Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Fast Money [Guide]


Test Drive 2 is a massively multiplayer open world online game that pits you against other racing game enthusiasts worldwide. In Test Drive 2 you are a pro racer living in a fictional representation of  Ibiza, a  Mediterranean island that boasts a king’s life for the best of the best of the world’s racers.

It is in this vast virtual island paradise where players compete against each other to determine who is the true king of speed. As expensive as the luxury life on Ibiza sounds, it isn’t always fun and games. A pro racer has to make money, and sometimes racing won’t be enough to satisfy your needs, especially when you’re on an unlucky streak. Money is extremely important in Test Drive 2, but there are tons of ways to earn them too.

This tip is for making as much money as possible as fast as possible (without the Casino downloadable content package).

First off, go to the Single Player Challenges screen, when you see the Single Player Challenges toolbar on the upper left hand side of the screen then you’re in the right place. Look for the Hawaii Area 2 Cup that gives a $5,000,000 reward and select it. You will be taken to another screen where you can select the challenges in that area. Look for the “Speed: Straight Ahead” challenge with a $20,000 reward and select it. Enter the challenge. The race objective is simple: drive as fast as you can. There are no turns, no other racers, only traffic going the other direction. Quite simple to navigate them though, so there shouldn’t be any problem. Simply keep redoing the challenge to be able to earn as much as $170 in 15 minutes, not bad for a no brainer challenge! Just make sure to keep hitting first in the leaderboards though!


7 Responses to Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Fast Money [Guide]

  1. avatar Matt says:

    Do your research dude so you don’t sound like a complete idiot, Ibiza is a very real island in Spain. I studied in Ibiza for 2 years and saying something like that is very offensive.

    Editors Note: Please take note that the author DID correct his error regarding the Island of Ibiza in the comments below quite a while ago. Thank You!

  2. avatar Jordan says:

    “Simply keep redoing the challenge to be able to earn as much as $170 in 15 minutes”

    That’s not much… =D Yay for typo’s!

  3. avatar David says:

    Yes, I realise my error in the article (I’m unable to go back and correct it, sorry!). What I meant to say was that it was a fictional representation of Ibiza in the game (although I understand that the road layouts are very accurate in comparison).

  4. avatar Billy says:

    Ibiza is an island of the coast of Spain.

  5. avatar d^_^b says:

    Im not sure if this works but after doin’ a challange you can give up it and do it again (same with cups) so I think u can get 2 and a half millions on the 2nd cup where u dont have to go all around Hawaii

  6. avatar skippy says:

    lol must be american…. bloody numptys cant find there way round a map for anything

  7. avatar geez says:

    ibiza is NOT a fictional island..