Homefront Weapons [Guide]


In this guide we will walk you through the weapons available in Homefront.  Time to Lock and Load!

Return to Top 870 Express Shotgun

Pump-action shotgun widely used by civilians and law enforcement. Devastating at close range. Top-mounted tactical rail accepts a variety of optics.

Single Player
The 870 Express Shotgun can be found in the mission Firesale.

The 870 Express Shotgun is in the Campaign but can only be found in Multiplayer by pre-ordering Homefront as part of the Resistance Multiplayer Pack. It has been described as a weapon with high damage and stopping power at close range, which is typical of most shotguns, and will likely be suitable for close encounters. On March 1, 2011, the manager of the Homefront Community announced that it will be a 30-day exclusive weapon.

Return to Top AAWS-M Launcher

The AAWS-M Launcher is a weapon featured in Homefront. It makes an appearance near the end of the game. The weapon is used for taking out Korean aircraft.

Return to Top ACR Rifle

Incorporates several features from other modern rifles into one platform. Leads the M4 in sheer damage, but has greater recoil.

Single player traits are unknown at this point.

It is unlocked at level 3. It has moderate damage, high rate of fire, moderate accuracy, moderate range, high reload speed and high ammo count.

Return to Top Airburst Launcher

The Airburst Launcher is a multiplayer-only weapon mounted 40mm grenade launcher. Includes laser rangefinder and Airburst Grenades. Unlike the other launchers, to use the Airburst launcher the player holds down the Fire Button to set the desired distance, then release the button. The grenade then fires out of the launcher, then explodes above the designated target, creating a devastating airburst effect. It is unlocked after killing 150 enemies with an assault rifle of the players choice.

Return to Top C4

Composition C plastic explosive with remote detonation trigger. Multiple bricks can be placed and detonated simultaneously.

Singleplayer traits are unknown at this point.

The player will only get 2 packs of remotely detonated C4. Unlocked at level 24.

Return to Top EMP Grenade

Experimental electromagnetic pulse grenade developed by the U.S. Military in 2017. Temporarily disables vehicles and drones.

Singleplayer traits are same as MP traits.

When an EMP grenade explodes, the vehicles around it stop for short period of time. The vehicles like drones and humvees are vehicles that are affected by the grenade. Unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top EMP Rockets

EMP Rockets are a weapon featured in Homefront. It is used by Greater Korean Republic.

It is used to shut down vehicles

Used in the same way as emp grenades. It will ailso cause damage to infantry. Also, it may shut down a electronic attachments on guns.

Return to Top Flashbangs

A Flashbang is a non-lethal stun grenade that disorient targets with a bright flash which eliminates sight and a high pitch sound which fractures the target(s)’ hearing. In combination, these variables will cause the enemy to stumble for an easy takedown of choice. It is best used as a room breaching guardian

Unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top Frag Grenades

A Frag Grenade is an anti-personnel weapon that is designed to disperse shrapnel upon exploding. The body is made of hard plastic or steel. Flechettes, notched wire, ball bearings or the case itself provide the fragments. When the word grenade is used without specification, and context does not suggest otherwise, it is generally assumed to refer to a fragmentation grenade

Return to Top HK416

HK416 is a weapon featured in Homefront. It is used by American resistance. It fires 5.56x45mm NATO at a rate of 700-900 rounds per minute.

The HK416 is a German-made assault rifle modeled after the American M4A1 assault rifle. In-game it is featured with a foregrip, but it is unknown if this is part of the weapon model or if it is an optional accessory.

Return to Top M110

Semi-automatic sniper rifle that features a 3x scope and detachable 10-round magazine. Chambered for 7.62mm. Effective at long range. The M110 is modeled after a popular hunting gun, the AR10. The M110 is the military variant of the AR10.

Single player traits are unknown at this point.

According to the official Homefront webpage, it has a high rate of fire and features a magazine capacity of five rounds, despite being modeled with a 20 round magazine. According to released gameplay footage, the M110 is a powerful weapon, killing an enemy in around 2 hits. Unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top M16

The primary infantry rifle during the Vietnam War. Limited to semi-automatic operation but has greater accuracy, range, and damage than the M4.

In singleplayer, it is mostly used by Resistance forces, but is also used by the Greater Korean Republic forces in sections of the game. Being semi-automatic and highly accurate makes it preferable for medium to long ranges.

