Pokémon Black / White -Victory Road [GUIDE]


There comes a time in the life of every pokémon trainer to leave his house and begin an epic journey, our time doing that it’s long gone, we proved to be the very best, like no one ever was, and it’s time to move on. We’re going into the big leagues now, and cheatmasters.com will take you there, so jump in! To victory road!

Well last week we kicked the living crap out of every gym leader out there, we became true pokémon champions…or at least that’s what we thought! The game is practically endless when it comes to new challenges, and victory road is pretty much it. A huge number of trainers and wild pokémons that will actually pose quite the challenge for us and our little pocket monsters. You must realize that the importance of the Victory road lies in the fact that this is the ultimate training ground before you get toe to toe with the Elite 4, the strongest pokémon trainers in Unova (well other than us at least…) so seize this opportunity to train the monsters that will lead you to victory against them!


Give Team Rocket some love!

Trainer Pokemon Type
Ace Trainer Lv. 45 Whimsicott Grass
Lv. 45 Zebstrika Electric
Ace Trainer Lv. 45 Stoutland Normal
Lv. 45 Scolipede Bug/Poison
Ace Trainer Lv. 44 Simisage Grass
Lv. 44 Simipour Water
Lv. 44 Simisear Fire
Veteran Lv. 44 Beheeyem Psychic
Lv. 44 Lilligant Grass
Lv. 44 Heatmor Fire
Blackbelt Lv. 43 Scrafty Fighting/Dark
Lv. 43 Mienfoo Fighting
Lv. 43 Conkeldurr Fighting
Doctor Lv. 43 Gothorita Psychic
Lv. 43 Leavanny Bug/Grass
Ace Trainer Lv. 44 Klang Steel
Lv. 44 Darmanitan Fire
Lv. 44 Seismitoad Water/Ground
Veteran Lv. 45 Gigalith Rock
Lv. 45 Eelektross Electric


A wild Deino appears!

Pokemon Type Levels Rarity Season Method
Durant Bug/Steel 37-42 40% All All Floors
Deino Dragon/Dark 38-39 20% All 1F, 3F
Boldore Rock 39 20% All 1F, 3F
37-41 30% All 2F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F
Woobat Psychic/Flying 39 10% All 1F, 3F
37-42 20% All 2F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F
Mienfoo Fighting 39 – 41 10% All All Floors
38 10% All Outside
Heatmor Fire 37-40 45% All Outside
Fraxure Dragon 40 10% All Outside
Rufflet Normal/Flying 38-39 35% All Outside – WHT only
Vullaby Normal/Flying 38-39 35% All Outside – BLK only
Excadrill Ground/Steel 37-40 100% All Shaking Dirt
Basculin Water 20-45 100% All Surf


  • Lv. 42 Terrakion
    • Type: Rock/Fighting
    • Ability: Justice Heart
    • Moves: Helping Hand, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Sacred Sword

Yeah I know he looks ugly, but it's a good fighting type!

Well this one is a tough one it’s hidden in the path along the victory road, in order to get to him you’ll need to do the following:

Right before the exit (after you’ve defeated all of the trainers you’ll see two exits), North and South, if you are interested in catching Terrakion you’ll need to go south and then west. If you released Cobalion in the Minstralton Caves, Terrakion will be waiting there to fight you! He’s a good Fighting type pokémon and the strongest of this generation uber trio.

He will rock slide you and sacred sword you a lot. He can put out quite the damage since he has a whooping 129 attack stat, that hurts. It does. On top of that he’s pretty fast and carries a really good Defense and SP Defense stats, fortunately for us, there’s a bright side! Water, Fighting, Ground, Steel, Grass, and Psychic types are super effective against him so blast away!!

Alright!! This clears Victory road for us! Are you guys ready to finally face the Elite 4?? Join me then in our next guide!!

@Greenmousa, out!


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