Homefront – Heartland [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront ‘Heartland’ mission. Let’s get started! After the opening cut scene and after Rianna kicks the survivalist’s asses, run for cover and get ready for a shoot out. Take out the hostiles on higher ground first, and then proceed to eliminate those on the same level. When Connor and Rianna advances, follow them. Dodge the RPG missile aimed right at you from the building to your right. Take out the RPG trooper immediately.

Once you clear the area, rendezvous with Rianna and Connor near the end of the facility. Connor will open the gate, head outside. Follow Connor uphill and along the dirt path. Keep your safety on in this area at all times. Do not shoot unless Connor tells you to. Wait for the guards to stop chit chatting then follow Rianna. Stay low and run for cover. This part of the mission will be done ala Solid Snake.

There will be a survivalist holding a KPA prisoner captive in the area. While he’s busy making the Korean dance, aim for the sniper on top of the right tower and take him out with one well placed head shot. Time it with the shots of the survivalist. Follow Connor and take cover near the house with the crazy survivalist. After a short conversation, move towards the tractor and take cover again. Then, follow Connor. Move fast. Wait for Rianna to take out the lone guard on the ground ala Metal Gear, and then proceed to take out the guard on top of the tower with a well placed head shot. Head into the garage afterwords.

Keep following Connor and Rianna and duck when they do. When Connor tells you to take out another guard on the second floor of a building, do it. Make sure you kill him with one shot. Then follow Connor again along the dirt path. After watching the murder of another captive KPA, take out the lone sentry on top of the building to the right and move. You will come across the tent park and Connor will tell you to enter through one of the broken windows and take out the lone guard there with a knife, do it. Wait for Connor to regroup with you and proceed. Next, take out the lone sentry on top of the tower. Sprint and follow Connor.

When you reach the river, just follow it. After reaching the area with the three hanged Koreans, a gun fight will ensue. Shooting without Connor’s word is now allowed from this point on. Take out all the hostiles and keep moving up river. Once you clear the area, follow Connor and Rianna again. Make your way to the survivalist camp. Cut through the street and towards the wreck of the crashed Korean chopper. Take out all the hostiles in the area, Korean and American alike. Keep following Connor and take out the hostiles. Make sure you make good use of cover. Prioritize the guards on top of the buildings. Once you see the RPG troops, take them out. When you clear the area, sprint and follow Connor. Enter the Church.

Hostiles will be shooting at you before you can enter the Church. Take cover, look for them, and take them out. There should be a few more hostiles in the building. Make your way to the roof. Now it’s sniper time! Just follow Connor’s command and you’ll be fine. Take out the guards he tells you to take out. Once an RPG hits your location, prepare to make your way down. Jump down and make your way towards Connor and Rianna. Take out all the hostiles blocking your way to the chopper. Get on the chopper to end the mission.


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