Splatterhouse – Jennifer’s Pictures [Guide]


In the recent remake of “Splatterhouse” there are pictures of Rick’s girlfriend, Jennifer, that are scattered throughout the West Mansion. While some can be plucked quite easily in plain sight, others can be a little more of a challenge to obtain. There are puzzles to solve, ghouls to pulverize and blood-soaked corridors to explore. While some of Jennifer’s pictures can be quite “revealing” they are all worth finding, especially for all those completist gamers out there. This guide will take you on a step by step process on where to find these photographs. Now, grab your 2X4 and let’s go hunting.

Return to Top Chapter One: Satan’s Masque

Picture One: After your first battle with some creatures, a door will open that enters into a bluish room. The moment you walk through the door, a statue will suddenly move and crash into the wall. Run over to where the statue was originally positioned and you will find your first torn picture of your kidnapped girlfriend.

Picture Two: Right after the cut scene where your limb gets ripped off, run over to the opening that leads the way to the doctor’s office. On the ground at a doorway, there should be a picture laying dormant there.

Picture Three: After taking on those test tube cretins, you will then move through a door that leads up a gnarled stairway. The moment that you reach the top, make a quick right into the first room you see. You should see some supernatural looking green lights shimmering through some floorboards. On the left side of these floorboards is a picture laying on the ground. Snatch the picture and bust through those green-lit boards to progress.

Picture Four: You will eventually come across a room toward the end of the level where ghouls are busting through a cell to come after you. After reducing them into chunky crimson-colored oatmeal, hop into the cell and take the picture that is laying on the ground.

Return to Top Chapter Two: The Doll That Bled

Picture One: Right off the bat of this level, you have to really work in order to find the first picture. It can easily be missed or forgotten, so keep your eyes peeled. You will enter a room that has these tubes ingrained on the walls on every side. Monsters will come from them and you have to dispose of them, however you can. At the center of the room, there will be two hieroglyphic eyeball symbol kiosks sitting there. Run to the left from these symbols and you will find a valve. Turn it and a room will open that will spill out more of the welcoming committee. After you get done gingerly rearranging their internal organs, you will see a picture laying on the ground within the room they came from.

Picture Two: After the retro-side scrolling segment that this level offers, you will run into a room that has two large gates. Open up the one on the left and enter. There will be some enemies waiting for you in there. Knock them all into another zip code and then, bust the crate that is sitting in the far back corner. There will be a picture inside it.

Picture Three: You will eventually come across a dead end that involves a blocked door. What you do is that you run over to the right of this room and you will find two doors. Enter through the second door and you should find yourself in a small room that has dirty, blood stained beds in them. There is a picture laying in the middle of the room. In this room, is a little cretin waiting for you. First, surgically remove his brain Spatterhouse-style. Then, after the coast is clear, take the picture.

Picture Four: Toward the end of the level, there will be a small cut scene showing some beasts getting squished by some moving furniture. Carefully make your way through this room without getting hit by any of the moving objects. On the right corner of the room is a picture laying there. Use the safe gaps between the moving furniture to work your way to the picture.

Return to Top Chapter Three: The Shadow of the Abyss

Picture One: Creatures will pounce on you, right at the get-go of this level. After they are all done away with, simply follow to where they came from. Make your way through the room and turn around the corner at the left. There will be a big mechanical vehicle sitting there and in front of it, is your first picture.

Picture Two: After indulging in some more bloody-goodness, you will find a bus that is in your way. In order to move it, you will have to impale an enemy on a spike that is erected on each side of it. The bus will lift and on the right, you will see a bundle of barrels sitting there. Destroy the barrels and another picture will be found sitting on the ground.

Picture Three: After some carefully executed platforming during the collapsing roof segment, you will fly toward another nearby building. Once you enter it, a cumbersome creature brandishing a cleaver will explode through a wall to come after you. Slap him silly with your mighty, gorilla-like hands and enter through the hole he created. Make a quick right and you will find your picture there.

Picture Four: At the end of this level, there is an octopus-like character that you will have to confront. He is standing on a platform and if you leap down, you will find your picture. After you obtained the picture, you can knock down his platform and have him kiss the concrete below.

Return to Top Chapter 4: The Meat Factory

Picture One: The moment you set foot on this level, you will come across a rather odd looking fellow. He has a large club implanted on his arm and he’s itching to show it off to you. So, show off your fist to his face and proceed. Keep going down the next corridor and a picture will be right there in plain sight on the ground.

