Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Walkthrough: Part 7–Trip to the Refinery [Guide]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

We now have the acid for dissolving those red organic things that are giving you so much trouble at this point. It is now time to go to the Refinery, as mentioned by Alexander. Take care though as things will get very scary from this point on.

As you proceed, you’ll find the stairs destroyed by the earthquake. You have three options to choose from to proceed.

First, there’s a rocky wall to the left and two wooden pieces of floor nearby. Pick one up and place it near the torch in front of where there are no railings above. Somehow, it will attach itself there and you may climb up using that. Left click when you see a ladder icon to climb up. The second options is attaching that piece of wood near the broken part of the stairs. It will attach itself on there and you can climb up like a civilized human being.

You may also not use those pieces of wood at all. Get some barrels from the corner and place them in front of the broken parts of the stairs. Grab a box and put it on top of the barrel. You can use that to jump up to the higher level and back into the Entrance Hall. By this time, run for the Entrance Hall to safety. Before entering the Refinery, you might want to grab some supplies here. From the circle on the ground, there will be another hall that hasn’t been visited yet. There is a chest on the left wall with a TINDERBOX and a bottle of OIL. Go down the hall and near the end, that last shelf has three boxes nearby. Move those boxes aside and take the bottle of OIL hidden there.

You can try to open the doors, only to find those red organic stuff suddenly covering it. Head back to the Entrance Hall and go downstairs by the circle. Enter the door and you’ll back to where you came from where the red organic stuff is blocking the way from a few levels back. Open your inventory and double click on the Pot of Acid to use it on red organic matter. After it totally dissolves, go on through the now unblocked doorway.

You are now in the Refinery, so move forward and you’ll have another flashback. As you continue going straight, you’ll another weird sound. Reach an open room with giant barrels. There will be a monster moving in the next room. Wait for it to go away, then move on. There is a door at the front and to the right, as well as some giant barrels nearby and a slightly open door to the left that leads into a simple-looking room with a shelf on the left where there is a bottle of OIL. When you’re done, proceed to the next room.

It’s another small room with LAUDANUM on the shelf and a note on the table. As you get near there, the door to the next room will be blown open. The note tells about Daniel’s return from Africa, having been forced to go back home by Professor Herbert. He also found the broken orb, but somehow couldn’t seem to put it back together. Go on to the next room and enter the slightly open door in front. At this time, your screen will suddenly turn red and you will some angry growl is heard. Relax as it’s merely a shock, but no real danger.

Look at the shelf on the right for a TINDERBOX. Proceed to the next room, where you’ll hear an angry growl and the sound of something breaking through a door. There will be a table with a note, and there is a shelf on the opposite side with a TINDERBOX at the bottom. As you read the note, it seems that Daniel started to suspect that something is off with the pieces of the orbs he possesses. He asked a geologist about how such rocks can change and is given a satisfactory answer. However, his doubts about the orb pieces do remain.

Go back to the previous room and enter the other one, which is a hall where your vision will turn red again. There are a bunch of boxes that can be move aside to reveal a hole in the wall that you can crawl through.

Inside, you’ll find an oil barrel for refilling your lantern. Go left and you’ll encounter a trap door with rope attached. There is a shelf on the left with a TINDERBOX, as well as a chest under a torch with two more TINDERBOXES.

When you try to open the trap door, you find out that a stick has jammed the pulley. You need to remove that stick, and you have two options. You ca grab a box and try to throw it at the stick. You can also stack boxes and barrels to reach for the stick, jiggling it back and forth. If you do either solutions right, that stick will break and the crank should work.

As you go down the trap door and through the passage, you’ll hear another roar. This underground passage goes to a door that leads into the Cellar Archives.

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