Fable 3 Gnomes Location [Guide]


If you know anything about gnomes it should be that they don’t want to be found. So putting a bullet in them in Fable 3 can prove to be challenging so we are here to help you. Follow this guide and get those little guys.

Return to Top Aurora

1. After leaving the dock follow the beach to the left. Look up at the rock wall face as you move, the gnome is hanging high up on the wall.
2. This gnome is behind an arch as you enter Shifting Sands. Follow the path to the left and through the arch.

Return to Top Bowerstone Castle

1. When entering the kitchen in the castle the gnome is on a shelf above the barrel.
2. Go take a walk through the gardens, the gnome will be in the bird bath.
3. After becoming King go into the Catacombs and turn an immediate right. The gnome is on the base of the column.

Return to Top Bowerstone Industrial

1.. Enter the Cesspools and follow the main path. You’ll stumble into the Gnome hanging out on top of some rubble.
2. Near the entrance to Bowerstone Market this Gnome is at the base of an arched bridge.
3. After leaving Bowerstone Market, follow the canal to the last bridge and cross it. The gnome is in the alley on the other side.
4. Play the quest ‘Animal Liberation’ and find the Gnome in the Pie Factory’s first floor locked in an animal cage.
5. Play the quest ‘One Ring to Find Quest’ and follow the path into the sewers. Hang a left once in, go through a big hole in a wall and find the Gnome up on the ceiling.

Return to Top Bowerstone Market

1. The gnome is on one of the city wall tower tops.
2. Near the exit to Bowerstone Industrial is some wooden steps, on the wall near the base of the steps is the gnome.
3. Enter the house on the left of the pub. Through the house into the backyard then turn around the gnome is on the back of the house.

Return to Top Bowerstone Old Quarter

1. Between a pair of houses with a red banger hanging close to the lake is the gnome.
2. North of the markets is a path to the left. The gnome is near some houses off the path.

Return to Top Brightwall Village

1. The “Gnomes are Evil” quest will lead you to this one
2. Head behind the structure called Bumbler’s Gruff and spot the Gnome on some rocks.
3. The Gnome will be seen on the chimney outside of Slats’s furniture store.
4. In the The Reliqaury, make your way across the floating platforms, hang a right and the Gnome is on the bottom of the wall.
5. Also in the The Reliquary, exit the large water pool and up the stairs. The Gnome is on the right on the outside of a structure.

Return to Top Driftwood

1. The gnome is on the path that leads off from the beach area.
2. If you swim north from the central island the gnome will be on top of a rock on the smaller island.

Return to Top Dweller Camp

1. If you follow the winding path to the overlook you wont miss it.

Return to Top Mercenary Camp

1. The gnome is on top of the water tower.

Return to Top Mourningwood

1. Leaving Bowerstone Industrial look to your left. You’ll find the gnome on some rocks.
2. On the edge of the graveyard the gnome is on top of some partially destroyed arches.
3. Once you gain access to The Ossuary by completing the ‘Bored to Death’ quest and then starting ‘Gone But Not Forgotten,’ you’ll stumble onto a row of 5 tombs while following this quest. The Gnome is between two of them.

Return to Top Millfields

1. The gnome is resting under a tree after you find the Pepperpot Cave entrance and head left into the cave.
2. Exit the long dock at the lake and this Gnome is seen up in some arches to the right.
3. On the wall of Reaver’s Mansion’s grounds you will find the gnome.
4. You must first finish the game, then begin the ‘Hobnobbing with Hobbes’ quest that gains you access to Dankwater Cavern. In here the Gnome can be found up to the right from the waterfall.
5. Head up past the location of the previous Gnome and the next will be found up on a path above the falls. He’s literally right next to the path.

Return to Top Mistpeak Valley

1. Find the Demon Door with the frozen waterfall next to it. The gnome is on top.
2. After exiting the Monorail station turn left. The gnome is beneath a tree behind a short wall.
3. There is a small camp next to the Dwellers Camp the gnome is right by a drop-off.
4. There is a broken bridge in Chillbreathe Caverns, the rock is on the tall rock formation next to it.
5. Just inside Chillbreath Cavnerns from the entrance near the Demon Door is this Gnome up in some stalactites.
6. In The Hole, right behind the trashed Monorail car.
7. This Gnome is up on the tall arch structure in the arena.

Return to Top Shifting Sands

1. When leaving Aurora towards the Sands the gnome is on a column to the left.
2. In the rocks near the entrance to Sandfall Palace you will find this gnome.
3. When exiting Sandfall Palace go past the Auroran Flower and look at the rocks to the left there is the gnome.
4. The final Gnome here is in the second large room, floating next to your path.

Return to Top Silverpines

1. The Gnome is up on the wood brace just to the right of the mine entrance.
2. The cemetery has one crypt beyond it beyond it is a wooden tower, you’ll find the gnome in the middle of it.

Return to Top Sunset House

1. Outside the Sunset House to the right on some rocks lies the gnome.

Return to Top The Veiled Path

1. In between Shifting Sands and the Veiled Path look up to the left at the rocks for this gnome.
2. Once the Sentinel fighting starts look above an orange Auroan Flower for the gnome.
3. This tricky gnome is on the top pillar when climbing the long staircase.
4. When in the Enigma enter the room where the enemies are spawning, the gnome is in that room on a half wall.

Well that covers all those creepy little gnomes in fable 3, so go get em’.


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