In multiplayer, the M16 is a semi-automatic, and has high damage and is a highly accurate rifle. This combination makes it deadly at long ranges, but rather less useful at close ranges. It’s reload speed is moderate and it’s ammo count is high. The M16 is unlocked at level 27.

Return to Top M200

Bolt-action sniper rifle. Magazine holds five custom-tooled cartridges. Effective at extreme range. Has 4x thermal optics and a laser rangefinder.

Single player traits are unknown at this point.

During Homefront trailers, it is seen using some sort of thermal imaging optic. The M200 is unlocked at level 19 in multiplayer.

Return to Top M249 SAW LMG

Primary LMG of the U.S. Armed Forces. The box magazine holds 100 rounds of linked ammunition. Difficult to control due to high recoil.

According to the official Homefront website, it has high damage, high rate of fire and a large magazine size, but it’s hard to control.

The M249 SAW LMG is unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top M$ Rifle

The M4 Carbine is an American assault rifle featured in Homefront. The M4 is the standard issue assault rifle for the US army. It is also used by the Korean People’s Army.

The main assault rifle for the U.S. Armed Forces. High rate-of-fire and low recoil make it a balanced choice for outdoor and close-quarters combat.

In multiplayer, the M4 is unlocked at level 1. It has a moderate damage, high rate of fire, high accuracy, high range, high reload speed and a high ammo count.

Return to Top M9

The M9 is a 9x19mm Parabellum pistol manufactured by Beretta and featured in Homefront. The M9 is standard issue pistol for many branches for the United States Armed Forces.

Return to Top PWS Diablo SMG

Has similar ergonomics to the M4, but is lighter and shorter. Its vertical foregrip makes it the perfect tool for close-quarters combat.

Single player traits are unknown at this point, but it has been seen in trailers that Rianna wields this weapon at points during the campaign.

Multiplayer traits are unknown, although its speculated the intermediate round from the PWS could reach targets further then most conventional SMGs although this is only speculation. The Diablo SMG uses the typical 30 round magazines. It is unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top Proximity Launcher

Dumbfire rocket launcher that uses a sophisticated distance sensor to trigger detonation when in close proximity to an enemy vehicle.

The Proximity Launcher is unlocked at level 31. It can be purchased for 250 BP.

Return to Top RPG Launcher

The RPG Launcher is a rocket launcher featured in Homefront. It is a battle point reward costing 200 BP. It is a Soviet-made disposable dumbfire rocket-propelled grenade launcher. It comes equipped with high-explosive warheads and has anti-personnel and anti-armor capabilities. This version of the RPG also features a scope that players can use to aim.

Disposable dumbfire rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Comes equipped with high-explosive warheads.

The RPG launcher is unlocked at level 1.

Return to Top SCAR-L

The FN-Herstal SCAR-L is an Belgian-made assault rifle featured in the game, Homefront. It fires the standard 5.56x45mm NATO round. It is mostly used by the United States military.
The name SCAR is the acronym of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle. Made for the United States Special Operations Command. It first saw service in 2009 and was officially accepted as the US SOCOM official replacement of the M16/M4 family in 2010.

A lightweight, modular rifle developed to meet the needs of SOCOM. It features a burst fire mode that delivers three rounds for each trigger pull.

The SCAR-L is a three round burst fire weapon.

The SCAR-L can be unlocked on day 1 with Game’s (England)/GameStop’s (America) Resistance pack which requires a pre-order of Homefront. It has a high damage, moderate rate of fire, high accuracy, moderate range, high reload speed and a high ammo count. It is unlocked at level 14 without the Resistance pack.

Return to Top Stinger

The Stinger is a American-made surface-to-air missile (SAM) launcher featured Homefront. It is used to bring down airborne targets such as drones and helicopters. The stinger only makes an appearance in campaign.

Return to Top Super V SMG

Uses an asymmetrical system to reduce recoil. Allows operators to put more rounds on-target at close range. Extended magazine comes standard. It also looks like a TDI Vector

It is unlocked at level 9.

Return to Top T3AK

A Chinese-manufactured assault rifle based on the AK-47. Is slower firing than the M4 or ACR, but deals considerably more damage at medium range.

It is slower firing than the M4 Carbine or ACR, but deals considerably more damage at medium ranges. Due to it’s recoil it’s advisable to use short bursts.

The T3AK is unlocked at level 40.

Return to Top XM10

Under development until the project lost its funding in the economic collapse of 2018. A number of prototypes have found their way onto the field.

The XM10 is unlocked at level 46.


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