Fallout: New Vegas – Infinite XP glitch [Guide]


Fallout: New Vegas was probably one of the best video games that came out last year. Mixing the action of first person shooters with the depth of role playing games; Fallout: New Vegas has got to be the one of the best in its genre. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, it is one of the few games to receive an 85/100 score on MetaCritic.com, as well as an 85% score on GameRankings.com.

If any of you have played Fallout: New Vegas and have enjoyed all the blood and gore, you should have also went through the slow, XP grind. Due to Fallout: New Vegas’ RPG nature, an XP bar was placed to represent character growth, much like most, if not all, RPG’s today. This XP bar is used to unlock new skills and abilities. And of course, like most video games, there’s an easy way out to this.

First, if you are familiar with the location Camp McCarran, go find Angela Williams, but before that you should have a speech skill of at least 25 and a neutral or positive NCR status. In the terminal building, you will find Thomas Hildern just beside Angela Williams in the east wing of the building. Take the mission “There Stands The Grass” from Hildern and exit the room. Angela Williams will approach you and engage in a conversation with you. She will ask you to find Keely, for an extra amount of bounty. Pick the option “I have some questions”. Pick the third option to ask her about the director, and then pick the first option which is only accessible with a speech level 25. After that, pick the third option (“What’s your role here?”) and then just keep repeating the options (Ask her about the director, speech 25, ask her about her role, and then ask her about the director again.). Simple as that! The only thing you should be careful about is selecting “So Hildern takes credit for your work?”, as by selecting that option the glitch will end, so I recommend that you save often while “grinding”.

There are also a few ways in order to boost the XP you get from this glitch so that it will take you less time to achieve the XP you need. You can collect all three swift learner skills that will grant you 30% more XP. This will also net you the speech achievement. Happy hunting guys!


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