Homefront – Why We Fight [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront mission ‘Why We Fight’. Let’s get started!

After the long opening cut scene, you will gain control of your character. After obtaining the “Answer the Door” objective, open the door and you will be arrested. Listen to the Korean captain’s speech, after which you will be knocked out cold. Upon regaining consciousness you will be placed inside a bus with only one other passenger. After a short ride, the bus you’re on will be hit by a truck. You will be rescued. After that, pick up the downed guard’s gun and follow your rescuer. Run through the building and prepare for your first firefight. Run to the alley and take out the guards. Pick up the rifle and enter the next building. Take cover and take out the hostiles shooting at you. Head out the next building and Connor will tell you about the gas station and a short cut. Take out the hostiles by the bus and proceed.

Move towards the bus and take a right to the alley nearby. Jump over the run-down wall and enter the building in front of you. You will be ambushed inside. Remember to stay low, so keep crouching. Utilize the cover laid out for you and take out all the hostiles attacking you. Ammo will be low so make sure you search the dead guards’ bodies for some. Take out your pistol if needed. There should be a better rifle lying around in the area. Pick it up. Lob a few grenades at the groups of enemies to maximize damage and save ammo. When the ambush ends the gas station will explode taking out all the remaining enemies.

Afterwords, head out of the building you’re in and towards the containers and then into the trailer park. Keep following Connor. You will receive a new objective. Run through the suburbs. Crawl into the house and take cover before the tank spots you. Once Connor gives the signal, sprint out of the broken down house and across the street. Jump over the broken down fence to your next destination.

Follow Connor through the short cut into another house. Look to the stairs and pick up the newspaper just lying there. Exit the house and climb the tree when Connor tells you to. Take out the hostiles once Connor starts to move. Once an RPG hits your location you will fall down the tree house. Follow Connor on foot and keep moving, all the while taking out the hostiles that try to stop you. Maximize the use of cover and you’ll be fine. Be wary of grenades. Run from cover to cover if need be. Follow Connor to the crashed plane.

Watch out for the APC’s! Take out all the hostiles and just keep following Connor. As you circle around the crashed plane, there will be more hostiles shooting at you. Look for a nearby ladder and climb it when Connor tells you to. Take out the lone guard guarding the area and look for the C4 charges. Throw some to the tank to destroy it. Once it blows, get down and follow Connor again.

Enter the houses and make your way to your next destination. Be sure to pickup the newspaper on the floor in the first house. Once you reach the house with the taped refrigerator, Connor will knock it down. Go out the yard and take a right and you will come by a group of people. It will be your rendezvous. Listen to the police officer’s speech. After which, KPA troops will come and start shooting at you. Get down and get into the house. A new objective will pop up. Take cover and start shooting at the hostiles. Maximize the use of the grenades. This fight will be a long one.

Once the KPA starts throwing the green gas grenades at you, run out of the house immediately. Follow the police officer. Run through the alley and take out as much hostiles as you can. Enter the house and take out the lone guard there. Look for the Goliath Targeter in the room and pick it up. Use it and take out the APC’s right outside of the house. Run out and take out the humvees. Use your rifle on the footies. After taking out the last of the APC’s, a short cut scene will ensue and the mission will end.


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