Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Special Team Ups [Guide]


In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 you can get a special boost in power when certain classic Marvel teams are teamed up and here are all the teams.

Classic Avengers: 15 Percent Stamina Increase

Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther

Fantastic Four: 35 Percent Fusion Increase

Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch

X-Men: 15 Percent Maximum Stamina Increase

Wolverine, Iceman, Storm, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cable, Magento, Juggernaut, Psylocke

Secret Avengers: 3 Percent Teamwork Increase

Captain America, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Storm, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury, Cable

New Avengers: 10 Percent Resistance Increase

Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist

Pro-Registration Heroes: 15 Percent Maximum Health Increase

Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Songbird, Spider-Man, Daredevil

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 15 Percent Maximum Health Increase

Nick Fury, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic

Thunderbolts: 5 Percent Damage Increase

Green Goblin, Venom, Penance, Songbird

Bruisers: 5 Percent Striking Increase

Hulk, Luke Cage, The Thing, Venom, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Juggernaut

Masters of Energy: 15 Percent Maximum Health Increase

Gambit, Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Penance, Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Cable

Weapon Specialists: 5 Percent Critical Strike Increase

Captain America, Thor, Green Goblin, Deadpool, Gambit, Daredevil, Black Panther, Cable

Think Tanks: 15 Percent Maximum Health Increase

Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Green Goblin, Spider-Man

Femmes Fatales: 5 Percent Damage Increase

Storm, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, Songbird, Jean Grey, Psylocke

Natural Forces: 5 Percent of All Damage Dealt is Returned as Health

Iceman, Human Torch, Jean Grey, Storm, Thor

Martial Artists: 5 Percent Stroking Increase

Iron Fist, Daredevil, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America, Psylocke

Master Minds: 15 Percent Maximum Health Increase

Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Magento

Shut Up Already!: 15 Percent Maximum Stamina Increase

Deadpool, Spider-Man, Human Torch, Iceman, The Thing

Natural Leaders: 5 Percent Increase in Experience Point Earning

Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Storm, Songbird, Black Panther, Cable

Agile Warriors: 2 Percent Striking, Body Focus, and Teamwork Increase

Daredevil, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Deadpool, Black Panther, Carnage

Best Friends?: +15% Max Stamina

Cable, Deadpool, Spiderman, Venom

Double Date: +35% Fusion Gain

Black Panther, Storm, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic

Defenders: +2 to Striking, Body, Focus and Teamwork

Hulk, Ice Man, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine

Marvel Knights: +5% Chance for Critical Hits

Black Panther, Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine

Heroes for Hire: +10% to all Resistances

Deadpool, Hulk, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

Maximum Carnage: +5% Damage inflicted as health gain

Captain America, Carnage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Venom

Unrepentant Killers: +5% Damage inflicted as health gain

Carnage, Green Goblin, Magento, Venom


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