WWE Raw vs. Smackdown 2011 Road to Wrestlemania Chris Jericho [Guide]


This guide lays out the best way to get through Chris Jerhico’s Road to Wrestlemania storyline in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.

Return to Top Pre-Match 1

Prior to triggering your first match, speak to Miz, who is hanging out near the divas’ prep area. He’ll challenge you for a match later.

Return to Top Match 1: You vs. Santino Marella

This is a standard singles match by rule, but you have an extra required goal here. You need to win without taking too much damage. Pretty much if Chris starts favoring a body part you’re done. You are required to win with a finisher. Santino should go down easy enough, and you’ll unlock Jericho’s alternate attire.

Return to Top Match 2: You vs. Miz

This match will only happen if Miz challenged you prior to the last match. It’s a standard singles match, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Winning will clear the first challenge match.

Return to Top Match 3: You vs. Kofi Kingston

Standard singles match, no surprises.

Return to Top Match 4: You & Show vs. Kofi & HHH

Standard tag match, but Big Show isn’t a very good interceptor when you start going for pins. You’ll want to help him out by manually clotheslining your illegal opponent off the apron after hitting a Codebreaker but before going for the pin.

Return to Top Match 5: You vs. Big Show

This is a backstage brawl in the locker room. It has a required goal, but it’s not too tough: you simply have to use six environmental spots to take Show down. The spots are the lockers, the black trunk, the TV, the couch, the weight set, and a couple others. However, you score points even if you repeat yourself. If you have done other stories, you’ll know that it’s almost unfair in your favor to just spam the Irish Whip button while targeting the TV, and you’ll end this in no time.

Return to Top Pre-Match 6

Prior to starting the next match, talk to Santino, who is standing just east of the intersection. He’ll set up a match for you later.

Return to Top Match 6: You vs. Kofi Kingston

A rematch of Match 2, this is a singles match with no disqualifications. It sounds like a breeze, considering you’ve beaten Kofi before, but Big Show comes down to interfere with you. Even worse, Show has an infinitely charged finisher, so he’ll have no problem throwing his Knockout Punch to your face multiple times.

You have a secret move here that might help you out though. Usually, after Show does his punch, he’ll leave. If you’re close enough to the ropes when this happens, you can use Jericho’s ring escape ability by tilting the left stick to the ropes and pressing LB (or L1). This will make Jericho exit the ring immediately, even if he should still be selling the Knockout Punch. It will come at a small cost of your momentum, but at least you won’t be in the ring to be pinned by Kofi. Once Show leaves, you should have an easy time of grabbing weapons and beating Kofi down thus defeating him.

Return to Top Match 7: You vs. Big Show

Standard singles match, no surprises.

Return to Top Match 8: You vs. Santino Marella

This match will only happen if Santino challenged you at the Royal Rumble. It’s a no-DQ match and, let’s face it, against Santino, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Winning will clear the second challenge match.

Return to Top Match 9: Triple H vs. Jack Swagger

Being Jericho, you’re going to be a Y2-Jerk for this match. Trips and Jack will be attacking each other in a normal match, and each has a manager. Your job is to run to the ringside, grab the title belt from near the commentators’ table, and then run away up the ramp. The managers will ignore you until you snatch the belt, at which point they’re going to tear after you at full speed. If the stamina system is off, you shouldn’t have a problem here, because you can just run around them. If the stamina system is on, or if a manager gets a little too frisky, smack ‘em with the belt and keep running. As soon as you get back to the stage, the match will fade away and you’ll start the next segment.

Return to Top Match 10: You vs. Triple H

This is a singles backstage brawl, but after a minute or two, the match will stop and you’ll be taken back to the halls. From there, run straight through to the parking lot (dodging the security guy in the process), and press A (or X) on the waypoint. You’ll need to move fast, as Trips will be chasing you. If you manage to get to the parking lot before Trips or security gets you, you’ll unlock Trips’s alternate attire.

Return to Top Match 11: You vs. John Cena

Prior to triggering the next match, approach and talk to Cena, who is standing just inside the hallways. This will start a brawl in the parking lot, and if you win, you’ll clear the third challenge match.

Return to Top Match 12: You vs. Shawn Michaels

Standard singles match by rule, but after a couple minutes, you’ll have some interference. At that point, Shawn becomes invincible, so all you’re supposed to do is stand there and let the run-in smack you so you win by DQ.

Return to Top Match 13: Maryse vs. Beth Phoenix

The setup to this challenge match is a little odd. First, you need to head into the halls and listen to the exchange between Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. After Beth leaves, you’ll need to find Maryse, who is standing near the trainer’s room. Talk to Maryse, then go into the training room itself. Talk to Hornswoggle, who is standing near the trainer’s bench. Exit the training room, and Maryse will talk to you automatically.

After that, continue the story as normal. When you trigger your next match, you’ll be controlling Maryse against Beth Phoenix. It’s a standard singles match, so all you need to worry about is beating her. Do so, and you’ll clear the fourth challenge match.

Return to Top Match 14: You vs. three others

You are running the gauntlet this time against Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, and Batista. Gauntlet matches are actually pretty easy if you good at the game in general. You can think of it as a simple series of three singles matches, just happening one right after another. As long as you keep up the offense, you should have no problem winning this. You’ll wind up unlocking Batista’s alternate attire when you’re done.

