Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Walkthrough: Part 13 – Exploring the Prison [Guide]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You have fixed the Elevator and chose to ride in it as a last second attempt to avoid being fodder for that nasty red organic stuff taking over the Back Hall. Unfortunately, the Elevator crashed with you in it, but it seems that you are still alive and in a place that may not have been your first choice destination. You are now in the Prison.

As you get up and start walking, there’ll be a flashback. Alexander informs you that this is the Prison where he jails criminals. The next door is blocked by debris, but you can move them away so you can proceed. Something loud and frightening will happen here and you wouldn’t want to stick around, so run back to the first room and hide in a corner for a while. Once the danger is gone, move on to the prison hall.

This area is extremely dark, so don’t skimp on your tinderboxes and oil and light some torches or use your lantern a bit more in this place. Go forward, then turn left and you’ll a sign above you that roughly says “Cell Area 1″.

From here, there are three ways — right, left, and up the stairs. Go to the left first and you’ll find two doors. The right door is broken so enter it. Inside, you might spot a hammer under a bed, which you’ll need later.

Go to the next room in front and take the bottle of OIL in the corner. REMEMBER THIS ROOM. You will be hiding here once you encounter a monster all of a sudden, so do what you must to turn this room into a safe hiding spot like stack boxes and know where the safest corner is, as well as turning off the lights here. Exit the designated hiding room and turn left towards the door. There will be a loud banging sound all of a sudden, so run for the hiding room and lay low for a while. Whether it’s nothing or a monster, you should not take any chances.

When you think the danger is gone, go back to where the three ways are and choose the other hallway by going right.
Keep the hiding place in mind and go straight ahead. There will be another blocked patch and a TINDERBOX, and another one in the open room to the right.

Go back and head for upstairs, where you will have a monster encounter. You can head straight back to where you came from, go right, then there’s the stairs. Remember that the path to the hiding place is the left hallway. So when you’re ready, go up and you’ll see a monster come into view. Don’t think and just run for the hiding place and wait for it to go away.

If it’s safe though, you have two choices when you’re up there. You can go forward, or you can go through the hall on the right. First things first, so go forward towards the chair in front to get the bottle of OIL. Go straight and you’ll see a door in front, another on the left, and a hallway on the right. Enter the door to your left and watch the flashback. It’s about some guy asking a girl where somebody went, and it seems that Daniel’s involved. They’ve been looking for a little girl who escaped.

You’ll find a Chipper on the ground. Once you’ve picked it up, go to your inventory and combine the Hammer and the Chipper. Exit the room and use the Hammer and Chipper on the jammed door to the left. Inside, there’s an oil barrel for your lantern. Exit that room and proceed to the left. The lights will suddenly be blown out and you’ll find another room to your left. You’ll hear a growl as you go in, so turn your lantern off.
There’s a bottle of OIL and a TINDERBOX by the corner. You may want to hide and wait here in the dark corner for a while as there’s a monster out there.

Once it’s safe enough, go back outside and then turn left towards a door. As you enter the room, another flashback comes up that shows the little girl from the previous flashback. Apparently, she didn’t want to escape without her mom. Once that’s done, notice the hole in the floor if you push the bed aside. Use the Hammer and Chipper to make the hole bigger, then drop down to the next area.

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