Homefront – Fire Sale [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront ‘Fire Sale’ mission. Let’s get started!

After the cut scene, you will find yourself at the back of a van Hopper is driving. When the van stops, get down and grab the sniper rifle. Follow Rianna and you will come across a guy stationed at the building. Follow him. Proceed to enter the building. Watch Rianna stealthily take out the lone guard upstairs Solid Snake style and make your way to the roof. Wait for Connor and Hopper to crash the van and then launch the white phosphorous. After which, proceed to take out the hostiles on the ground with your sniper rifle. One of the napalm bombs will be misfired right at you.

When you regain control of your character, you will have to run across the flaming grounds. Just keep following Rianna until you reach Connor’s destination. You will be in a guard house. After a short conversation, an attack chopper will come and start shooting missiles right at you. Once the guard house collapses, you will be knocked out. Upon regaining consciousness, watch as a KPA guard discovers you and then gets hit by a runaway APC. Once that’s done, Connor and Rianna will get up; follow them.

Take out the EMP soldier on the rooftop right in front of you and then prepare to use the Goliath Targeter on the ground troops. Just keep taking out the hostiles coming your way until Connor tells you to regroup in front of the discount computer store. Head down the path and into the cover provided by the broken cars. Use the Goliath Targeter to take out the choppers. Just keep following the resistance vehicle. Take out the light armor vehicles with the Goliath Targeter and the ground troops with your rifle and you’ll be fine. Listen to Connor’s signals as to where the enemy concentration is and take them out immediately.

Once Connor signals you to regroup on the side, follow him. Crawl under the hole in the wall and into the building. Take out the hostiles inside the building and keep following Connor. Keep cover in the area as it will be crawling with hostiles. Stay low and you’ll be fine. Just keep following Connor and Rianna. Look out for the fuel canisters in the area to shoot, they make clearing the hostiles easier. Grenades are also good in the area for taking out packs of enemies at a time. Once outside, sprint down the right set of stairs and take out the hostiles downstairs. Make your way to the building across the street and chase the tanker. Plant the beacon. Run to where the tanker went and take out the guards there. Regroup with Connor and Rianna. Double back through the store and follow Connor. An ambush will ensure, take out the hostiles from the top. This time, the store will be all smoky. Take out the hostiles inside and be careful as they can come from anywhere. Follow Connor and Rianna to the fire exit to the roof. Upon reaching a dead end, wait for Connor to topple the shelf blocking your way and enter the door to the roof. Provide cover for the troops in the parking lot. Use the Goliath Targeter and take out the hostiles on the ground. Wait for Connor’s signal then jump down. Chase the truck and get in. Take out the hostiles chasing you and use the Goliath Targeter on the chopper to end the mission.


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