Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmares Survivor Missions [Guide]


This guide will break down all the survivor missions in Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmares.

Return to Top Birth of the Conservation Movement

This mission becomes available once you’ve cleared Blackwater and spoken to the survivors there. To begin it, head to Manzanita Post and go north, following the path to go around to Tanner’s Ranch. Tall Trees in general is a deathtrap in Undead Nightmare, so it might not be a bad idea to put this mission off until you’ve got a large amount of ammo and you’ve tamed one of the Horses of the Apocalypse.

The hermit at Tanner’s Ranch provides you with your mission: hunt down and kill six Sasquatches, who live along the trail that leads up the mountain to Cochinay. Follow the trail, being wary of near-constant ambushes from undead, and stock up on Violet Snowdrops while you’re here.

When you get close to a Sasquatch, its patrol area is labeled on your minimap in blue. At a distance, they can be easy to mistake for a zombie in dark clothing, but when you get close, they turn around and run away from you. Hunt them down one at a time as you make your way up the mountain.

The sixth Sasquatch is sitting by the side of the river on the far side of New Elizabeth’s northern border. You can either shoot him or let him live as you see fit; either way, you’ve completed this mission. Your reward, aside from a disquieting awareness of your own monstrosity, is a step towards completing the Undead Hunter outfit.

Return to Top Filth and Other Entertainment

Once you save Riverview, you can find McKenna in the tents on the south side of town, and he’s looking to make a new movie. He wants you to bring him a hogtied Retcher so he can make motion picture history.

This Mission is a requirement for unlocking the Undead Hunter outfit but really has no other reward. In order to successfully hogtie a Retcher and bring it back to McKenna, you have to run into one as part of a random encounter. If you try to grab a Retcher from a predetermined encounter, like Gaptooth Breach, it’ll explode on its own the moment the town’s saved. You also can’t fast-travel with a hogtied undead; the undead will simply not be on your horse when you arrive at your destination.

The best place to find a Retcher in New Austin is on the cliffs north of Tumbleweed, mostly because an encountered Retcher will only have a couple of normal undead or Bolters with it. There are always a few in Jorge’s Gap, which is a twenty-four-seven zombie mosh pit, but the sheer volume of undead in there is a complicating factor.

To complete the mission, simply bring the Retcher to McKenna, then relax in the warm glow of schadenfreude.

Return to Top Dinner for Two

After you’ve saved Armadillo, go visit the Marshal. He’s lost track of Eli and Jonah, and wants you to go find them for him. He loans you a Sawed-Off Shotgun to defend yourself with.

Stop by Herbert Moon’s general store to reacquaint yourself, then head over to the horse pen on the north side of Armadillo. Shoot Jonah and Eli before they eat you, then return to the marshal’s office. He’ll let you keep the shotgun as a reward.

Return to Top Paternal Pride

After you cleanse the undead from MacFarlane’s Ranch, go talk to Bonnie at the main house. She’ll send you to find her father in the barn, but the main doors are locked.

Climb the ladder on the windmill and use it to reach the barn’s roof, then go in through the hayloft. Take out the four undead at the ground level, then climb down the ladders to find a Winchester Repeater, ten Repeater Ammo, and, perhaps more relevantly, Drew MacFarlane. Put him out of his misery and report back to Bonnie to complete the mission. She’s too distraught to ask you to return the Winchester.

Return to Top Biographies and Lies

Rickets is hanging out at Casa Madrugada in eastern Mexico, and you can go meet up with him after you’ve cleaned Sepulcro’s graveyard.

After you’ve talked to him, go do something else for a while, such as foraging for herbs to make more Zombie Bait. Return and give Rickets two Dynamite and two Zombie Bait. He will reward you with his own brand of artistic flair, teaching you how to manufacture Boom Bait. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is.

Return to Top Missing Souls

This is a series of sixteen “bounty” missions that are unlocked after you bring Nigel West Dickens the herbs he’s looking for. Marston will notice a wanted poster being nailed up on the wall in Fort Mercer. Take down the poster, and the current location of a given missing person will be marked on your map.

The first missing person is also the only one with a unique reward. Millicent Waterbury is holed up at the Pleasance House, north of Odd Fellow’s Rest. Bring her back to Fort Mercer, and her grateful family will reward you with a Semi-Auto Pistol. Rescuing Millicent is also one of the conditions for unlocking the Undead Hunter outfit.

Future Missing Souls missions are straightforward enough. Go to the location indicated on your map, keep the missing person alive, and give them a ride back to Fort Mercer. When you reach El Presidio in Mexico, there are six more Missing Souls missions.

The central complication with each Missing Soul is that when you get back to the fort, the undead will be laying siege to it. If you don’t want zombies to eat your rescuee, you should pick the undead off from a safe distance before dropping the missing person off at the fort’s main gate.

Return to Top The Doctor

One of the possible random encounters in Undead Nightmare is a slightly creepy but well-meaning doctor, who’s set up camp in the middle of nowhere and who’s looking for a cure to the plague. In exchange for your services, he’s willing to pay you ammunition, with a healthy amount of it delivered up front. You receive 7-10 randomly determined bullets for accepting the doctor’s mission, and roughly twice that many for completing it.

The only problem with the doctor’s missions is that they usually involve finding an undead or two, which means you’re at the mercy of the random encounter table. It’s not unusual to be stuck wandering the countryside by the doctor’s camp for twenty minutes waiting for the game to cough up a few zombies.

The doctor will have a different request every time you run into him, and if you fail his mission on one attempt, he’ll simply repeat that request on your next encounter.

Request #1: Hogtie an undead and bring it back to him.
Request #2: Hogtie two undead and bring them back to him one at a time.
Request #3: Bring him 60 Undead Parts, which can be looted from the zombies he just shot dead.
Request #4: Bring him Undead Parts in exchange for ammunition. He will simply take all the undead parts you’ve got in your inventory and give you a roughly commensurate amount of bullets.


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