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For those of you who know, in Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway you can find what is called ‘Kilroys’. These were a great struggle for myself to find so I had to resort to the web for help. Now with that help in hand I shall provide it to you guys so that you can also find all the Kilroys!

Images are courtesy of msxbox world. Thankyou very much!

Return to Top Level 1 – Operation Market

1. As you enter the windmill area you will have a shed on your right. On this is the Kilroy. The game will automatically give you this one.

2. Your objective is to clear the farmhouse of the machine-gunners. Once you have cleared the upstairs head over to the bathroom. Turn around and you should see it right there.

3. Before you enter the crash site area there is a German patrol you have to take out. Once this is done you will have a shed on your right. head over to the window that is facing the direction you have come. Look through the window and you’ll see the Kilroy on the door. Just press square at the window and you should get it.

Return to Top Level 2 – Five-Oh Sink

1. At the start of the mission you’ll come to a farmhouse with a hanged women. Go up the stairs and walk all the way round. You’ll see the Kilroy on the wall in front of you at the end of the walkway.

2. Your inside the church/manor house. You have just excited the garden and are about to flank the machine-gunner on you left. Instead of killing him turn right and you should see the Kilroy on the wall behind a bookshelf.

3. Once you resume control from the cutscene of crossing the river run over to the other side of the road. There should be a wooden boat by a brick wall. Look at the brick wall and you should see the Kilroy partially concealed by window shutters.

Return to Top Level 3 – Written in Stone

1. Once you have cleared the ground floor of the church you head up to the 2nd floor. Cross the first walkway of wooden boards and you’ll have alcoves on your left. In the second alcove you’ll see the Kilroy!

2. After you have destroyed all the German fuel trucks you will enter an allotment. There is an MG in the top floor of a house on the other side of the allotment. Follow the first path round the bend of a wall and on the wall, which should be on your right, is the Kilroy in between some ivy.

3. After you cleared the first 88 you will then have another one which is heavily defended. You’ll have a point where you can take flanking paths on the right and left. On the right there is a building with green canopies and on the left there is one with black and white canopies. Take the one on the left. Jump over the wall in your way and then on the wall on the right, next to a Lager Bier poster, you’ll see your Kilroy.

Return to Top Level 4 – Operation Garden

1. Once you have cleared the 88s for the tank’s to move you’ll see a hole in the wall to your right. Next to that, to the left, is a doorway. Go through this and head down the watery corridor. At the end you’ll see the Kilroy looking right at you.

2. After the cutscene of the lift head straight towards the door in front of you. Once through turn right and you’ll see the Kilroy on the wall.

3. Once on the roof you have to kill the sniper. Kill him BUT DO NOT START THE CUTSCENE BY GOING ON THE WALKWAY! Stand underneath the PH part of the Phillips sign without starting the scene and walk North. Once you can walk no further turn to your right and you should see your Kilroy.

Return to Top Level 5 – Baptism of Fire

1. Enter the gas station and walk through to the second half. Turn around once through the door and you should see the Kilroy to the left of it.

2. You have just cleared the outside area after the bombshelter with the flashbacks of Peter. Go to where the MG team was and head into the hole. Flank the German’s that are in that basement like you normally would but once you have taken the first corner there is a doorway on your left. Go through here and you’ll encounter an MG. Just shoot the guy, it shouldn’t be difficult. Then head out there towards the MG’s hole and turn round. You should see the Kilroy on the ‘pillar’ on the left.

3. After you have rescued the Brits you’ll have a little scene of Franky (your man) running off with his girl. Follow them the normal way and clear the area of the Germans you encounter. Then head to the archway you would enter to continue but before that you’ll see some steps on your left heading downwards. Go down these and you should see your Kilroy on the wall on your left.

Return to Top Level 6 – The Rabbit Hole

1. Once you have entered the hospital jump through the window and head down the corridor to the burning equipment. Then take the left door and turn round to go round this obstacle. Now instead of turning left to continue go straight ahead through the door in front of you. Turn right and head to the drawn curtain area thing. Go round the curtains and you should see the Kilroy on the wall.

2. You searching for Franky and you have entered the room where you have shot two Germans coming out of a corridor. On the left is the hole to which you go through to continue the game. Instead, go down the dead end corridor the Germans came from and near the end you should see the Kilroy on the wall on the right.

3. The next Kilroy isn’t far from the last one. Go through the hole and head up the inner wall. You’ll have a flashback and where you see Legget look through the gap. You should just about see the Kilroy. Continue on out, by taking the right, and come out of the hole. Go to the room to your left and clear the Germans from the corridor. Then walk down to the corridor to the room next to the one you left. You should see the bookcase and hole you looked through and had the flashback. Then turn around and you should see the Kilroy where you had seen it.

Return to Top Level 7 – Black Friday

1. After you have cleared the market square and headed through the pub you’ll come to the 88 area. There is an alleyway on you left next to the car you can take cover behind. Go down there and you’ll have a garden on your right. Kill the Germans there and then jump over the wall. On you left should be a shed. head to that shed, in the corner of the garden, and you’ll see the Kilroy on the south facing wall.

2. As you enter the municipal building you’ll see a doorway on the left underneath the two Dutch flags. Go through this doorway and you’ll have a truck in front of you. Turn round and you should see it on the wall a little way past the door.

3. Come out of the municipal building and take the first right on the street, the one the tank went down. Feel free to destroy one tank but not both, else you’ll lose your chance. Walk down this path right to the end and on the left you should see a house with a big triangular roof. To the right of this house is a little walled garden with a shed. On the side of the shed is the Kilroy.

Return to Top Level 8 – Hells Highway

1. As you destroy the first 88 head round the back of the barn. You should see a trough. The Kilroy is to the right of this. Look carefully, it is hard to see.

2. To destroy the second 88 you need to go through a barn. Go through this and as you exit you’ll see a camo truck and sandbags on your left. Next to the truck is some big cylindrical type structures. To the left of these is a shed. On the right wall of the shed, facing the cylindrical structures, is the Kilroy.

3. Once you have excited the station there is a big water town in front of you. Climb up the steps and once you reach the top of the first flight stop. Turn round and face the water tower. There is a wall and on top of it is a flat bit. On this flat bit is the Kilroy. It is directly underneath the water holder.

Return to Top Level 9 – Tooth and Nail

1. After clearing the first 88 you’ll have another one with MG bunkers. Once you have destroyed the 88 go to it and face the bunker. Head into the bunker and look left and you’ll see your Kilroy on the wall.

2. After the cutscene of the windmill you’ll go through a small barn. Opposite this is a big barn with a MG in the top left. Once you have cleared the resistance go through the double doors on the right of this barn and turn round. You’ll see the Kilroy to the left of the door.

3. You final Kilroy is relatively simple but needs to be followed by these instructions carefully. After you have destroyed the third 88 stand next to the gun and face West towards the shed with flower pots on it. Head to the right and around this barn and you’ll see another barn on the other side. On the wall of this barn is your final Kilroy!

And this all the Kilroy’s to find! Hope you have fun searching for them and good luck finding them! I also hope this guide has helped greatly!

P.S If you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes I have missed please let me know by posting it in the comments section. Thankyou!


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