Mafia 2 – Easy Money [Guide]


Mafia 2 is the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and is a third person action adventure game developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Games. As the title slightly suggests, it is based around the 40’s – 50’s crime era. The game revolves around fictional character Vito Scaletta (obviously inspired by the Godfather, Vito Corleone) and his criminal ways. Right after he comes home from the Invasion of Sicily in World War 2, he learns that his deceased father left his family in a huge amount of debt. He must therefore earn the money to pay it off. He turns to his best friend who is linked to the Mafia and starts working for the crime boss himself, Henry Tomassino (another Godfather inspired character). He is arrested after paying off the debts and meets up with another crime boss who helps him shorten his sentence. The game is based on his relationships with the crime bosses and the work he does for them.

The game is one of the best in its genre. The Godfather inspired setting makes the game ideal for the fans of the movie, as well as other enthusiasts of the era.

As the story revolves around money and debts, making money is obviously a huge part of the game and while there are cheats and glitches that net you infinite money that will help you get through the grinding, there also easier ways that don’t require you to ruin the game’s integrity.

One of the easiest ways is to find a good, expensive car and drive it to Derek’s Office to export. You will earn approximately $2000 from this. Of course, it is not possible after you kill Derek so make the most out of it while he is alive.

Another way is to take any car to Bruski’s and have him press it. Bruski’s scrap yard is located on the north most area of Riverside. When you arrive in the scrap yard simply park the car in the press, exit the car and climb the stairs outside the shed to the control panel and activate the press. You will earn approximately $450 from this. You can fit any number of cars in the press as long as they are entirely within the press.

A more violent way is to find a gun shop, kill the shop keeper, rob the cash register and then take all the guns. This will net you around $600 – $700 in cash. There are plenty of gun shops scattered all across the city so there are lots to choose from. Be careful as the shop keepers are generally dangerous and may shoot you on sight. Just be quick and take him out as soon as possible.

Another good place to rob is the clothing store. Enter the store, point the gun at the cashier to scare her, and just rob the register. You will earn about $150 here. Grab a few new clothes while you’re at it. Dress up, dress sharp!


2 Responses to Mafia 2 – Easy Money [Guide]

  1. avatar chris says:

    Joe, not sure if you figured out the GUN SHOP keeper yet, Just walk in the gun shop, walk behind the counter and beat the snot out of him, NEVER pull a gun on him, his shot gun moves fast and he shoots real good. it takes a few times of punching him but you will break his neck…

  2. avatar joseph cooper says:

    thank you i tried some of the ways to get easy cash and they worked. the gun shop owner keeps killing me but ill get him eventually. i havent tried to steel clothing yet but i will soon. also why arnt there any cheat codes? i know that this is a guide on how to make money, but raelly? not even one for guns, money…etc. thanks for the help David.