Mass Effect 2 Illium Side Quests [Guide]


In todays Mass Effect 2 Side Quests guide were gonna go through all the side quests on Illium.

Return to Top The Assassin: Salarian Family Data

This is a rather straight-forward and simplistic side quest, though you’ll need to be absolutely certain you grab the appropriate item when it’s available to you. If you miss the item in question, you’ll miss it permanently and will remain unable to complete this side quest. What item are we talking about? Well, we’re referring to a datapad. It can only be acquired on Illium, and more specifically, during the quest known as Dossier: The Assassin. As you go through that mission, you will come to a point where the party automatically sneaks up on a mercenary, holding him at gunpoint. This happens as soon as you get off of an elevator. When you regain control thereafter, turn around and walk back towards the elevator. You should see the datapad sitting on the ground to the right of the elevator, so be sure to grab it.

From there, you can go about your business as you normally would. Finish the quest, and you’ll find yourself back on the Normandy with your newest party member. But to finish the side quest, you’ll need to return to Illium at your leisure (so why not right away?) Head back to Illium and go through the door underneath Liara’s office, so that you come out to a staircase that leads up, and then back down, so you can explore the rest of the spaceport. Here, you’ll find a Salarian who you can speak with. Before you found the datapad, you couldn’t speak with him, but you could overhear his conversation that was referring to something he lost. Well, that datapad is that something he lost. Speak with him and hand it over, and the side quest will conclude. Naturally, Paragons can give it up easily, while Renegades can play hard-to-get with the desperate Salarian. How you react is, as always, entirely up to you.

Return to Top Blue Rose of Illium

This is a rather quick side quest to get through, and to boot, it’s an incredibly easy side quest to get through as well. However, you might be a little confused as to just where you’re supposed to undertake the side quest. Head to Illium, and head to the far southern end of the map. You want to head to the southeastern portion of the map, where the Memories of Illium shop is located. Nearby, leaning against a rail, you’ll find an Asari, though she will remain nameless. When you speak with her, she’ll immediately fill you in on her relationship with a Krogan, who you can see nearby. She says the two were dating, but they are now on a break. As a result, the love-struck Krogan has been spewing poetry at her in an attempt to woo her back. This would be all fine and good, except for the fact that we’re dealing with one exceptionally confused Asari here.

The Krogan wants to have babies with the Asari, but she’s feeling insecure, and doesn’t know if the Krogan really loves her, or is just using her to have kids (after all, the Krogan is essentially incapable of having children with his own kind, as a result of the infamous Genophage). After investigating for information about their relationship (and other topics), you’ll finally get the chance to help or hinder. Paragons can ultimately convince the Asari to take back her Krogan lover. After all, she trusts him and loves him, so why not trust him on the children issue as well? Renegades can convince the Asari to ditch her man completely, however, leaving him high and dry, and the Asari single-as-can-be. Either decision will end the side quest successfully, netting you corresponding Paragon or Renegade points, and some experience points as well.

Return to Top Indentured Service

When you visit Illium, you’ll be able to easily access its bar/club, a location at the northeastern end of the map called the Eternity Bar. When you arrive there, you’ll find an Asari and a Quarian at the entrance, and you can immediately engage the Asari in conversation to get this side quest going. The Asari, while remaining nameless, identifies herself as a slave broker. Her job isn’t to keep and use slaves, but rather to work out the indentured servitude contracts of her clients, which she then sells. The Quarian who will be enslaved isn’t exactly blameless, nor ignorant. Indentured servitude isn’t indefinite slavery, but rather voluntary slavery, and the Quarian is doing it because she ran up quite the debt she couldn’t pay back. In return for paying off her debt, the Quarian agreed to enter into a contract. But naturally, there’s a problem.

The problem is a simple one. The Asari thought for sure that a specific company would be interested in the Quarian’s skillset, but they aren’t interested at all. While you can offer to buy the servant from her, do nothing at all, or do any number of other things, the Paragon route through this side quest is simple. Offer to help the Asari speak with her contact at the company she thought would be interested, who, not surprisingly, is in the same bar you are. You’re seeking out an Asari identified as a Synthetic Insights Rep, and she’s at the top end of the bar. When you speak with her, you have to convince her to take the Quarian (well, you don’t have to, but it’s essentially the only way to navigate the side quest successfully). Doing so isn’t exactly as hard as you’d expect. Just convince her to take the contract, and then dock the Quarian’s pay while letting her go. Doing so will make Synthetic Insights look like an accepting company (by hiring a Quarian) and a progressive company (by freeing an indentured servant).

