Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – CHALLENGES [Guide]


Challenge rooms are some side trials for you to do as you go along on your adventure. They can help you master some attacks and other skills, on top of just being a temporary diversion from the story. You unlock more rooms as you progress through the story.

Challenges 1-2: Complete Kamino – The Escape
Challenge 3: Complete Cato Neimoidia – The Eastern Arch
Challenge 4: Complete Cato Neimoidia – The Western Arch
Challenge 5: Complete Dagobah
Challenges 6-7: Complete The Salvation – Abord The Salvation
Challenge 8: Complete Kamino – The Return
Challenges 9-10: Beat the game

*** Only available (as of now) if you pre-ordered the game from
CHALLENGE 11| Defend The Core Trial
CHALLENGE 12| The Trial of Dagobah

*** Only available (as of now) if you purchased the the Collector’s Edition of the game.
CHALLENGE 13| Core Destruction Trial
CHALLENGE 14| Tower of Death Trial
CHALLENGE 15| The Trial of Agility

Return to Top CHALLENGE 01| The Combat Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |       | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |       |          |
| 00:00  |      | 00:45  |      | 00:55  |       |  01:05   |

Gold Reward: Saber Crystal Fury #2

This first challenge just asks you to perform prompted combos. You don’t even have to hit the training droid. Just input the combos as they appear in the time alloted:

These are all pretty easy, but you might have trouble with the last few:

o Square, square, Square, Square, Circle (HOLD), Square, Square, Square
o Square, square, Square, Square, Circle (HOLD), Square, Circle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Circle (HOLD), Square, Triangle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Circle (HOLD), Square, Square, Circle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Circle (HOLD), Square, Square, Triangle
o Square, Square (Pause) Square, Square
o Square, Square, Square (pause) Square, Square, Square
o Square, Square, Square, Square (pause) Square, Square, Square, Square

You need to rush for a good time, but that does not mean to mash the buttons. Be conscious of your button presses. Pay attention to the screen and input the buttons as you see each one you hit being highlighted. Don’t “overtap” and you won’t lose unnecessary time.

Also keep in mind you do NOT have to hit the training droid. You don’t even have to wait for the droid to reset itself. As soon as the combo appears on screen, perform it. Don’t let the droid attack you either, or you will not be able to do your next combo for a few seconds. This is extremely frustrating to get a Gold on for a first challenge. It requires you to be nearly 100% perfect, without hitting too many buttons than necessary, starting your combos as soon as they appear, not stopping, and not getting hit or interrupted.

What helps me is not looking at Starkiller, and instead looking at the buttons so I don’t mash too much and I time the pressess well. You really need to be near perfect so this trial can easily be the most annoying, coincidentally enough. For the last three, where you have delayed combos, the last one is the most tricky. It requires a long pause, almost two seconds in between the attacks.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 02| Kamino Drill Grounds Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 01:30  |      | 02:00  |      | 03:00  |      |  04:00   |

Gold Reward: Protection Saber Crystal #2

This one is also difficult, but you can possibly get a Gold on it if you try hard enough. Your goal is to prevent as many Stormtroopers from escaping as possible. They come from three different locations, two in the back corners behind your starting position, and from the main gate in front of you.

They will scramble toward either of the two top corners. If they pass through the barrier, the counter on the left side of the screen decreases. When 20 of them escape, you fail. The longer you can go without losing 20, the better your ranking will be. Here is a small yet crappy diagram of the map:

           ___               Key:
 _________|   |_________
|/E         1         E\|      E = Stormtrooper exit
|                       |    1-3 = Storm Trooper entrance
|                       |      S = Starting point
|           S           |
|                       |
| 2                   3 |

They will move in small packs of three or four and scramble for the gate. You can stop them by nearly any means you have. Choosing the most effective means however will get you a better score. This in my opinion is using Grip and in an emergency, Lightning. When two packs start going toward the same gate (they will always go for the same one as far as I can tell), Force Grip is helpful in prying them away from that gate. Fling them in the opposite direction, then you can focus on the other pack also heading to that gate. Zap them with Lightning to stop them, or a little more to kill them. Once you’ve caught up to the rest, saber them which is by far, the quickest kill method.

