Mass Effect 2 Citadel Side Quests [Guide]


Mass Effects 2 has an enormous amount of side quests and were gonna attempt to start getting you through them, especially you PS3 players. This guide will focus on all the Citadel Side Missions.

Return to Top Crime in Progress

On the western edge of the Citadel, to the east of the Warehouse, you’ll run into a bit of a situation that you’ll want to look into. A Quarian and Volus are having a quarrel, along with a C-Sec officer who’s trying to acquire a statement for a reported crime. The Volus, named Kor Tun, claims the Quarian, named Lia’Vael, ran into him and stole a credit chit from him which is kinda a contract saying “Hey you owe me”. In turn, the Quarian claims that Kor Tun ran into her rudely, walked away, came back a minute later, and claimed she stole his chit. The C-Sec officer isn’t at all unbiased, acting racist towards Lia’Vael, and somewhat siding with Kor Tun. When you get involved in the conversation, you can ask each character what he or she thinks, and then offer to look into it. The C-Sec officer will tell you that civilian help is unneeded, but what does he know you’re frikin Commander. Shepard.

If you know where to look it can be easy. We’ll spoil the intrigue and let you know that Kor Tun’s chit wasn’t stolen. Rather, he left it behind somewhere (Shepard could have brought this up as a possibility during the previous conversation). But where did he leave it behind? Well, it’s close-by to where the confrontation was going down in the first place. Head to Saronis Applications and speak with the Salarian behind the counter. While you can talk to him about a bunch of unrelated stuff, you can ask him about a Volus’ missing chit. He’ll tell you that a Volus did indeed leave it behind, and are requested to report to the Volus to come pick it up at his earliest convenience.

With this news garnered, return to the scene of the quarrel. Get involved in the conversation once more, and immediately let all parties involved know that the missing chit is located at Saronis Applications. With this information, Kor Tun still claims that the Quarian could have stolen the chit, and even the C-Sec Officer threatens to bring the Quarian in for vagrancy. At this point, the side quest effectively ends, though if you are a Paragon, you’ll want to follow the on-screen prompt during the latter conversation, which will allow you to interject with some righteous indignation. Threats are thrown back and forth, and eventually, the Quarian thanks you for your help. You should receive extra Paragon points for doing this, if you chose to do so.

Return to Top Found Forged ID (False Positives)

Where this side quest begins, and where it ends, are at two completely different times in the game. So, once you begin the side quest, it’s going to take a while to actually finish it off later on in the game. During the main story quest known as Garrus: Eye For An Eye, you’ll come to the Citadel to finish up some personal business Garrus left undone. During that quest, you’ll come across some items on a counter known as Forged IDs. These can be found before you enter the final hangar, where you’ll be assaulted by a plethora of mechs, including YMIR Mechs. Once you retrieve those items, you’ll be contracted to finish this side quest, but you can’t right now. Well, not yet, at least.

Later on in the game, you’ll recruit a second wave of party members. Each of those members (Tali, Samara and Thane) will have their own dedicated, personal quest, just like the first of wave of characters did. Once each and every one of their dedicated quests are completed, you’ll be able to finish this side quest once and for all. To do so, you need to head back to the Citadel, where the IDs were found in the first place. As always, the Citadel can be found by using a Mass Relay and jumping to the Widow system (via the Serpent Nebula). Once you arrive at the Citadel, get off of the Normandy and begin to head into and through C-Sec.

With your back facing C-Sec, head leftward, and continue to do so until you reach a staircase to your north that leads downstairs. To the right of the staircase, you should find a pair of Asari sitting on a couch. When you confront them to speak with them, they’ll immediately give you an attitude. These anti-human Asari are fed up with the human-dominated council, and the security measures they’ve enforced have kept these Asari from freely traveling. Since you’re such a nice guy, you can offer to help them out. Doing so is rather easy, though there are two different possible outcomes to this side quest, depending on how you want to go about your business.

Renegades can finish this side quest off rather rapidly. When the Asari tells you than she can’t travel freely, you can inform her that you’ve found some forged IDs. Upon handing them over to the Asari, they can now travel unabated, and in return, you’ll get Renegade points. If you don’t want to hand over the IDs, however, you can tell them that you’ll straighten stuff out with C-Sec for them (this is where the side quest will be renamed False Positives). This is, indeed, the Paragon route through the side quest. Return all the way back to where your ship is docked, and speak with the woman behind the counter. You can ultimately convince her, rather easily in fact, that the Asari should be reconsidered for free travel. She’ll agree. Now all that’s left to do is give the good news to the Asari, who don’t even give you a passing thank you before heading on their way.

Return to Top Krogan Sushi

When you visit the Citadel, you’ll find a couple of Krogans going back and forth with each other about the artificial lakes up in the Presidium, and how they are apparently full of fresh fish to catch and eat. These Krogans, who are unnamed and won’t speak with you directly at this point, can be found directly to the north of Citadel Souvenirs, on the eastern side of the Citadel. Once you overhear this conversation, you will acquire this side quest. Once that happens, you should immediately head to Dark Star Lounge, at the southeastern end of the Citadel. Within, you’ll find an unnamed Krogan known as the Presidium Groundskeeper. You can inquire about the fish situation up at the Presidium, and he’ll deny any reports that there are live fish to catch.

In fact, the Presidium Groundskeeper will go as far as to report to you that the only place he knows of that you can get any sort of fresh fish in the entire Citadel is back at Citadel Souvenirs, which is coincidentally (and conveniently) located near the Krogans’ static location. Now, you have options. Paragons will want to report to the Krogans that no fish exist in the Presidium, which will disappoint the Krogans, but inform them of the truth nonetheless. Renegades can go ahead and purchase an Illium Skald Fish from Citadel Souvenirs, and pass if off to the Krogans as a Presidium fish, lying to their faces in the process. Either path you choose will give you some credits and experience points, and will successfully end the side quest. Of course, whether you receive Paragon or Renegade points for your efforts will depend on which path you choose.


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