Picture Two: Later on in this level, there will be a segment to where you have to stick some creatures on some spiked chairs. After this part is completed, you will then move on to another room that has all these different colors shimmering around. Focus on the yellow-lit part of the room, run over there and look to your left. There will be a picture sitting right there.

Picture Three: A hellish side-scrolling section of this level will have to be charged through. Once you get through it, you will find yourself in a control room. Pull a lever and you will see that two doors will open. Enter through the door that is labeled “Slaughter Room A”. Enter that room and you will find photo on the ground.

Picture Four: After navigating through the moving floors segment of this chapter, you will eventually enter a large room. In the middle of this room, is a trusty shotgun that is resting besides a rotting corpse. Take the shotgun and start blowing craters into the creatures that are leaping out from the cells. Jump into the second cell on your right. This is where you will find the last picture of Jennifer in this chapter.

Return to Top Chapter 5: The Corpse that Wouldn’t Die

Picture One: At the start of this chapter, a slew of enemies are going to flood over you. Gracefully dismember them and you will see the giant eye starting to open up. Take care of that giant peeping Tom and a staircase will manifest. Run up the stairs and look to your left, your fist picture will be waiting for you on the ground.

Picture Two: Later, you will come across yet another eyeball. Beat it with your fist and then rip it out of its socket. After this messy procedure, run through the gaping hole it left. Inside this hole are some stairs that you have to run up. Once you reached to the top of the stairs, you will see a little room to your left. Enter the room and smash all the crates that are littering it. Underneath all the crates, is your second picture for this chapter.

Picture Three: There is a collapsing bridge segment in this level that you have to jump over. Once you make it, you will enter a room that has a platoon of creatures awaiting your arrival. Take care of them, knock out the eyeball and keep moving down the corridor. Another picture will be sitting right in the middle of your pathway.

Picture Four: Nearing the end of this chapter, you will eventually enter a large, round room. On each side of this room, are large carved-out mouths. Inside these mouths are spikes. In this room, you will find a cleaver. Pick it up and take off the opposing creatures heads with it. Once they are all down and out, pick up each head and stick them on three of the four spikes within the carved-out mouths. A room will open up that are full of crates. Sitting in the center of the room is your last picture for this chapter.

Return to Top Chapter 6: Beast with a Human Heart

Picture One: Within the beginning of this chapter, you will have to deal with another side-scrolling segment. After this is completed, there will be a scene with a giant, pulsating heart. Once all of this is done, run left and you will see yourself flying up a pair of stairs. Once you reach to the top, destroy all the crates, you will find a picture within them.

Picture Two: After the part where you leap through a giant, gnarled mouth, you will find yourself inside another corridor. All the doors are locked. Stay on the right side of this corridor and keep making your way through. At the room at the end of the hallway, you will find your picture.

Picture Three: After the section of the game where you stick creatures down on four spikes, pushing a button to incinerate them and having a door open so you can continue, there is another picture close to you. Just go down the corridor and rip open the door at the end of it. The next picture is lying on the ground.

Picture Four: After dealing with the elevator, you will encounter a circular room. You will need to eliminate the console sitting in the center of this room and fight off numerous waves of enemies. The last wave will consist of that clubbing freak that you bumped into before, only that there are two of them this time. After you get done dancing the bloody mambo with them, a door will open. Run through that door and the moment you cross its threshold, look to your left. The last photo will be lying on the ground.

Return to Top Chapter 7: Scream Park

Picture One: After you plow through a metal gate to enter the park, immediately run over to your left and demolish the ticket booth. You will find you first picture within it.

Picture Two: A little later within this chapter, you will enter a room that has skeeball games with spiked corpses at the tail end of them. Chunk an enemy onto the spike that is furthest to the left of the room and a door will open revealing the second picture from this chapter.

Picture Three: A little deeper into this park, you will run into a “Test Your Strength” game. You will have to throw some enemies on a spike and then slam the heart in order to crush them. After you do this a total of three times, you’ll then enter the “Tunnel of Love”. You should find another picture of Jennifer sitting right in the middle of your pathway.

Picture Four: Once your inside “Hell House” you will have to disembowel, dismember, dislocate and dis-everything else a group of mutant clowns and some other fiends. On top of that, you will have to take down a sadistic whip-welding maniac before you can proceed. Once all that fun is finished, you will see Jennifer running down the hallway. Go after her and you will ultimately run into the last picture for this chapter.

