Halo Reach – Mission 2: ONI: Sword Base[Guide]


*NOTE: It should be mentioned that your LB function has thus far been for
sprinting. That is an armor ability, and you can swap those for other

Just a few tangos when you are dropped off, but it ratchets up very quickly when
you move up. So go right from the start and use this bridge for cover, but
don’t think you’re safe from damage, you still need to stay moving or the
explosives will get you. You’ll start on the right side of the bridge and move
your way up the left side of the back of this yard area, of course mowing
down about 30 covenant in the process. The final push is down a drive way
that only has a few bug to burn out.

Head down to the target area and grab the highlighted targeting laser and a
DMR. Down the slope you will use the laser on two enemy siege tanks, and of
course don’t stand where those big blue plasma balls of death are falling.


*BREAKING NEWS: The AI still can’t drive.*

Hop in the hog and drive down the path, blasting a ghost and goons at the
river. Approaching the complex ahead, the idea is to do circles around the
back building with the enemies and along the sides so your gunner can mow
down everything including that deadly revenant vehicle. If you’re good enough
or you have no choice you can just get on foot and blast everything, but
no use when you have a free gunner and you just have to drive in circles.

Once the building is clear, hop out and feel free to grab a power up and ammo
before flipping the switch. Once you do, a dropship will dump a pack of grunts
and snipers at the other building. So again, you can hop on the hog and let
your gunner do the work, or you can go on foot. Once clear, take the steps,
ammo if needed, and hit the button on the roof.


Go ahead and take the new hog that is dropped off and proceed. Hang a right and
wind up the path until you are spilled onto what appears to be a huge
battlefield, but you’re just at a single station. The best thing is to either
use this hog until it’s fried or just clear a bit of enemies and hop into the
hog here. The idea is to, again, just drive in circles as your passengers do
all the shooting.

*NOTE: Sprint is the best ability to have. The shield is decent, but too

There will be plenty of heat already in this area, more will be dropped in,
and two ghosts will appear, so even just chasing your tail in that little
pond of water seems to work. Of course you will need to hop out and push a
button, but do that well after you’ve made a few rounds on the place and there
may only be a lone gunman on the roof. Hop out, shank him, and turn on the


New hog, so hop in with your buddies, make sure you at least have Kat, and
head back down the path you have been down (not the way you came). Make sure
to do your circles on the slope to clear the four revs and one ghost. Then push
the button to go back to base, without ride.

Hit up the ammo on the right and clear the driveway back up. Should be just
three elites leading the several grunts. At the yard you’ll notice a new path,
and down this path are two hunters along with a few tangos in the corner room.
Use the corridor as your base cover, as it has a shotgun rack which is very

Hunters are not indestructible, you just don’t want to be wasting bullets on
their heavy shields. Aim for their heads, gun, feet, belly, and especially
the redish parts on their bodies. Flanking is best, but that’s very hard to
do alone, so just run around the room, maybe out of their limited range of
fire, and keep pumping careful bullets into them. Use the shotgun only when
making goes around the room. Remember, you should have sprint which helps if
they go berserk on you up close; sway to the side if nothing else.

Clear out the corner room after the hunters are down to use the elevator. Just
a few down the first hallway, then you enter the thick of a major gunfight in
the foyer. There are two ways up, left or right. And both paths are equally
infested with covenant. It’s best to move fast, take cover fast, and lob
grenades whenever you feel like it. You should run into an elite or two,
one being yellow-ish. The yellow one should elude you all the way to the top,
so just follow him. Blast your way up and you’ll eventually hit the dark roof-
top area.

Two shielded jackals to start, then elites, including stealthed ones, so have
the shotgun ready, and just pour rounds into that yellow one. Now your final
goal is to pick up the rocket launcher to the left and squeeze the trigger
at the airship. Once it’s down, the level is over.

by Brad Russell “TheGum” Halo: Reach Walkthrough FAQ