You’ll have to shuffle between each corner as you go so be quick. Throw one group in the opposite direction, then zap and slice up the others. You can also Grip them and turn them into Lightning Grenades in an attempt to blow up the rest.

Besides the above, one of the most effective methods is to use Rank 3 Saber Throw. The additional seeking power can often wipe out an entire group. You may want to equip the Focus Saber Crystals to manage your Force energy. Saber Throw works well while alternating between the two exits to take out the troopers.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 03| Deadly Path Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 01:00  |      | 00:43  |      | 00:23  |      |   00:18  |

Silver Reward: General Kota costume

Gold Reward: Corrosion Saber Crystal

This is basically a challenge of get to the finish line as quick as you can. It requires you to jump from one floating platform to the next. Getting the best times will be difficult, so it would be best to cut corners where possible. Here’s another lame map for your viewing pleasure:

                3      5    7    9   10  12   14  16
 ___   1    2   __     _    _    _   _    _   _    _   ___
|   |  _    _  |  |   |_|  |_|  |_| | |  |_| |_|  |_| |   |
| S | |_|  |_| |  |  _    _    _    | |  _   _    _   | F |
|___|          |__| |_|  |_|  |_|   |_| |_| |_|  |_|  |___|
                     4    6    8         11  13   15

For the first part, you want to jump from S to 2 in one go, instead of jumping on platform 1. Run as close to the edge as you can without actually falling off and double jump, then dash. You should land on 2. Jump to 3 from there.

Each time you land on a platform, enter a dash to move faster. Even if the platform is small, dash and then jump immediately to enter your double jump and dash combination. From 3, favor the left side, going across 5, 7, and 9.

When you get to 10, you want to favor the left side again. To reach platform 12 though, dash immediately off the edge of 10. Yes, do it. As soon as you go off the edge, enter your double jump and dash again. You’ll reach 12, then jump across the last few to reach F. If you do it fast enough, you should get a Gold easily.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 04| Deflection Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 01:00  |      | 02:00  |      | 04:00  |      |   06:00  |

Silver Reward: Rebel Soldier costume

Gold Reward: Life Drain Saber & Crystal #2

This one was pretty easy for me. It takes a little practice, but the key is knowing that you don’t actually have to use deflection only. You are allowed to use Force Grip and that helps a lot.

Your goal is to stay alive and stay on the platform as long as possible. AT-MPs will fire their missiles at you from the other platform. You need to just stay alive and prevent the missiles from knocking you off. The latter is a very easy task so long as you keep moving every so often.

For the former, use deflect when you want to, or when you see multiple missiles coming at the same time. You can’t manipulate the camera here, so you have to judge for yourself how close the missiles are. Usually they make one last turn before they are about to hit you. If multiple missiles are coming at once, a well timed deflection will almost always deflect all of them, even if they don’t arrive at the exact same millisecond.

Additionally, you might be able to deflect multiple missiles by hitting the block button repeatedly.

For other purposes, for example, when missiles are not coming simultaneously, Force Grip is recommended. This also gives you some accuracy when throwing them at the AT-MPs, to reduce the number of missiles coming at you. Force Grip works really well, especially if you are not good at deflecting.

This will also come in handy as you go through the waves and an AT-ST shows up. When there are spare missiles (or after you’ve destroyed an AT-MP or two), use one of their missiles and throw them at the AT-ST. Get it out of the fight as soon as you can and stay on the move to avoid taking too much damage from its blasters.

Just keep this up and you’ll do fine. It might take some practice, but Force Grip helps a lot. Time your deflections well and you can deflect multiple missiles coming in at roughly the same time.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 05| Retrieval Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 01:40  |      | 01:10  |      | 00:50  |      |   00:40  |

Gold Reward: Focus Saber Crystal #2

Here, you will want to recall a little trick from the other trial. Remember you can cover a lot of ground by dashing off a platform, then double jumping before you fall, and dashing again.

