Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII – Desert Reconnaissance[Guide]


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After having studied the questions and answers on the Blazing Angels section of the Cheat Masters site I have seen that a common occurrence is trouble with understanding how to complete this particular level. Not just with operating the camera but with also finding the German camps. So I have whipped together this guide to help you pass this level and move on to greater glory in the game! Or, of course, you could just complete it quietly and then hide away the game once it is completed. Whichever suits you!

Return to Top The Camera

Now this is something I have seen that many people have struggled with and up to this point in the game, you’ve never really had to do much complicated tasks other than drop a few bombs and fire your guns. To finally operate something is a big task and a rather big shock. However, how to do it is so incredibly simple you can pick it up with no trouble.

When you start you have that little black box. Now for the purpose of the start of the level you have to take pictures of the ships so I’ll use this as a start point. Get a good distance to fly in from. When you begin to fly in, get to a low altitude so that the ship is in the black box on your screen. When it get’s near enough a little arrow will start moving along the top. In the middle is two little ‘points’. When this arrow hits the first point then hit the action button. On the Wii this is the C button. Hit it when it gets into that section and you will hear a hish noise as the camera gets ready. You when then a see a flash and you will no the camera has taken a picture. it will also tick off that you have a taken a picture of targets on the mission objectives. If it has taken a picture then you have hit the button too late, remember you must hold it. It must be taken before it leaves the ‘pointers’ area. But don’t worry. Just circle round and try again. That’s what the beginning is for. But as you can see, it is very simple. Below is a youtube video of that beginning section and the taking of the photographs. I do apologize for the incredibly long and tedious beginning but skip to the middle bit and you’ll get a sense of what should happen.

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Return to Top Finding the Camps

In my opinion, this is probably one of the hardest things to get to grips with in the game. I have played this level many times myself and even I struggle to find the camps sometimes. However, the method for finding them is incredibly simple. It’s just trying to follow the way of doing it that it is the hard and tedious task.

As you will notice, you will hear some rather odd beeping noises (which I presume resembles Morse code). On the side of the screen you will see boxes with ‘dots’ in them they can be added or subtracted as you move. This is your guide. While you move you your plane about if dots are added then you know you are heading in the right direction. If they begin to be subtracted then you are moving away from the camp and therefore you need to turn around until such point as more dots are added. Keeping doing this until the bars are full and then you find the camps. But be aware, trying and keep your plane as high as possible for because of the sand storm you can see very little! Below is a youtube clip showing how it is done. I don’t know how, but on the first one he got very lucky and appeared right on top of it before he started. But when looking for the second one the beeping stuff starts again. Have a watch to get a sense of how it should be done.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

And this is how you complete the Desert Reconnaissance Level. I hope this has been of great help and you finally be able to move on. If you know how to do this but know of friends who can’t, then refer them to this page. It could be of great help!

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