Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Walkthrough: Part 12 – Fixing The Elevator [Guide]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Another tense situation has passed and you have all three Elevator Rods. There were a lot of detours and extra tasks that you had to pull off, but you did it. The Storage area is actually one of the reasons why people stop playing this game or at least take a long break from it. However, it’s not over yet as you still have yet to fix the Elevator and go deeper into the recesses of Brennenburg Castle.

You may notice that the place is starting to transform into something darker, and the sentiment of being in a castle should be gone now. What was once the beautiful Back Hall has been overwhelmed by that red organic matter. You will have to get out of there and fix the Elevator, so go straight ahead after exiting the Storage towards the door on the other side that leads to the Elevator and Machine Room. You’ll then get a flashback of Daniel conversing with Alexander about the technological marvel that is the elevator.

The Machine Room should be to your left and the Elevator should be right in front of you. For now, you need access to the Machine Room, so turn left and use the Machine Room Key on the door to proceed. There should be stairs going down to your left and an open room in front of you. Enter that room and read the note on the table to the left. It tells of when Daniel snuck into Professor Herbert’s office and stole some references regarding the orb. Also, the geologist he previously talked to had apparently died.

Take the TINDERBOX on to of one of the boxes in the corner of the room and the other one hidden behind the pipes. On the wall, there is a Pressure Machine with roman numerals on them. One of the notes you’ve previously read said something about “8 up, 8 down”, which is for operating this machine. The solution to this Pressure Machine is simple enough.

At the top, the roman numerals are: III, III, V, I, II, IV. At the bottom, the roman numerals are: I, V, VI, V, II, II. The clue says, “8 up, 8 down”. This just means you need to have the numbers of each part add up to 8. The solution would be to raise the levers III, III, and II for the top part, and lower the levers VI and the last II for the lower part. That should do the trick.

Once you’re done fiddling with that machine, exit the room and make your way downstairs. There’s a room below to the left. With a chest on the right corner containing two TINDERBOXES. There is a table on the left side with another note that tells about how Daniel was sent a letter by Alexander offering protection. There should be another machine by the wall in the middle, as well as a box with a note on top, which is a memo on where the Rods were stored. A bit too late for that now.

This is the Flow Machine, where you stick in the ELEVATOR RODS. There are three orifices of different shapes where you can insert them, and you have to figure out which one is which. The clues are in the names of the rods. Flow Cycle Rod should be circular due to the word “Cycle”, Trinity is triangular, and Four Phase is square. The logic is simple enough, and putting them in the appropriate orifices should solve the puzzle.

Grab the orange gear sitting on top of a box to the right of the machine since you will need it for yet another puzzle at the floor below. Just grab it, exit the room, turn left, and throw it downstairs. There’s another gear on a pipe just outside the room, so throw that downstairs as well.

Go downstairs and solve the next puzzle to finally get that blasted Elevator running. Take the two gears into the next room and turn left. There should be a barrel and a box with another orange gear behind it. There’s a note on the table with the candle that speaks of Daniel’s increasing fear. The people he had approached about the orb were all killed, and he feels strongly that he’s next. His only hope of staying alive lies in Alexander.

The next room has a lot of coal stored there. There’s a tinderbox on the shelf to the right. In the corner is a barrel of OIL for replenishing your lantern. After that, take three balls of coal to the room with the large machine. There’s a burner with a lever by the wall. Open the hatch and chuck in the coals, then close the hatch and pull the lever. You will then notice that the machine is missing some wheels. Grab the orange gears and attached them to the machine, then pull the lever on the left. Finally the Elevator is fully functioning again.

As you make your way back up, the place will start turning into red organic matter, so run out of the Machine Room and head for the Elevator quickly.
Once you’re in the Back Hall, head straight to your left and head for the Elevator. Go inside and pull the lever.

Suddenly, the elevator crashes with you in it.

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