Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood 2012 Artifact Locations [Guide]


There are 5 artifacts you can find while exploring modern-day version of Monteriggioni. They appear after Desmond and friends have settled into the Assassin Sanctuary. After playing a while, you will gain the ability to pause and select “Leave Animus”. At this point you can explore the modern-day version of Monteriggioni as Desmond to find these hidden artifacts.

Find one Artifact in the present 2012 to unlock the ‘Dust to Dust’ get the Bronze Trophy or the Achievement( 20GP).

So what are these artifacts for? What purpose do they serve? Well, good questions? Aside from looking good on Desmond’s shelf, no one knows just yet. There is little incentive to find them all since you will only get one Achievement/Trophy for the first one you obtain. They are pretty easy to find if you know where too look and this guide will help you obtain them all.

Return to Top Claudia’s Record Book

After you leave the Sanctuary, you will be just outside the door of Mario’s old study. Before you head into town, turn around and go back into the door (but not too far so you do not go back to the Sanctuary). Look to the right, and you will see Claudia’s book just lying there.

Return to Top Ezio’s Belt

Go to the SW corner of town, and you will find this Ezio memento in a trash pile on a ledge.

Return to Top Maria’s Feather Chest

Climb up (lifts help) to the roof of the Auditore Villa, and you will find the chest nestled in a crater near the NE corner.

Return to Top Mario’s Sword

Go down the steps from the Villa and take a right from the main street. The sword is planted vertically beneath a tree and is easy to spot.

Return to Top Medici Cape

Go over to the church in the SE corner of town. Head through the open door to find the Medici Cape sitting on the altar.


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