Start by jumping to the platform that will swing toward you. When it comes to a stop, dash off to the right, then double jump and dash again to reach the next platform. Dash off the double jump and dash to reach the first of another pair of platforms that come swinging toward you.

Wait for this platform to move, then do the technique again to go straight to the next one, then very quickly, do it again to reach the next platform before it moves out of your way. Wait for the last two platforms to align vertically, then hop across them to the holocron.

As the camera spins around, you will want to go when all the platforms are aligned vertically. There might be a really quick way to go, but I wanted to be careful here not to mess up. Use that skill when necessary, but be sure to judge how far you can go.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 06| Domination Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 03:00  |      | 02:00  |      | 01:30  |      |   00:55  |

Silver Reward: Neimoidian costume

Gold Reward: Regeneration Saber & Crystal #2

For this, you must stand in the green circle in the center. As you stand in it, the counter on your left will decrease every second or so. You have to get it to 0 as quickly as possible.

The enemies from three surrounding platforms will charge you however. If they get in the circle or if they knock you out of the circle, you will stop decreasing the counter.

Obviously Force Repulse is an ideal power here. It is most useful against the Saber Guards who will block just about everything else. You can also use lightning-infused combos, then quickly attack with Force Push to knock them back.

Weaker Stormtroopers are easily held in check with Lightning. They can also be effective weapons. Pick them up and use them as Lightning Grenades to bowl over other foes. Use these skills as well as Force Repulse to keep them away for as long as possible.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 07| Terror Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 02:00  |      | 01:40  |      | 01:30  |      |   01:15  |

Silver Reward: Terror Trooper costume

Gold Reward: Wisdom Saber & Crystal #2

This one was the first one I got a Platinum on (although I was mere milliseconds from getting it on Deflection). You have to fend off a few waves
of Terror Spider Droids and Terror Troopers, those shadowy guys from the Salvation.

With the spider bots, you can obviously charge Force Repulse for a big effect, but you might find it leaves you too vulnerable. Quick unleashes are still just about as effective and you can also attack by other means.

When the Terror Troopers appear, try to Mind Trick them as soon as you possibly can, then unleash lightning-infused combos on them. You can also Grip them and use Impale for a lot of damage.

Keep up this strategy until you’re done. Repulse the droids, Mind Trick the troopers. Try to be quick. Avoid having the droids grab you, going with quick Repulses if you must. Try to Mind Trick the troopers as soon as they appear in front of you. Getting a Gold at least should not be too hard.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 08| The Cloning Spire Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:00  |      | 00:15  |      | 00:25  |      |   00:35  |

Silver Reward: Saber Guard costume

Gold Reward: Incineration Saber & Crystal #2

I’m not sure if I have a “great” strategy for this one. It’s basically a crazy game of whack a’ mole. You have three platforms with clone tanks that pop up for a few seconds, then drop out of sight again.

You might notice that they almost go in a clockwise pattern. When one pops up, the next one clockwise from it usually pops up next. This is sort of the way you want to go with an exception and let me explain this.

You want to go clockwise, but you want to look for the tanks that pop up before the next one in line. So if you go from tank position 1 to tank position 2, but tank number 3 pops up first, dash an extra bit to reach that to get 3, then dash back as number 2 pops up. This will save you valuable time. Keep this in mind as you go. It’s really like whack a’ mole; hit the first one you see, but still, go in a mostly circular path around the platforms.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 09| Scout Trooper Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 03:00  |      | 01:30  |      | 01:00  |      |   00:30  |

Gold Reward: Disintegration Saber Crystal #2

You are given a linear path and there are five Holocrons on it. There are Scout Trooprs with incredible aim along the path. Your job is to dash from cover to cover and grab the Holocrons and reach the goal as fast as you can.

