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With a new Mortal Kombat right around the corner we thought we would compile everything we know so far in to one tight little blog post for you guys. So Get Over Here! (I had to say it).

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Confirmed Characters
The game will feature at least 26 playable characters in addition to an unknown number of downloadable (DLC) and hidden characters.
The officially confirmed characters that have been seen in play, thus far, are:

Johnny Cage
Kratos (Playstation 3 exclusive)
Kung Lao
Liu Kang
Noob Saibot
Shao Kahn
Shang Tsung
Sonya Blade

The characters that have not been seen in play, but have been officially confirmed, thus far, are:
Quan Chi

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In a most recent interview, more of the plot has been revealed. The story retells the events of the original trilogy, in an alternate timeline where Raiden receives a message from himself in the prime future where Armageddon has happened and Shao Kahn became the supreme leader of all the realms. Because of this plot, characters and scenarios present are the classic ones, bringing the old back to new and starting a new conflict.

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The normal blows have changed a lot, instead of having a few punches and kicks divided between high and low, now there’s a button for each limb: front arm, front leg, back arm, and back leg. This combines with most martial arts techniques. The player also can make many special moves and execute them without much effort. Also added with new gameplay is the intro and outro animations. Each character will have a different intro and outro, depending if they decided to do a fatality or not.

The controls also refer a lot to Mortal Kombat 3, with the clash limited to a single plane, the fastest pace of struggle, many movements that throw the opponent into the air, and several others that take advantage of aerial combat. The “run” button will not come back, but there will be a quick dash and paste to the player’s opponent and inflict even more damage if they’re quick in getting their combo. Also out is the infamous system “dial-a-Kombo”, which was introduced in MK3 and used pre-defined sequences of buttons to execute “ready” combos. The combos are more akin to those found in MK1 and MKII, consisting largely of chaining regular attacks and special moves together. In the words of Ed Boon: “You’re making your own combos. We aren’t programming them in as much”. This brings a lot of freedom to play and with the speed of return, as it is very easy to improvise a few effective beatings.
Another welcome return are the “real” Fatalities. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon used the infamous Kreate-a-fatality and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe used far less violent versions of the finishers. Now violence is back with great pride, this time the team began creating the game for fatalities, an element that was before the end of the development cycle. From this process emerged ideas how to combine fatalities, “before, Kung Lao had a fatality in which he cut a guy in half and another in which he beheaded a person, now he has one where he does both,” claims Ed Boon in an interview with Giant Bomb.

One new feature that has drawn much attention and keeps very well the climate of brutality is the introduction of X-Ray Attacks. With them, the player can see the internal damage caused by the blows on the opponent. The player must wait until their special bar is full before they can use the X-ray moves for their fighter and this is not necessary to use combo breakers or versions of the special powers that cause more damage, since both use their special abilities bar. There is also distinct damage done to the characters during the matches.
On December 7, 2010 a leak from the official website released several audio files from the game. Those leaked files included voice overs for some confirmed and unconfirmed characters, music for arenas, and announcer voice overs (fight, finish him, fatality, etc). Among the Announcer audio files were “Announcer Brutality” and “Announcer Test Your Might”. Thus leaking the inclusions of the Brutality finisher, a form of Fatality, and Test Your Might side game.

The game will feature three different one player modes: Story Mode, in which the player assumes the role of several different pre-designated characters and the main plot is told; a tournament ladder reminiscent of the earlier MK games which features a sub-boss, boss, and animated ending for each character; and a training mode which allows players to hone their skills with their chosen character.

Mortal Kombat will also include several mini-games, like the classic Test Your Might, and Test Your Sight, as well as the new Test Your Strike and Test Your Luck. The game also includes a massive 300 mission challenge in a new mode called The Challenge Tower.

Return to Top Confirmed Arenas

The Armory
The Bell Tower
The Cathedral
The Courtyard
Dead Pool (Stage Fatality)
Evil Monastery
Goro’s Lair
The Graveyard
Kahn’s Coliseum
Kratos’ Arena (Playstation 3 exclusive)
The Living Forest (Stage Fatality)
The Desert
Hell (Stage Fatality)
The Pit II (Stage Fatality)
The Pit II Bottom
The Rooftop
Shang Tsung’s Gardens (between Pit I, Palace Gates and Warrior Shrine)
Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits
Shao Kahn’s Throne Room
Soul Chamber
The Street (Stage Fatality and between Bank and Bridge)
The Subway (Stage Fatality)
Throne Room
Training Room

Return to Top Additional Information

Midway, along with the Mortal Kombat franchise, has now since become part of Warner Bros. Many former Midway employees are now employees of Warner Bros. It was confirmed on Ed Boon’s Twitter that Chameleon and Hsu Hao will not be returning for Mortal Kombat 9. There will be many other unpopular or “clone” characters not returning along with them.
In June 10, 2010, the first official information, along with a trailer, was released. Amongst the new gameplay features was a Tag Team mode, shown in the trailer. At E3, GameSpot interviewed with Ed Boon. The gameplay is said to be a mixture of everything well-received concerning Mortal Kombat. The simplified gameplay engine with the addition of the Tag Team features will allow for a plethora of custom combos. Regarding the game’s position within the canon, Boon confirmed that the game takes place shortly after Armageddon, the story involving a time-travel element that takes the characters back to events between the first three games, but with added twists.

In July 1, 2010, Hector Sanchez was interviewed, he said Konquest will not be in this game and says Raiden will actually be playable and Shang Tsung is heavily rumored to be playable. He also says he knows all of the characters that are going to be in the game but he can’t say who they are right now.

On September 27, 2010 Ed Boon updated his twitter with the message “Sitting @ Starbucks in LA with free wifi & some time to kill. Maybe I’ll sketch out some of our last fatalities & frien— um, fatalities.” hinting at the inclusion of friendship fatalities in the game. It has yet to be officially announced that friendships will be featured in the game, so for now it could be some playing around with the the fans on Ed’s part.

Keeping the thread of the Friendships, Ed Boon updated his twitter on February 13, 2011 saying “2 fatality moves and 1 move for peace. Its all for love. L.O.V.E.”

In a recent interview with Game reactor, Ed Boon said that “Toasty!” is back, but no other word has been said on the subject

On March 6, 2011, the Secret Achievement list for the upcoming game was leaked. Amongst the secret achievements is one titled “Ultimate Humiliation”, which is rewarded for Perform every fighter’s hidden finishing move and according to the leak from the official website, one of them was “Announcer Brutality”. Thus leaking the inclusions of the Brutality finisher. The leak also contained information indicated several types of finishing moves in the game with an achievement entitled Complet-ality for performing one of each type of “ality”.


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