Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Mini Kit Locations: Prologue [Guide]


You will need to be in Free Play so you have access to all the areas and characters.

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Begin the level with your Sith character and force-pull the two patches of Lego blocks on the pillar in the center of the arena. With a Clone Trooper you can pull the two blocks to uncover the first Minikit in the rubble.

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Use the Robonino and walk over to the left side of the arena. Use the console there to raise the gate.

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Inside the gym, run over the three treadmills on the floor resulting in them exploding, revealing another Minikit. Next, switch to your rapid-firing Clone Trooper and shoot the golden plate on the left wall until it explodes.

Return to Top Minikit 4

Go back outside and shoot two more golden plates on the left wall of the arena, then go to the top-right corner and destroy the last two for a Minikit.

Return to Top Minikit 5

Go to the left uppermost middle of the arena and switch to your small character. Crawl through the wall-hatch to appear up above, Just jump up to grab the next Minikit.

Return to Top Minikit 6

For this kit hop on top of the Reek and ride to the bottom of the stage. Once there, you must destroy the five vendor stands to find another Minikit.

Return to Top Minikit 7

Go up along the right side wall until you come to a console. Switch to Roboino and activate the electric fence. Then, switch to a Jedi or Sith and push five Destroyer Droids into the enclosure to obtain the next Minikit.

Return to Top Minikit 8

Head back over to the middle of the arena and switch to a Jedi or Sith, then move the round Lego blocks there into a staircase. Switch to JarJar and jump up to the top of the structure, then double-jump from the top to grab this Minikit.

Return to Top Minikit 9

For number 9, switch to your sniper and search the upper part of the screen for ten pulsing green spots. When you use the sniper’s targeting skill, the spots will glow gold. You’ll obtain another Minikit after shooting all ten.

Return to Top Minikit 10

The final kit you’ll switch to your Sith character and look for the five Lego pots sitting next to rectangular patches of dirt (there are three along the left-hand wall and two on the right). Stand on the seed in the dirt to make a plant sprout up, then levitate the bush into the pot; do this with all five and you’ll have them all.


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