Enforcement: Catch Burglars

If a Sim’s dad was a cop, the burglars best keep away. Sim children all grown up with this hidden trait will be able to stop burglars that break into their home. Getting burglarized seems pretty rare for me, but this trait could be fun.

Return to Top Maid: No Messes

Like with firefighters, you’ll need to seduce a maid NPC and marry them for this one to come into play. That should be easier to do than with the firefighter. This is one of the more useful traits. These Sims will not make anything dirty from using them. So that food prep counter.. well.. it will never be nasty. They can save an awful lot of time from cleaning!

Return to Top Military: Salute!

This one’s is pretty cool, and cute when kids do it. Military Sims’ children can get the salute hidden trait, which lets them do the salute action. It is a pretty good one too, being fast and a very friendly interaction.

Return to Top Pizza Delivery Man: Pizza Lover

Seduce the Pizza Delivery Guy and his kids are likely to love pizza. It should give them a better mood boost from eating all that gooey cheesy goodness.

Return to Top Pyromaniac, Firefighter, & Fire Immunity and Pyromaniac

You may get one, both or neither. One cannot be sure. The two would seem to go hand in hand. Pyromaniacs can set fire to objects, and it wouldn’t do them well to die in the process. They get a moodlet from setting something on fire, so the Mysterious Mr. Gnome better watch his back. This one will require you to meet and seduce a firefighter NPC Sim, because there’s no firefighter career track at this point in time. It should manifest itself during childhood. Ambitions Pack, bringing the firefighter profession to the table, removes the necessity to couple with an NPC firefighter. In fact, they will likely be too low level. A firefighter’s children will have fire immunity if they are born after mom or dad make it to level 8 in the career.

Return to Top Rock Star: Rocker

Some can not even confirm their Sim has this trait. I would like to hear more information on it myself. Rock Stars’ kids are probably going to be much better at pursuing the rock career. I would hope that they would see a boost to concert performances and anything else that involves rocking out.


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