Homefront – Multiplayer Tips [Guide]


Homefront is one of the most promising first person shooters in the market today and is probably one of the best since the fantastic Call of Duty Black Ops. Its multiplayer feature is also one of the most action-packed, most enjoyable multiplayer first person mayhem in the scene today. Here are a few tips to gain the upper hand in the Homefront multiplayer mode made especially for you hardcore gamers.

The Battle Commander mode is a pretty interesting mode and is sure to be one of the most popular modes in the online multiplayer scene. In this mode, staying alive is probably more important than over extending to net that easy kill. Position is everything; make sure you do not wander into enemy lines uncovered. As long as you stay alive, you will be given boosts to your health, damage and running speed as bonuses when you manage to rack up kills while staying alive. In other words, try to maintain your killing streak without dying. Be careful though, as with these bonuses, your enemies will be alerted to your location.

Saving up resources (BP or Battle Points) is also a very good strategy. Although it is probably tempting to spend it all on shiny new equipment, it is important to note that those emergency BP’s can also help save your ass in times of urgency. That last 300 BP you saved up will be able to save your ass when the enemy surprises you with an ambush Apache attack by helping you purchase the Flak Jacket.

Snipers are among the most dangerous enemies in the game. You can’t kill what you can’t see, so always remember to move with caution especially in wide open areas with known sniping areas. Try looking for them at a distance and flank them if you can. The Parrot Drone can also be your best friend if you know how to use it properly.

Customized loadouts are also one of the best ways to improve your performance. Edit custom loadouts to suit your playing style and make different loadouts for specific circumstances such as anti aircraft, or a runner loadout for capturing the flag. Switch to the loadouts when you need to and tweak them to your preferences.

Finally, learn the maps. Learn the environments, learn where to take cover, learn where to camp, learn where to run. This is as important in Homefront as in any other game that involves shooting the crap out of people. Get a feel for each map before battling it out.


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