The first thing you’ll want to learn is how the cover works in this trial. You will notice these sky blue colored rocks on the ground. If you step on the front half of these, the back half rises up and protects you. Basically just dash onto these tiles as fast as possible and the back part should shield you.

Look for the shafts of light as you go. Grab the holocrons from these and use the cover as you go. If the Scout Troopers’ sights thicken and glow, wait for them to shoot before moving. When you reach the end of a platform, they will disappear.

On the large platform, use the large boulders as cover. Grab the next Holocron after moving past the first boulder, then dash quickly to the second. You might take a hit or two, but it won’t kill you. Move on.

The last part is a sequence of small platforms where Scout Troopers appear directly in front of you. Just Force Push them off as quickly as possible and CAREFULLY jump from platform to platform to reach the goal.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 10| Gauntlet Trial

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:00  |      | 02:30  |      | 03:00  |      |   03:30  |

Silver Reward: Sith Acolyte costume

Gold Reward: Shock Saber & Crystal #2

This is pure combat. You must clear each wave of enemies as fast as possible. I used the Life Drain Saber Crystals here and I feel it was very helpful since not only is time a factor, but so is your health.

The first wave is composed of a Carbonite Wardroid and some Riot Troopers. Shock the troopers and throw them at the droid once you’ve removed its shield. Charge up Saber Throw and do that repeatedly until you defeat it. You can keep attacking it if you’d rather skip the QTE and save a few seconds.

The next wave has Jumptroopers and a Terror droid. Zap all the troopers enough so that they will overload and die. Shock the droid and use Saber Throw as much as possible. When it gets close, lock on, and dash when it strikes, then use your saber melee attacks. You might also want to skip the QTE by using Saber throw until it dies.

For this next part, the Scout Troopers are your first immediate threat. Go around the Incinerator Wardroid and use them as Lightning Grenades and toss them at the droid. Now, remove the droid’s shield and try your best to hit it with two charged Saber Throws. That should be enough to weaken it. Hit it with one decent combo to destroy it. Keep your distance if you must to avoid the fire, then let loose with the Saber Throws.

The final wave is comprised of two Sith Acolytes and a few Terror Troopers. Mind Trick the troopers and focus on the acolytes. They take about one full combo to kill, but they can be annoying so take them out. Keep Mind Tricking the Terror Troopers, then slash them or Force Grip them and throw your sabers at them.

Dash to the goal when you’re done to finish this challenge.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 11| Defend The Core Trial

*** only available (as of now) if you pre-ordered the game from

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:40  |      | 01:20  |      | 02:20  |      |   03:00  |

You must protect the Guybrush Threepwood statue in the center of the area. Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, and Jumptroopers will all try to attack it. The Stormtroopers and Jumptroopers must get close to the statue before they open fire. The Scout Troopers however will snipe it from afar.

Lightning Grenade is an effective weapon. Try to stay in the center with the statue and Grip any enemies that get too close. Hit them with Lightning, then toss them at their allies. This is a way to try and get the Scout Troopers without actually going after them directly.

I honestly don’t really have a good strategy for this one because it’s really hard to get a Gold on. The Scout Troopers create the biggest problem because they are difficult to kill without going after them, which in itself is a big problem.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 12| The Trial of Dagobah

*** only available (as of now) if you pre-ordered the game from

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:50  |      | 00:40  |      | 00:30  |      |   00:20  |

This one is also pretty hard. You have to cross one side of the swamp to the other by jumping across the platforms. Easy enough, right? Only the air around the platforms is electrified, and each time you land on one, you can expect to lose a big chunk of your health. Ooh, not so easy.

In fact, you can’t even land on each platform and expect to live. Luckily, you can target the platforms and raise them with Force Grip. This lifts them out of the air and lets you land on them safely. You can certainly carve a path through, lifting some platforms. In the interest of saving time, it’s best to cut corners and only lift some platforms. Even still, it’s not easy.

