Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Borgia Flag Locations[Guide]


There are 101 Borgia flags scattered throughout Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The game gives you help because their locations show up on the in-game map when you are in close proximity to one. Spotting them is still not easy unless you are looking for them. You can even buy maps in the game that point out most of their locations. The hard part is just finding them all since there are so many and you may miss a few here and there as your doing the memories.

Overview of all Borgia flag locations in each district:

Centro District 26 Borgia Flags
Campagna District 26 Borgia Flags
Antico District 26 Borgia Flags
Vaticano District 5 Borgia Flags
Romulus Lairs 18 Borgia Flags

If you acquire all 101 Borgia flags then you get the “Capture the Flag” Trophy / Achievement.

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Campagna District – 26 Borgia Flag Locations

Centro District – 26 Flag Locations

Antico District – 26 Borgia Flag locations

Vaticano District – 5 Borgia Flag Locations

Romulus Lair – 18 Borgia Flag Locations

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Flag 1 Enter Campagna and travel a bit to the East. You will spot 2 columns surrounded by trees. This flag is on top of one of those columns
Flag 2 Search for 3 very tall columns in ruin, connected at their tops. They tower over a courtyard. The flag is on top of them
Flag 3 Go to the church and then look SE for another trio of ruined columns. Once again the flag is up on top
Flag 4 Yet another column, only this time it is a single column. Head South from the pigeon coop and look for the column near a farm house
Flag 5 While standing on top of the column you just grabbed flag 4 from, look SE and find number 5 on yet another column
Flag 6 Head due West from flag 5 until you hit the wall that divides the Campagna District from the Centro district. Head South along the wall until you spot a row of columns in a farm plot. The flag is on the furthest-most pillar
Flag 7 Head back to the church and look SW. You will see the flag on top of yet more columns
Flag 8 Go South of where the Carnefice assassination mission took place and spot the aqueduct. The flag is on its edge easy to spot
Flag 9 Jump down from the aqueduct and stand on the ledge that is at its base. Look down below toward the West and you will see the next flag
Flag 10 Up on the roof of the art store
Flag 11 Find a courtyard near the border between the Campagna and Centro Districts. The flag is on top of a building that creates the courtyard
Flag 12 Get on top of the Mercato di Traiano and look at the roof of each nearby building for this flag
Flag 13 Go to the French military outpost and it is easily spotted on a rooftop if you walk around it
Flag 14 Go to the Borgia Tower you are tasked to destroy during the game and then look up on the courtyard to its North
Flag 15 Take a stroll around Borgia Tower’s island and you can’t miss this flag on the water’s edge
Flag 16 Another easy one up in the top of Borgia Tower. If you destroy the tower with Bartolomeo and his mercenaries, the flag will be acquired automatically
Flag 17 Up on the roof of a church on the Southern end of Campagna
Flag 18 Since you are already in the Southern end, head West and spot this flag on top of another aqueduct

Campagna District Borgia Flags Part 2
*** You have to open up a new area of Campagna while playing through the campaigns to location the following flags in this area:

Flag 19 You can find this flag up near the top of the tall Assassin tower
Flag 20 Look NE of the previous flag and see the next one on top of a tower above a small shop
Flag 21 Locate a 2 level circular series of arches near the Terme di Diocleziano. The flag is up in the arches there
Flag 22 Go NW of the Terme and spot this flag up on top of a collection of columns in ruin
Flag 23 Find the blacksmith’s shop and the flag is up on a nearby roof
Flag 24 Just outside Castra Praetoria is a fort with stakes in the ground. Climb up on top of the building next to the entrance to get the flag located there
Flag 25 At the main gate of Castra Praetoria, the flag is up on the right facade
Flag 26 Go to the inner center of Castra Praetoria and find the flag up on a SW roof

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Flag 27 Across the wall from Campagna church is an alleyway in the Centro District. The flag is up on a beam there
Flag 28 Go SW from the first flag and find this one above a doctor’s office, also on a beam
Flag 29 Go to the Mausoleo di Augusto then head East. This flag is also up on a beam along one of the streets here
Flag 30 Now go towards the wall with Campagna, directly across from a curve in the Campagna aqueduct. The flag is on top of a vine-covered awning
Flag 31 Go to the Santa Maria dei Miracoli, then glance down the alleys to the South. The flag is up about 20 feet above one of them
Flag 32 This flag is East of the Piazza del Popolo along the waterfront, up on the 2nd story of a building with stairs in front of it
Flag 33 From the previous flag, take a walk South along the waterfront and be on the lookout for a vine covered awning that has the next flag on top of it
Flag 34 Keep heading South along the water until you are forced to jump between two large bay/picture windows. The flag is in between them
Flag 35 Another alley flag, this one SW of flag 34 and to the West of the church nearby
Flag 36 Head NW of the last flag and find an arched tunnel into an alley. The flag is floating in the alley
Flag 37 Jump around the roof of the Rosa in Fiore to find this flag
Flag 38 Go SE from the previous flag and locate a courtyard with a four-story building and alcove just as high. Get to the alcove’s top for the flag
Flag 39 About one story up, next to a building that is directly East of the Pantheon
Flag 40 Nearby is a big church close to the Centro and Campagna District border. The flag is just SW of here, up in the arches of a tall alley
Flag 41 Head SE of the previous flag and find the next one right near the Centro and Campagna District border in an alley
Flag 42 This flag is right next to a church due West of the previous flag. It’s up between two arches about 2 stories high
Flag 43 Go the next church SW of the previous one. The flag is on the building’s facade on the church’s West side
Flag 44 Continue West towards the Tiber and locate the middle bridge. Go out on a terrace facing the water, look back and you will see the flag
Flag 45 Cross the Tiber and head up the Tiber Island Hideout. The flag is up on the hideout above a doorway
Flag 46 Head NW and find the art shop. The flag is on its backside, facing the water
Flag 47 Directly South of the previous flag is an area full of standing columns. The next flag is on top of one of them
Flag 48 Go West young man, and locate the Tevere Port underground entrance. To the left of the entrance is the flag
Flag 49 Go SW of the Tevere Port entrance and find more columns with the flag yet again on top of one
Flag 50 There’s a blacksmith to the NW of the previous flag. Head South from his location and find the flag on the upper floor of a crumbling building
Flag 51 Head toward Centro’s Western edge where you see a large square jutting out on the map. The flag is on a pillar in the SE part of the square

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