Fallout: New Vegas – Side Quest – Hard Luck Blues [Guide]


Whats going on, everyone? Just me, back with another great quest guide for all of you. For what game, you ask? Why, Fallout: New Vegas, of course! This quest is a bit complex, but just hang on throughout the guide, and you’ll be just fine.

In this quest, your objective is to help Morgan Blake to get the NCR Sharecropping Farms producing again by finding and stopping a source of contamination. We’ve broken this down into steps to make this guide as clear and detailed as possible.

Return to Top Step 1 – Find Morgan Blake

To get the quest started, you must find and speak to Morgan Blake. You will find her at the NCR Sharecropping Farms. Talk to her. She’ll tell you that her crops aren’t doing well. She believes that a contaminant lies in the water that is being fed to her crops. Se will ask you to investigate the source of contamination at “East Pump Station.” Let her know that you’ll take on the quest, and get started.

Return to Top Step 2 – Get to East Pump Station

There will be a pipe that leads to the East Pump Station. All you have to do is follow it. There are two buildings there. One of them is labeled “East Pump Station,” and the other is labeled “East Cistern.” Enter the East Pump Station. Inside there is a terminal sitting on a desk. What you want to do is activate it. You must restore the terminal’s damaged network connection. This requires 50 Science Skill. On the screen, you will read the message, “Warning.” It will tell you all about how there is a radiation issue that is contaminating the pipes themselves.

Return to Top Step 3 – Get to Vault 34′s Cavern

Now, get out of the East Pump Station. There will be a map marker on your screen. Move eastward toward it. You will come across Golden Geckos that are crowded around radioactive barrels. Avoid them, and they shouldn’t give you much of a problem. Continue eastward to the map marker. There will be a door labeled, “Vault 34 – 1st Floor.” Enter into the room. It is crawling with Golden Geckos. Kill them. Running away probably won’t do much good there.

Return to Top Step 4 – Get to Vault 34

After finishing off the enemies, descend the cave. You will eventually get to the door of Vault 34. Be sure to have much Rad-X and/or Radaway with you, as the Vault is highly radioactive. Radiation-resistant armor is also advised. Inside the Vault, the inhabitants have become Feral Ghouls and Glowing Ones. You’re goal, now, is to get into the armory. To access the armory, you have to obtain 3 different passwords: the security terminal password, the utility terminal password, and the Overseer’s password.

Return to Top Step 5 – Obtain the Vault 34 Security and Utility Terminal Passwords

Find a staircase that leads to radioactive water. Descend them. When you reach the water, you will see. There will be a stream of water falling from the ceiling in the location where the key is hidden. Before going into the water, it is advised that you save the game. In the water, you only have a limited time of submergence before you run out of breath. You need to find a submerged corpse of a Glowing One. When you do, loot it, and you will find either the security terminal password, or the utility terminal password. If you fail to complete the task without drowning, try again by activating the last save. When you do complete the task, reascend, find the other staircase, repeat the prior instructions, and obtain the other key.

Return to Top Step 6 – Obtain the Overseer’s Password

To collect the Overseer’s password, you must get to the Overseer’s room. There is only one way to access this room, and that’s by unlocking it at the terminal in the security room with the security terminal password. However, before you can access the security room, you must unlock it at the terminal in the utility room with the utility terminal password. Once you complete these, you may then access the Overseer’s room. Before you enter the Overseer’s room, it is advised that you save. When you’re ready, barge into the room and kill the Overseer. There will also be ghouls attacking you from all sides. Be wary of this when fighting him. If you do not succeed in killing the Overseer, regress to your last save point and retry. When you do succeed, loot his body and take the Overseer’s password.

Return to Top Step 7 – Enter the Armory (Optional)

After defeating the Overseer, and obtaining his password, you can unlock the armory by using the password at a terminal in a small room. Then, you can enter the armory. It is suggested that you collect things in the armory that you believe are useful.

Return to Top Step 8 – Access the Reactor Room and Make the Decision

When you are done in the armory, if you decided to enter it in the first place, you must go back the the Overseer’s room. There, you will descend under the Overseer’s desk into the reactor room. Within the reactor room, there will be a terminal. Obtain the information from this terminal. Now, unlock and open the reactor door, found next to the terminal. Inside, there will be another terminal. You now have two options. One is to reroute control of the reactor to the one’s that dwell within the vault. This will give you 250 experience. The other choice is to disable the reactor, which will stop the contamination of Sharecropping Farms. This will give you 200 experience, and a boost with the NCR faction. Neither decision is recommended, and the overall rewards are virtually equal.

Whichever choice you made, you will have completed the quest. Congrats, and happy questing!


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  1. avatar Nick says:

    I am on this current mission and have all three passwords but it still requires a key to access the armory? Im confused on to which key im looking for. I own a 360. Thanks.