I found one way I was able to get through in time. You have to cut corners. So once again, I made a crude map for this to try and help you out.

               6             _
       1       _            |_|11  _
 ___   _      |_|     _     _     |_|12   ___
|   | |_|      _     |_|7  |_|10     _   |   |
| S |   _     |_|5   |_|   _        |_|  | F |
|   |  |_| _   _      8   |_|9       13  |___|
|___|   2 |_| |_|
           3   4

You will want to jump from the start and dash in the air to reach number 2, right off the bat. Jump to 3 next, then from there, jump and dash to number 5. Remember that you can get more distance by dashing over the edge, then double jumping in the air quickly, and dashing again.

From 5, jump and dash to 7. WALK onto 8 and you won’t take additional damage. Do the dash trick again (dash off the edge, double jump, dash again) to reach platform number 10. Do it again to reach 12, then jump onto 13 (or Force Grip it and raise if you’re too low on health). Jump onto the finish platform next.

Practice this again and again and you can do it around 20 seconds or less easily.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 13| Core Destruction Trial

Only available (as of now) if you purchased the the Collector’s Edition of the game.

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:00  |      | 00:30  |      | 00:45  |      |   01:05  |

This one is pretty tough actually. You have to raise the pylons like on The Salvation. Only problem is the enemies surrounding have something to say about that.

It starts off with several Terror Spider Droids. Your best bet is to not go for the pylon directly ahead of you, but go to the right or left and avoid the bots. If they surround you, use a quick Repulse, then grip the pylon and mash X as well as you can.

Acolytes and Riot Troopers show up. Again, it’s best you just try to avoid them and run to the far side, gripping another pylon and mashing X before they can get to you.

Terror Troopers show up. Try to Mind Trick them, then go with the same strategy of just running to lure them away and while they’re catching up, grab another pylon and raise it.

The last one is the most difficult because the Terror Walker appears. It usually appears on a specific side however, so if you can make it so that the last pylon is on the other side opposite the walker, you can avoid getting too close to it. That leaves you to just try and avoid the other enemies.

I know I make it sound really easy, but it’s tricky and might take a few tries. Use Repulse for the droids, Mind Trick for every one else except the acolytes. Run away from them, then grab the pylon when they’re coming to get you.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 14| Tower of Death Trial

Only available (as of now) if you purchased the the Collector’s Edition of the game.

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:00  |      | 00:30  |      | 01:15  |      |   01:30  |

This one isn’t terribly difficult. You must start by jumping over to the first platform. These platforms are in the shape of rings, arranged in a pyramid design. Each level has enemies on it. Clear them out and the next level will lower.

Start by dashing your way around the ring, then Force Gripping any troopers and throwing them over the edge. Do this for each of them as quickly as you can, then do the same on the next level with Riot Troopers.

When they are gathered together, you can Force Push them. Mind Trick also lets you get them in one pile for Force Push. I don’t claim that this is the best strategy, but I was able to get a Gold by doing this quickly enough.

You can help yourself big time on the last level by using Mind Trick on the Riot Troopers. Then throw them as Lightning Grenades at the AT-MPs or shock them all with Lightning. Toss the missiles back at these mechs and try to be quick.

Return to Top CHALLENGE 15| The Trial of Agility

Only available (as of now) if you purchased the the Collector’s Edition of the game.

| BRONZE |      | SILVER |      |  GOLD  |      | Platinum |
|        |      |        |      |        |      |          |
| 00:30  |      | 00:15  |      | 00:12  |      |   00:10  |

Uh, this one is… pretty straightforward really. You have to get to the finish in as little time as possible, especially for a Gold. The key is to use that skill I’ve been mentioning over and over. Dash off platforms, double jump in the air, then dash again.

You want to try and stay on the floating platforms, instead of having to climb up ledges and stuff. Try to go from platform to platform by using this trick and you can make it decent time. It might take a few tries, but I really can’t think of any good tips to put down here.


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