Mass Effect 2 DLC Achievements [Guide]


This guide will break down the Achievements and for the Mass Effect 2 DLC Kasumi, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC.

Return to Top Kasumi

Broken, Blind and Bedlam (15)
Gain the loyalty of the Thief

Return to Top Overlord

ata Hound (10)
Collect 6 Cerberus data packets scattered across Aite

Digital Exorcist (15)
Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord

Return to Top Lair of the SHadowbroker

Catching Up (25)
Reminisce with Liara on the Normandy

Detail Orientated (40)
Use all information terminals in the Shadow Brokerâ??s stronghold

Heart of Darkness (50)
Confront the Shadow Broker

Most Dangerous Game (35)
Defeat the Shadow Brokerâ??s Assassin

The Hard Way (50)
Complete the Shadow Broker Mission pack on Hardcore or Insanity


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