With the good news garnered from the Synthetic Insights Rep, you can head back to the slave-trading Asari to report the new deal. This is great news for both she and the Quarian (the former gets a minor fee, the latter gets to work off her accumulated debt), so all is now well with these two. Once the news is reported, the side quest effectively ends. Remember that you can take a Renegade route through this side quest as well, though the outcome won’t be even remotely the same. You can also be neutral and ignore the plight of the Quarian and the slave trader completely, though certain permutations through that conversation tree can net Renegade points, even if you didn’t want them. So be careful!

Return to Top Liara:System Hacking

Whenever you find yourself on Illium and begin to explore, you’ll find an old friend of yours, the Asari named Liara T’Soni (her location, Liara’s Office, is marked on the map of the spaceport). Liara is out of the war business, instead focusing all of her attention these past couple of years on information. As one of the most valuable and trusted information brokers on Illium, Liara has made quite the name for herself, and in the process has made plenty of money (and enemies) as well. Her current high-profile project has her after some information (and, more notably, a person) of interest. She refuses to speak with you at length about anything that’s going on here until you help her out. Please keep in mind that the beginning of this side quest can only net you Renegade points. Paragons may want to stay away entirely, but that’s up to you. It should be said that you can gain Paragon points later.

So, what does Liara want from you? She wants you to hack a series of terminals that will reveal information both valuable and precious to her. As Liara explains to you, each terminal you hack will reveal another terminal, and it’s the latter terminal in the three sets of computers that are really important, since the second terminal will actually give you the information she wants. All three terminals are located in the far southern end of the spaceport. So, on your map, you’ll want to look around the Tracking Office, Baria Frontiers, Memories of Illium, and Gateway Personal Defense. For each of the three terminals you find, another terminal will pop up somewhere else nearby (a mirror terminal, if you will). A timer will then appear on-screen, along with an all-important distance meter, which will let you know if you’re getting closer or further away from the mirror terminal you need to find. Once you’ve successfully hacked all three terminals and found the mirror terminal for each, you can return to Liara to deliver the good news.

When you return to Liara to deliver the news, you’ll get to learn a bit more about what’s going on. As an information broker, Liara is in direct competition with the infamous figure known only as the Shadow Broker. The Shadow Broker is considered the quintessential conduit of illicit information in the galaxy, and Liara wants to rival the Broker. But there’s a problem, and it has to do with the Shadow Broker’s mysterious agents. They all deliver encrypted information to him via computer terminals, and Liara wants to know who they are, and what information it is they are delivering. It appears someone may be beating her to the punch on information, and she wants to know who it is and how they did it. Agree to help her out (you may need to speak with her a second time later on, depending on how far in the game you are), and you’ll be dispatched to finish up the second half of this side quest.

Five more computer terminals have now cropped up, and each of them needs to be hacked. Thankfully, hacking the terminals is as much as you need to do here; there’s no follow-up nonsense regarding mirror terminals or anything like that. And just like your first go-around with terminal hacking for Liara, all five terminals this time around are compacted into a small area. Making matters even better, each terminal is located in the little shopping area directly beneath Liara’s office. The first terminal is right next to the staircase leading up to her terminal, and the other four are strewn around the merchant area at the bottom of the U-shape that makes up the northern segment of the map. Search the stock boards and the store kiosks, and you’ll find them all quickly.

Once the fifth terminal is hacked, Liara will contact you via radio, just as she promised she would back in her office. It’s at this point that Paragons can regain their lost points from the first half of the side quest, while Renegades can go ahead and earn even more points for their evil ways. When Liara contacts you, she’ll ask you to piece together the five bits of information you found. Renegades can lie to her and pick out any of the five suspects that her assistant mentioned earlier. Paragons can be honest, letting Liara know that the information found points to a female, and that all of the supposed targets were actually male. This tips off Liara to the obvious (if you went the Paragon route, anyway), that her assistant is working for the Shadow Broker. Either way, once you’ve made your decision, the side quest is effectively done, though you can head on up to Liara’s office for a follow-up visit before heading out on your way, if you so desire.