Return to Top Match 15: Elimination Chamber

This match is a six-man match in the elimination chamber. You’re one of the starting two, which means you’re mathematically at a disadvantage. However, because of the rules of the match, you’re not really in any danger here. After all, because the match is elimination style, no one will try breaking any pin or submission attempts here.

All you really need to be careful of is getting surrounded. If you start getting double- or triple-teamed, you run the risk of eating a finisher and getting pinned (and remember, pins do not have to be done between the ropes). If you can’t control your immediate opponents, create some separation and focus on a different enemy for a bit. This will encourage the ones who were beating on you to attack each other instead, giving you a moment to breathe while setting up your attack plan.

Jericho’s Codebreaker and Walls of Jericho are equally viable as match-enders, and without rope breaks, no one can or will stop you when you have a hold locked in. Further, if you’re doing a submission — even a normal struggle submission — then everyone is going to leave you alone. If you get into trouble, applying a submission will not only hurt your immediate opponent, but also give you a chance to stop being attacked for a little while.

Finally, be careful if you decide to climb the chamber and go for high risk moves. Whiffing from the top of a pod will cause you massive damage and greatly increase your chance of getting pinned. Only go for high risk moves if you’re sure they will land, or if your opponents are so busy with each other that missing won’t endanger you. To that end, you’ll want to keep an eye on opponents who go for those moves because you will likely want to take advantage of them missing.

Return to Top Match 16: You vs. Triple H

This match is a standard singles match by rule, but there is a required goal to think about here. Triple H is basically invincible, and is unable to be pinned or forced into submission. And the point here, of course, is to keep your title… so do the honorable thing and get yourself DQ’ed. Easiest way is to take a chair and go to town on Ole’ Trips.

Return to Top Match 17: You vs. Triple H

This isnt really a regular match, you will be facing Trips in the ring while Jericho holds his Highlight Reel talk show. Your goal here is to shove Trips’s head through the Jeritron 5000, but you can’t just do it right from the beginning. Attack Trips as you normally would, using the turnbuckle for help or just with a series of running attacks and grapples. You can’t leave the ring, but you can take off the turnbuckle pads and taunt to help build up your momentum. After executing a Codebreaker, he’ll be ready for sure.

At that point, just Irish Whip Trips into the Jeritron, then do any grapple. Provided Trips doesn’t reverse it, he’ll eat glass, and Jericho will walk away with an immoral victory. After the hit is delivered, it might take a second before the game recognizes it, but don’t worry: you’ll get the “win” here and move on with the story.

Return to Top Pre-Match 18

After talking to Shawn Michaels, go toward the north locker room, and you’ll see Santino there. Talk to him, and he’ll convince you to help him in a match.

Return to Top Match 18: Santino Marella vs. Big Show

Santino will face Big Show, and you will run interference. You need to execute at least one finisher to Big Show and help Santino win, but you can be caught by the ref, which will fail the challenge. If Santino gets into trouble, you won’t be able to hop on the ring to distract the ref.

Hopefully, that concern won’t be necessary: as soon as you appear, Big Show will exit the ring and want to have a gentlemanly discussion. Meanwhile, Santino will chat up the ref, giving you time to hit Show with a Codebreaker (thanks to your conveniently infinitely charged momentum meter). If you want to risk it, you can try for more Codebreakers, but keep a close eye on the ref.

After you’ve done the damage, you can safely throw Show back in the ring (even if the ref is watching), and let Santino finish things off. Santino will typically stop distracting the ref when Show is ready to be pinned, but he won’t verbally inform you of this or anything, which is why you need to watch carefully. If all goes according to plan, you’ll clear the fifth challenge match.

Return to Top Match 19: You vs. Shawn Michaels

No surprises here, so it’s a standard tables match for you. Remember that the easiest place to put someone through a table is in the corner of the ring, so introduce a table as quickly as possible. Lean it against the turnbuckle with B (or Circle), toss Shawn into it, then hit a running strike to put him through. Simple and clean!

Return to Top Match 20: You vs. Triple H (three times)

Standard singles backstage brawl here by rule. Triple H is extremely reverse-happy here though and will pretty much destroy you. After a minute or so, you’ll have to do it again. Use weapons: it seems to be the one thing he won’t block against you. After another minute, you’ll separate, then have a third backstage brawl in the parking lot! After yet one more minute, things will end rather decisively, and the story will continue.

Return to Top Match 21: You vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

This one will only come up if you have cleared the other five challenge matches. Talk to him in the green room, and you’ll fight him in a standard singles match. Beat down him to unlock him.

Return to Top Match 22: You vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell, a fitting end to this story. No rules, anything goes, weapons from the ring if you want (thanks to the new and improved cell scale), and plenty of destruction. If you just want to hurry things along, you just need to beat the tar out of Trips like it was a standard singles match but c’mon it’s time to rub it in.

Trips is reverse-happy and doesn’t like flying off the cage, but with some help, he will. Keep the attack up, and don’t try a huge move (like flinging him off the cage) without greatly wearing down his health first. You can also try driving him through the top of the cell and into the ring, though this carries risk: mess this up, and you will be in a weak, ready-to-be-pinned position. Conversely, because pins only count in the ring, if something goes wrong while you’re trying to fling him off the cell, the worst that will happen is that you will take a bunch of damage. Finish him, and you’ll clear the story and get an achievement, as well as unlock an alternate attire for Vince McMahon.

And that is your Mania Moment as Chris Jerhico.


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