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This guide will help you find all the intel in COD MW2

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Mission 1 S.S.D.D.
#1 On the table across the yard from the entrance to ‘The Pit’.

Mission 2 Team Player
#1 In the a room to the right of you after you hear one of your squadmates say ‘I think I saw one run into that classroom’.

#2 On a crate directly in front of you as you exit the school.

Mission 3 Cliffhanger
#1 On the elevated platform connected to the tower at the right of the base entrance.

#2 In the hanger next to the one you enter with Soap to grab the ACS module. Go into the building with Soap and then, before grabbing the ACS, go back outside and break the window to grab the Enemy Intel.

#3 In a clearing to the right of the route you take on the snowmobiles. Look for the fence nearby. Running over it obtains the piece of Intel.

Mission 5 Takedown
#1 On a table in a house toward the rear of the large area where you clear out a group of enemies on your way to grab Rojas.

#2 On a table in a room teeming with enemies in a house as you climb up the hillside to catch Rojas.

#3 When leaving room that had the Intel #2 in, take a left to a gray house with stairs going up and you’ll find this one in it.

#4 The red-brick house to the right of the burning green car, head inside then to the right is stairs going down, take them and turn to your right. You will spot this one between the two beds.

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Mission 6 Wolverines
#1 On the counter inside the gas station convenience store.

#2 When going to take over Burger Town, head to the left side of the building, a small red-brick lookin shack will be holding the trash-can that holds the next Intel.

#3 This next one can be found across from “Nates Sports Bar and Grill” in the “CBR Financial” when you enter from the right side of the building. Head forward until you reach the front, go down the middle aisle until you reach the “Foreign Exchange” counter. Turn to your right and the Intel will be on the desk marked “Online Banking”.

#4 On a table inside Taco To-Go

Mission 7 The Hornets Nest
#1 In the house at the far end of a courtyard with a car parked inside a garage near where you begin the mission across from the tower.

#2 Inside a small shack located on the left side, near the the bottom of a stairway, in a large area filled with dilapidated cars as you make your way to the LZ.

#3 Go inside “Pelayo’s Sorveteria E Lanchonete” store, head all the way upstairs, take a right through the door than another right to run through the small hallway. At the end of the hallway take another right through a door that holds two beds, take the stairs up and the Intel will be on the table to your left.

#4 In a window behind one of the soccer nets.

Mission 8 Exodus
#1 On the desk inside the Garden Villas Apartment Homes office.

#2 On a table inside the Arcadia Security Services hut.

#3 In the upstairs of the second house on the right after crossing the first covered bridge.

Mission 9 The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday
#1 On the shelves to the left right after you are informed of the ‘enemy helo’, near the level 1 exit.

#2 On the shelves in the room near the fuel containers immediately after you defeat the enemies with the ‘Plan B’ explosion.

#3 After taking down the helicopter, and moving on to the next area where you’ll have to split up and take the stairs going up. The next Intel will right under the stairs as soon as you go down in the storage area.

Mission 10 Gulag
#1 In a room that’s up a set of stairs as you’re making your way inside the prison. Near where you first slide in.

#2 In the main observation tower right behind the bank of computer monitors where Ghost sets up to help you find Prisoner #627.

#3 In a cell along the wall to the right immediately after you cross the bridge from the armory to the next cell block.

#4 On a table in the room where you find Prisoner #627. It can only be picked up after he has been rescued and you’re making a run for it.

Mission 11 Of Their Own Accord
#1 In the elevator with the door that continuously opens and closes. Crouch to get inside.

#2 In the room next to the photocopy machine where the enemy peeks out near the first SAM site. Kill the enemy to make him fall out and reveal the intel.

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Mission 12 Contingency
#1 Keep to the left and take out anyone that comes your way, stay to the left of the long pipe and you’ll soon spot a parachute in the area where you avoid the patrols searching for you.

#2 On a table inside the building with the number 33 printed on its side.

#3 Take to the left tell you reach stairs that will lead you up to the helipad, the next Intel will be behind the crates as soon as you reach the top.

Mission 14 Whisky Hotel
#1 On a black couch immediately to the left after exiting the Oval Office.

#2 Climb up the stairs where you have “30 seconds” to set green flares, enter the room and to the right of you will be sitting the next Intel.

Mission 15 Loose Ends
#1 On a crate next to the boathouse near the lake

#2 In the basement weapons cache of the estate.

#3 In the room upstairs overlooking the enemy jeeps.

Mission 16 The Enemy of My Enemy
#1 In the cockpit of the plane next to where you start the mission.

#2 Inside the wreckage of a jumbo jet near the jeep Price picks you up in.

Mission 17 Just Like Old Times
#1 On a crate in the first cave straight past the smoking guard.

#2 On a box in an alcove to the left of the cave exit when the guards with laser sights appear.

#3 On a box to the right of where the enemy soldiers ambush you with smoke.

#4 On the table across from the door override controls with the soda cans on it.

Mission 17 Endgame
#1 On top of the crate that sits on the dock next to the inflatable boat.

And that’s all the intel you’ll need.


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