Little Big Planet 2 World 1 Walkthrough [Guide]


This guide will help get you through world 1 Da Vinci’s Hideout.

Return to Top Level 1 Rookie Test

Pretty much you’re trying to show Da Vinci you belong in the Alliance and this will kinda act as a tutorial.

You will begin by collecting score multipliers and costumes. The elevator will steadily rise while Da Vinci gives you instructions. Use this opportunity to pick up some swanky new outfits!

There is a prize bubble in plain view under the bridge, but it’s surprisingly easy to miss with so many other stickers and objects around. Don’t forget to snag it before continuing on with the tutorial.

Return to Top Level 2: Grab and Swing

It’s important to remember that Little Big Planet 2 is heavily dependent on physics. Give these blocks a hard enough shove, and you will get the valuable prize bubble up top.

Larry presents a skateboard that can be used to descend the slope. Give it a good push, then hop on before it rolls off the slope. Make sure you’re position to grab the prize bubble at the end of the drop!

Shortly after learning how to grapple, you will notice a lower level that you can’t reach quite yet. Keep walking right until you find the bouncy pads, then jump into the background. You will walk through the tiny gap in back and gain access to a trove of prize bubbles and multiplayers. Don’t forget to go behind on the books on the right side of the save point for another decoration as well.

The final portion of “Grab and Swing” is a grappling race. There are plenty of opportunities to grab prize bubbles here, but they will often seem just out of reach. The key is to lengthen your rope and use the bounce pads to give you enough momentum to reach them. Another trick for building momentum is to swing, release the grappling hook, then hook again and move in the opposite direction.

Return to Top Level 3: Gripple Grapple

Your first challenge is to get up enough momentum to snag the prize bubbles that lie out of reach. Grapple onto the lefthand lever when it’s all the way to the right and use the momentum it generates as it moves back to get to those bubbles. Take care though, because that floor is electrified. Be patient the physics come in to play here try to get your swings in time with the rotation of the wheel.

Your next challenge is a spinning section that you will need to use to grapple across. But wait! Dip a little further into the depths, and you will find stickers some stickers nestled out of sight. Make sure you don’t just swing across

More wheels await in the sections ahead. Don’t swing too liberally though, the shovel guy will chomp you right up if you get to crazy. Let the wheel carry you upward and out of reach of his monstrosity.

Next you will come up on your first co-op area. If you’ve got a friend with you, have them grabble to one of the levers and ride up together. Then attach your grappling hook to the roll and bounce up to the precious stickers above!

The final section will put your grappling skills to the test with some pretty intense swinging. Time out your swings and make sure you don’t get caught in the compressor. The scoreboard is waiting at the end!

Return to Top Level 4: Bravery Test

It may look like it’s impossible to get the stick on the right just after getting pulled up to a new platform, but all you need to take is a little detour. Go left, up and around, and you will be able to collect your prize quickly enough.

The deadly currents are back; this time, you will need to hit a switch and hightail it over the grid in the time allotted to avoid being shocked. If you’re having a hard time getting all the stickers, grab them and run back to safety, then hit the switch again.

Larry wants you to take a ride in his cannon, but don’t jump in quite yet. Go into the background and jump up to find a couple hidden prize bubbles behind the cannon. With that done, you can head off on your magical mystery tour. Your reward for surviving will be a key to a versus game!

A long slide awaits you ahead of the finish line. Grapple onto it, taking care to lower yourself just enough to grab the sticker on the wheel. When you get to the bottom, don’t let go! Extend your line and let the momentum carry you to the two prizes below the platform.

Return to Top Level 5: Final Test

Larry’s final test is a battle against his massive walker! He advises you to beat him by turning all of the red lights to green; do so by pulling the levers on either side of the screen. While you work, Larry will attack with giant electrified yo-yos; If you stand directly in front of the switches the yo-yo’s won’t touch you.

The next part of the boss will require you to use your grappling skills. Hook onto the bumpers and do your best to swing over to the switches while avoiding the killer yo-yos. Remember: you can hook the switches with your grappling hook! Pull the final switch that appears on the chin of Larry’s mech to finish the level and the world!


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