Return to Top Medical Scans

To begin this side quest, you have to find a human woman at a certain location on Illium. More specifically, you can find her sitting on a chair directly next to the Tracking Office at the southwestern section of the map. When you engage her in conversation, she’ll immediately recognize you as Commander Shepard. She claims that she was amongst the colonists you saved during the original Mass Effect, and showers you with praise for a job well done. But there was a price paid by she and the other living colonists, they all have serious medical conditions now, due to their exposure to alien technology (et cetera) during the conflict. As a result, they came to Illium to get a good deal on medical treatment, but it’s come at a cost. Fine print in the contract compels the human colonist to subject herself to involuntary medical follow-ups, and she’s not thrilled about it. She pleads with you to talk to the medical representative to sort everything out. Agree to do so, and you’ll get this brief side quest.

The medical representative you have to speak with is, thankfully, nearby the location of the human. Simply work your way southward towards Baria Frontiers on the map (at the extreme southeastern end of the map), and you’ll run into the Asari you’re looking for. This bitter Asari’s name is Erinya, and she has a bone to pick with you. She already knows that you spoke with the desperate human, and she isn’t impressed. Begin to explore her conversation tree, and eventually, you should find a Paragon statement and a Renegade statement. Taking advantage of either will begin to end this side quest successfully, one way or the other. We chose the Paragon option, pressing her about her deceased friends and relatives, and eventually forcing her to tears. Doing so will bring some compassion to her heart, and she agrees to modify her contract with the human colonists (though the outcome can be different depending on the particular path you chose). All that’s left to do now is report back to the human colonist, who will briefly thank you for your help before running off.

Return to Top Lost Locket Found

This is an extremely easy side quest to complete, though it’s also equally easy to miss it completely. You’re going to have a very limited window in which to grab the item necessary to complete this side quest, though once you do, you can finish everything up rather quickly. What you need is a locket, and it can only be found during the mission known as Miranda: The Prodigal. Before you get on an elevator leading up to the location of Miranda’s friend Niket, and the mercenary leader he’s working with, be sure to search the crate on the left (this is near the very end of the mission). You’ll find the locket there and get this side quest as a result. Missing it here means missing it forever (unless you load an old save), since once you’re on the elevator leading upward, you can’t go back. Following the conclusion of The Prodigal mission, you can find an Asari near the Normandy’s dock point, north of the Trading Floor. Speak with her and offer to help her out. You can hand over the locket you found, which is a memento her daughter has for her old boyfriend (now deceased) named Steven. You’ll get a nice reward for your kindness, though Renegades may want to avoid this side quest all together.

Return to Top Smuggling Evidence

This side quest kind of completes itself, though you’re going to have to do a little legwork on your own to get through it. Following your battle with Captain Wasea at the end of the Dossier: The Justicar quest, you will have to head to the back end of her large office in order to find a datapad on her desk. This datapad gives you the information Samara wanted, as far as the name of the ship the criminal left on. It also has information about our old friend, Pitne For. Remember him?

Pitne For was the Volus you spoke with at length near the beginning of the Dossier: The Justicar mission. Pitne For is being held on Illium, not allowed to leave, because he’s suspected of murdering someone. But Pitne For isn’t actually a murderer at all, but rather an illicit smuggler, responsible for sending a substance known as “Red Sand” to the Eclipse mercenaries. Red Sand heightens biotic abilities, and you ran into it all over the place when going after Captain Wasea. When you return to the detective’s office at Illium following the end of the Dossier: The Justicar quest, you can speak with Pitne For outside of the office, and Detective Anaya within. Paragons will want to hold the information, refusing to give it to Pitne For and instead handing it over to the detective. Renegades will want to hand off the damning information to Pitne For, so that Detective Anaya is none the wiser. Either way, once you make your decision, this side quest should come to its conclusion.

Return to Top Stolen Goods Found

While you’re chasing after Samara on Illium during the main story quest known as Dossier: The Justicar, you will find a computer terminal that, once analyzed, will catalyze this side quest. More specifically, as soon as you speak with the Asari detective named Anaya, and have been granted access to the location behind the blue-colored police line with Asari guards flanking the location in question, you can find this computer terminal. The terminal will be marked as “Shipping Details.” Examining it will garner information about something or someone named Thax. What you do with this information is at the heart of this brief side quest.

By opting to keep the information completely hidden, doing nothing with it, the side quest can end almost instantaneously, and you’ll actually score Paragon points for doing so. However, if you choose to spread the information and release it back to the person or organization known as Thax, you’ll actually be helping out some sort of crime gang, which will ultimately score you Renegade points. This is a deceiving side quest, because it appears that you’re helping by passing off the information to someone. And this is true, though you’ll actually be helping out in a bad way. If you choose the latter, expect a kindly Krogan to greet you next time you return to Illium, thanking you on behalf of Mr. Thax… whoever, or whatever that is.


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