Return to Top Chapter 8: Reflections in Blood

Picture One: At the beginning of this chapter, there are two carts sitting dormant to your left side. Destroy them and you will find another picture of your beautiful Jennifer.

Picture Two: A little later on, you will enter an area that has three stone circles with eyeballs embedded into them. Take out the eye on the right. A door will open. While killing, match up the symbols that the eyes are associated with and pop them accordingly. A door will eventually open and you can keep treading deeper into this cesspool of carnage. At the end of your current path, a large face door will present itself before you. On the ground, is your next picture, waiting to be snatched up.

Picture Three: Whenever you get through the side-scrolling section in the “House of Mirror’s” you will find yourself surrounded with mirrors, with Jennifer inside them. Run to the left mirror then, run into the right mirror after that. Once you navigate through the mirrors, a zombified Jennifer will attack you. After you get done splitting her in half, enter the area where she came out of. You will find your next picture.

Picture Four: Right after the fight with Jennifer, run through the center mirror. You will find yourself in a maze of mirrors. Run right, then right again. Keeping going down the corridor until you find the last picture at the end.

Return to Top Chapter 9: The Ruined Heart

Picture One: At the very beginning, run to your left. You will head up a flight of stairs and then immediately on your right, you will spot a picture sitting on a balcony.

Picture Two: You will then be fighting some monsters with tentacles after you obtained your first picture of Jennifer. After they are all dead, you will then enter into the next room. In this room, you will be battling a large frog-like monster. If you head over to the far corner of the room from where you entered, you will see your next picture sitting on the ground.

Picture Three: Eventually, everything will seem more organic. You will be running down a road that looks like a tongue. It will then stop, with you confronting yet another large eyeball. Punch the mess out of it and rip it out. After this, you can enter the next room. The moment you set foot into the next room, the third piece is sitting in front of the entrance.

Picture Four: You will then be thrusts into a rather icky side-scrolling segment of this level. Make your way through it and you will encounter a giant heart again. Run to the left of it and you will find another picture of Jen sitting on the ground.

Return to Top Chapter 10: The Wicker Bride

Picture One: Once you regain control of yourself, bolt over to the left and demolish the three crates there. There will be a picture underneath them.

Picture Two: After you pass through the second gate, turn to your right. You will find yourself in a dead end. Liquefy the cretins that lounge out of the shadows and stomp onto a crate that is sitting in the corner. You will find a picture inside the crates.

Picture Three: A little down the road, there will be a brief cutscene showing the townspeople transforming into mutants. After you regain control of yourself again, the townspeople will begin attacking you. Just turn to the right and you will find a crate behind you. Tear it apart and you will find the third picture for this chapter.

Picture Four: After the mutated townsfolk section is completed. Run through some gates and make your way up some stairs. Before plowing through the gate at the very top, check out the crates to your right. There, you will find a brand new machete and the final picture for this chapter.

Return to Top Chapter 11: Blood Eclipse

Picture One: Once this chapter kicks off, swiftly turn around and head up the stairs behind you. At the end of the stairway, you will find a collection of pots and urns. Wipe them all out and you will find your first picture among the mess you just made.

Picture Two: After wrestling with the two worms, kick open the gate and proceed into the next area. As soon as you enter, a meteor is going to come crashing down, destroying the stairway. If you look to the right of the meteor, there are some doors lined up. The second door is the one you need to get through, and it’s locked. The only way to unlock it, it by destroying the lock with a weapon. If you already have a weapon, great, put it to good use. If not, then at the left side of the meteor is a flight of stairs. Head up it and at the top is a stone block. Inside the block is a shotgun. Take it and head back to the locked door. Blow the lock off with your shotgun and take the picture that lingers inside the room.

Picture Three: After tangoing with the tentacle creatures at the collapsing bridge segment, jump down into the portal that swirls below. You’ll be warped into a side-scrolling section. Immediately run to your left, jump over the gaping hole, and you will find your picture there.

Picture Four: Once you finally make it to the point to go mano y mano with Dr. West, he is going to sick two lumbering fiends after you. Make quick work with them and go through the gate on the right side of the courtyard. Take the path that ends up taking you up a flight of stairs until you reach the end of it. Demolish all the pots that are sitting there and you will find the last photograph of Jennifer for the game.


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