Homefront – The Wall [Guide]


After the cut scene, you will be climbing a ladder out of a tunnel. The Oasis will be burnt down to the ground and its inhabitants massacred. Boone will be dead. Follow Connor down the path after he takes down the familiar taped up fridge. Wait until Hopper regroups with you and make your way out of the premises. Keep following Connor and you will be ambushed. Proceed to take out the hostiles in the area. Make good use of the little cover provided. Take out the Humvees with the Goliath Targetter.

After taking out the first Humvee, RPG troops will come out. Take them out fast as they will be hitting the Goliath. Another couple of Humvees will be running down the street, take them all out with the Goliath Targeter. Prioritize the RPG ‘s.

The street to the Wall will be filled with hostiles and you will have little space to breathe. Keep following Connor, all the while taking out the hostiles. Take the back alley near the house Connor tells you to enter and you will be able to flank the rear of the tank. Take it out with the Goliath Targeter. Follow Connor and the Goliath and enjoy the few breaths of KPA-less air. Make your way towards the river and follow it.

Upon reaching Brook’s place, you will receive a new set of objectives. Follow Connor and get back into action. Take out the hostiles. You will be clearing a path for the Goliath. Make your way to the lift and activate it. Another batch of hostiles will be coming your way. Take them all out. Once you see the White Castle branch, lob a grenade at the pack of enemies there. Keep following Connor around the group of KPA and take them out from the rear. Keep moving. Enter the White Castle. Break open the door at the end of the hall and take out all the guards in the room. Use your sniper rifle here to take out the enemies in the distance.

Once the Goliath blows a hole through the wall, run to the Humvee. Get in and mount the machine gun. Take out the enemies and the mission will end.


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