Dragon Age 2 Companions [Guide]


With Dragon Age 2 right around the corner lets take a look at your companions you can look forward to meeting.

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Anders is a mage who has escaped from the Circle of Magi and is a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. Despite his distinct dislike for the Circle, he has a rather laid-back and care-free attitude and doesn’t let dire circumstances get him down. He is also a companion and potential love interest[1] to Hawke in Dragon Age II.

As an adolescent he was taken to the Circle Tower by the templars, which he despised as he compared it to a prison. He’s a very talented mage and has escaped from the tower seven times, only to be captured and brought back by the templars. Despite accusations that he is a maleficar, he is only an apostate and wants nothing more than to be free.

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Aveline Vallen is a human warrior. She lived in Lothering until the darkspawn attacked and helps Hawke and Bethany/Carver in defeating and fleeing from them.
Aveline will be one of Hawke’s companions, and there seems to be some uneasiness between her and Bethany caused by the latter being a mage.

Aveline is a soldier, a master of sword and shield, and a tireless guardian… to a point. The daughter of an exiled chevalier, Aveline is not the knight her father wished her to be. Although fully trained in chivalrous combat, she was raised in the shadow of a lost life and will not lose another for the sake of honor. Protecting her adopted home of Kirkwall becomes a chosen duty, not a privileged calling. The people she stands for will not be wasted on lost causes or protecting the foolish from themselves. Pride can be bandaged like any other wound—when threats are dead and everyone is safely home.

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Bethany Hawke is Hawke’s younger sister and Carver’s fraternal twin. Bethany is an apostate mage; she received her magical training from her father, who was also an apostate.
She might accompany Hawke, and is at least a temporary companion.

Bethany will have one of several facial structures, depending on which preset the player starts character creation with for their Hawke. Furthermore her skin tone will also be matched with Hawke’s while her hair will always be black to prevent clash of dark skin and fair hair. The same applies for Carver and Leandra.

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Carver Hawke is Hawke’s younger brother, and Bethany’s fraternal twin.Carver is a warrior.
He may accompany Hawke as a companion.

Carver will have one of several facial structures, depending on which preset the player starts character creation with for their Hawke. Furthermore his skin tone will also be matched with Hawke’s while his hair will always be black to prevent clash of dark skin and fair hair. The same applies for Bethany and Leandra.

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Once slave to a Tevinter magister, Fenris was altered: lyrium was burned into his flesh, its magic both stripping his memory as well as changing him forever. He became a living weapon, and eventually used his power to escape his chains. Now he finds himself in a strange land with no friends, and a former master who refuses to let him be. He is also a romance option.

Fenris is a warrior specializing in two-handed weapons. The lyrium markings that line his body grant him the unnatural ablity to phase through solid objects. The limits of this power is unknown, but Fenris uses this ability mostly as an unexpected weapon, phasing through individuals and solidifying, killing them violently. He has fled to Kirkwall as a fugitive, constantly hunted by the soldiers of his former master. The lyrium burned into his body causes him pain, making him guarded against physical contact; however, it is more of an aversion to them being touched rather than physical pain.

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Isabela is the captain of the pirate ship The Siren’s Call. She can teach the Duelist specialization to the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins; and is a companion and a romance option for Hawke in Dragon Age II.

Isabela is originally from Rivain, but has traveled far and visited many places during her life. She was once married to the original owner of The Siren’s Call, until he was killed by Zevran for unknown reasons, leading her to inherit the ship. She doesn’t seem too regretful over her husband’s death, calling him a “greasy bastard”, explaining her rather cordial relationship with Zevran. She has picked up a special fighting technique during her travels, one that depends on speed instead of strength. Since she has learned this technique by dueling many different warriors, she calls herself a “duelist”.

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Merrill is an elven mage and a temporary companion to the Dalish elf Warden during the Dalish Elf Origin and a companion and romance option to Hawke in Dragon Age II.

Merrill is the apprentice of the clan’s Keeper, Marethari. She is interested in recovering the elves’ lost lore and possesses some knowledge of the elves’ old magic.
Dragon Age II Edit
The Keepers of the Dalish are the masters of ancient lore and guardians of old secrets. Merrill can recite all of known elven history and navigate the Fade… but has very little experience with the world or even her own people. Now in a foreign land, surrounded by dangers on all sides, Merrill must find help for her clan. Whatever the cost.

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Sebastian Vael, an archer of noble birth, is a companion in Dragon Age II available through the The Exiled Prince DLC which is included with the Signature Edition.

Sworn to the priesthood as a boy, Sebastian is forced to re-enter the viper’s nest of princely politics when his family is brutally murdered, leaving him as the sole surviving heir.

Banding together with Sebastian and his unshakable loyalty and excellent aim, players will choose to either avenge Sebastian’s murdered family to reclaim his title or direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall.

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Varric is a dwarf who has encountered Hawke in Dragon Age II. He narrates part of the story, such as how Hawke escaped Lothering, while being interrogated by Cassandra, who is trying to find out how the world came to the brink of war.

His family was part of the merchant caste before they left for the surface and Varric was born in Kirkwall. He is a merchant prince among the surface dwarves.[2]
Varric comes from House Tethras and is a rogue. He is the youngest son of the Tethras family while his older brother is the head and runs the family business. On the outside, he is seen as the idle younger brother who spends his time in taverns telling wild stories while people buy him drinks. His real job is to maintain a “spy network” with contacts to deal with various troubles that come along with being in a family that is part of the Dwarven Merchant Guild.

Varric has a signature crossbow named Bianca. Bianca has a carved wood stock and brass embellishments, as well as a retractable bayonet that slides out of a slot in the front.


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