Homefront – Homewatch [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Homefront ‘Homewatch’ mission. Let’s get started!

After the opening scene, you will be piloting an attack chopper. Just hit LT to fire rockets and aim for the hostiles on the ground. Press R3 to activate thermal vision if you like. Take out the anti aircraft guns first. Keep following the road. Wait for Hopper to update your GPS and then a tunnel should be in front of you. Use the LB button to go down and fly straight through it. Be careful not to hit the tunnel or the obstacles present in the area.

After exiting the tunnel, you will receive new orders. Take out the escort vehicles marked right in front of you. Take out the vehicles as fast as you can to catch up with the convoy. Use the minigun and the missiles together in order to deal maximum damage. Once Rianna radios in and tells Connor that the plan isn’t working you will receive new orders.

Connor will order you to move alongside the tankers and match their speed. Simply fly down and stick close to the truck behind the first one. Move to the third tanker’s left side and Hopper will open the door and jump to it. Once Hopper successfully hijacks the third tanker from the front, move to the second one and do the same. Rianna will hijack it. Do it again for the first tanker and Connor will hijack it. Another set of objectives will come.

Now its time to protect and escort the tankers to San Francisco. It will be better if you fly right overhead the second tanker in order to get the best view of the surrounding area. You could also move ahead of them in order to fully protect them as most, if not all, of the enemies will be coming from the front anyway. Take out the SAMs first as they are the deadliest. When you reach the checkpoints, make sure to deal as much damage as possible before Connor breaks in.

When you reach California, take out the hostiles Connor points you to destroy. Take out the ones in the overpass and you will be forced to take a detour. Just keep following the convoy. Watch out for the KPA ground troops and humvees that threatens to take out the convoy. Watch out for the RPG troopers, prioritize them. Just keep listening to Connor’s directions and you’ll be fine. Your map will be filled with hostiles trying to take either you or the convoy down. Prioritize those who want you dead.

When you reach downtown, a chopper will try to intercept you. Use your missiles and aim for it immediately as it poses the most threat. RPG troopers will be on the rooftops near where it is flying by as well. Destroy them. When the coast is clear continue to escort Connor.

When you reach the harbor area, Connor will alert you about the presence of multiple SAM sites. Take them all out and proceed. It will probably be wise if you move ahead of the pack. Don’t stray too far though. Once you reach the bridge, the convoy will stop a bit to plant the C4 charges. Make sure none of the KPA’s make it to the convoy. Once Hopper finishes laying the charges, continue to escort the convoy and watch the bridge blow up. The mission will end from there.


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