Homefront – Golden Gate [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront ‘Golden Gate’ mission. Let’s get started!

After the opening cut scene, you will be inside the US Army base in San Francisco. When the soldier tells you to, board the chopper with Connor. Shortly after lifting off, a Korean plane will intercept your group, taking out two choppers. Use the grenade launcher to take out the hostiles by the bridge. A few more friendly choppers will be taken out. Just keep shooting at everything and anything shooting at you. Finally, the chopper will land in a Korean camp. Get down and start taking out the Korean troops.

After clearing the area proceed to line up by the south gate. Wait for one of the soldiers to open it up and then enter. A few seconds upon entering, a tank will head out of one of the hangars and start shooting at you. Enter the building to your right and take out the RPG troopers first. Exit and take cover and spot the stairs to the right. Take it and take out the guards inside the building it leads to. Pick up one of the RPG’s and start shooting at the tank to take it out. Now regroup with the soldiers.

Follow Connor up the ladder. Go right and pick up the rifles and ammo there. Start following Connor again. Take out the KPA’s and proceed. When Connor tells you to take the lead, just keep running forward and take out those damned Koreans. When one of the RPG troops takes out the US chopper, run and keep following Connor. When you reach the bridge area, start taking out the hostiles by the catwalk from afar. Make your way towards the bridge once you clear the area. There should be a final ladder to climb in order to reach the deck. Tons of KPA’s here, so start shooting.

Use the RPG to take out the tanks. There should be a couple in the area. Now move together with the convoy and keep following Connor. You will soon regroup with Hopper and Rianna. After your lead tank rams the gates to the next area, an RPG will shoot it down. Time for another fire fight. Enter the area and start taking out the KPA forces. Follow Connor and take out everything that stands in your way. Remember to use the RPG to take out the armored vehicles. When you receive the objective to regroup with the team, it will be in a nearby tanker. A missile will blast that side of the bridge and take the tanker and a few other troops with it. When you regain control of Jacobs you will be under the bridge. Take out the KPA troops there. Take cover when the chopper starts to make rounds in the under deck. Climb the ladder at the end of the path to make your way back to the upper deck. Once there, use the RPG and make a few clean shots at the chopper to take it out. When it goes down, regroup with Connor and the others.

The US army will open up another gate, and another huge battle will start. This one will be pretty straightforward though, and the only other objective you will have during the course of this one is to defend Hopper. Just shoot everything that shoots back and you’ll be fine.  Once Hopper kills off the batteries and makes the air space safe, a short cut scene will ensue and you will be back up in the air. Take out the enemy convoy. After which, you will be back on the ground. Board the humvee to finally end the mission.


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