Mass Effect 2 Tactics [Guide]


This guide will help you navigate the various tactics you have to deal with in Mass Effect 2.

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The party you will be building will occupy a great deal of your time while working your way through Mass Effect 2′s main story. For each party member you recruit, you’ll have to do something special in order to convince them to join you. This is with the exception of your first two party members, Cerberus operatives known as Miranda and Jacob. However, once you’ve recruited any given party member and convinced them to come with you on your righteous quest, you’ll need to do even more to fully unleash their innate abilities. And that’s where loyalties come in to play.

Each and every character in the game, even Jacob and Miranda, has a specific quest that you must complete for them, while they are in your party. Each of them is essentially a little aside that can take a brief time to complete, or will challenge you to the utmost (this varies on the character and quest you’re specifically referring to). You don’t even have to recruit all possible members of your party, nonetheless go to the ends of the galaxy with them to convince them you like them and that they can trust you. But doing so will allow the full power of that character to be unleashed, whether it’s in terms of a permanent statistical boost, a new weapon or ability, or something else entirely.

So, we implore you to not only recruit every character in the game that you possibly can, but to ensure that their loyalties lie with you as well. Doing this will give you not only the most versatile, free-flowing crew of members to pick from for any given task, but it will also unleash their most powerful abilities, so they are at their most useful when you do decide to utilize them. Therefore, tending to your characters and their wants and needs is in your best interest.

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Mass Effect 2 handles itself a little differently than the original Mass Effect, in that you’re not going to be doing a whole lot of equipment swapping, especially in terms of armor. That’s not to say that you won’t be switching weapons every now and then, but it is to say that you’ll be focusing more on upgrading then swapping. So what will you be upgrading? Well, just about everything. Your character’s skills can, of course, be upgraded using skill points. Skill points are earned by leveling up. Leveling up is done by earning experience points, which is earned by completing certain missions, tasks and side quests.

But there’s a whole lot more to upgrading than that. You’ll find components for your weapons and armor all over the galaxy. These components might raise the strength and durability of your armor, or allow you to hold more Medi-Gel, or use more powerful ammunition. There are numerous upgrades that can be made to your version of Commander Shepard. You can even find upgrades for your ship, that allow you to give the Normandy more powerful armor, or better weapons, or even the ability to use less fuel and hold more probes. And it’s those probes that are truly at the heart of upgrading.

The reason why is surveying planets will net you the raw materials you need to actually make and use these upgrades. Finding the upgrade isn’t enough. There are four substances you’ll need to use to upgrade anything, Palladium, Platinum, Iridium and Element Zero. Element Zero is the rarest and most valuable, but the other three elements are integral in upgrading. By scanning planets and finding stores of those elements, you can use the aforementioned probes to go to the planet’s surface and recover the minerals for you. Then, return to your ship and start upgrading.

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If you played the original Mass Effect then you already know all about the choices you have to make constantly during the game. If your a PS3 owner well trust us Mass Effect 2 is no different. Just about everything you do in the game is related to a choice. The way you speak to someone during a conversation, something you do or don’t do for a party member or a civilian, the side quests you opt to undertake and how you choose to get through them are all related to Mass Effect 2′s major over-arching theme, good versus evil.

In the Mass Effect universe, good characters are known as Paragons, and bad characters are known as Renegades. “True” Paragons and Renegades are at opposite sides of the spectrum from one another. True Paragons are righteous, kind, honest and giving. True Renegades are manipulative, self-serving, rude and curt. Many players might want to play through in an attempt to straddle the line, playing as a character that’s somewhat good and somewhat evil. We don’t recommend doing that, however. Instead, in terms of choices you make and actions you take, we have two particular recommendations for going through the game that will serve you a lot better than trying to remain neutral.


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