Homefront – Freedom [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront ‘Freedom’ mission. Let’s get started!

After the cut scene, you will wake up at your new home. Boone will come and tell you to follow him. He will be touring you around the resistance headquarters. Inside the house with the two children lying in the fireplace, Connor will come up to you guys and make a little commotion. After which, Boone will tell you to go ahead and look around and just meet him at the back. Take this opportunity to go to the back room near the couch with the woman and his child and grab the newspaper on the floor. Now head out the door where Boone is at. Walk out and take a look around and introduce yourself to the inhabitants of Oasis. Once a new objective pops up “Meet up with Boone outside” go back to where he is. Enter the building and Connor will tell you to pick up the assault rifle. Do it and head down the underground tunnel. Just head straight and climb the ladder at the end.

Follow Boone. Wait for Boone to push down the file cabinet blocking your way and proceed. Boone will be the first one to run across the street. Make your way towards him after. Be careful of the sentry tower. After running towards the second cover, Boone will tell you to go ahead and take out the sentry cannon. Move towards the next cover near the house. Remember to be wary of the sentry tower as it can take you out fast. Make sure you don’t get seen by the light. Sprint towards the van to the left. There should be a run down trailer in front of you, run to it next. There’s another trailer to your left; run to it next. Make your way around the trailer and you should be able to be within the vicinity of the sentry tower control panel. Throw a grenade at it to destroy it. Now follow Boone. Wait for Boone to break the door and enter the house and watch the Korean patrol. Wait for Boone’s signal to tell you to take the first shot. Take a few out with a well placed head shot to start the firefight. Clear the area towards the house across the street. And enter the house when the coast is clear. There should be a couple more KPA guards inside, take them all out.

Enter the house and exit through the left door. Follow Boone. Run across the street into the elementary school building. You will all discover Boone has been shot and you’ll have to go on without him. Follow Connor into the weapons cache. Pick out a rifle or two and go to where Connor is at. Make your way outside and just keep following your troop. Head back the alley and hide behind the garbage cans. Throw a well placed grenade towards the nearby hostiles to take them out fast and prepare for another firefight. You will receive a new objective “Flank the enemy tower”. Run towards the cover across where the first group of guards was. Take out the nearby guards and then run towards the van in front of you for cover. Simply keep trying to move around the area and flank the enemy tower. Utilize the use of cover as hostiles will be shooting at you from all directions. Once you flank the enemy tower, take out the hostiles blocking your way and make your way back to Connor.

You should receive a new objective “Take out the sentry tower”. Head down the alley and watch out to your right. Take out the hostiles. Throw a couple of grenades to make life easier. Make your way towards the house they are coming from and go upstairs. Take out the remaining hostiles inside. You will now be in the ideal position to take out the sentry tower, lob a grenade and watch the sparks fly. Now make your way to the labor camp.

Take the alley and you will come across a closed door. Wait for Connor to open the almost invisible trap door and enter the tunnel. Keep following Connor. Move to the end of the tunnel and climb the ladder. Talk to the first guy you see on your right and he should tell you where Arnie is. Follow his directions and enter the broken down house. Climb the stairs and head to the end of the hall. Take the stairs down. Go down the block a few houses until a guy in a black sweat shirt blocks your path. Wait for Connor to knock him out and Arnie should come by.

Follow Arnie. Follow him up to where the buses are held and you will be betrayed. After a short speech about why he betrayed you Connor will proceed to disarm the guards in bullet time. Pull out your pistol and take out the two guards to your left and prepare for the fight of your life. Take cover and immediately unload on the overhead guards. Take the stairs to your right and take out the guards on the bridge. Pick up a rifle and take out the machine gunners before proceeding. Make your way round the building and take out all the hostiles up until you receive a new objective. Pick up the beacons in the office and follow Connor.

You will come across a mass grave. Connor will lose his mind and start shooting at the KPA. Cut through the sides and try to flank the sentry towers. Take out the hostiles along the way. Just keep running from cover to cover and lob a grenade when you’re close enough. Proceed to hide in the mass grave after the cut scene. As soon as the Koreans leave, the mission will be over.


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