Dragon Age II – Character Build: Warrior – Two-handed DPS [Guide]

Dragon Age II

DA2 has definitely made the boring old warrior fun again by making his moves look more awesome. The abilities for warriors are pretty good, with each talent tree being clear with their own purposes. For those who are looking to make the most out of their warrior character in DA2, then this build is worth a shot.

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The concept behind this build is to have your character doing as much damage to as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time. Blood and guts should be flying everywhere with this build. Two-handed weapons are preferred since they’re not slow like in the first game and they deal the most amount of damage and hit adjacent enemies as well with.

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Whatever you may decide to do, it is paramount that you get all the Two-handed talents since they are very good at eliminating hordes of enemies. Mighty Blow is your basic ability that really hurts and does splash damage as well. Scythe is a good first strike skill with good coverage and range, letting you take out multiple enemies at once. Both the Giant’s Reach and Sunder passive skills provide better attack range and critical chance, as well crowd control with Sunder’s Stagger chance. Finally, Whirlwind makes sure that you’re still a threat when surrounded by a mob.

Once you’ve taken all those talents, feast your eyes on the Vanguard talents and the wonderful Cleave, which gives you double damage for 10 seconds. It may seem like a short time, especially since it has a 20 second cooldown, but you can combine it with other skills to stack up the damage. Also, using two-handed weapons with the Might sustained ability turned on turns cannon fodder into red goo. Using it with Assail should boost its effectiveness as well.

As for specializations, Templar is out of the question. While it may be good in a lot of situations, this build is all about DPS and you will need to have abilities that boost damage. As for what you get first, it may be more appropriate to take Berserker first since Reaver uses up your HP. You may not have enough constitution yet to handle Reaver abilities effectively, not to mention that Cleave and Blood Frenzy used at the same time is somewhat like suicide. With Berserker talents, you will need a good amount of stamina, so increasing your willpower a bit more should do the trick.

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Your point allocation should focus on strength, constitution, and some willpower. Remember that DPS increases with every 2 STR, so make sure that you end up with your STR in an even number after leveling up. Once you’re about to get your first specialization, you should have around or near 30 STR. By that time, allocate more to WIL to get more stamina for those Berserker skills, so having around 30 willpower should suffice. By the time you get your second specialization, you may have near 40 STR and 30 WIL. You’ll get Reaver, so get as much CON because you will bleed a lot for all that extra damage. Tune your stats for the rest of your game the way you want it, but make sure to prioritize survivability in the same light as your offensive capabilities.

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The number one priority when going into a fight is to spot where the most number of enemies are. Once you’ve picked a mob, use Might, Scythe, and Whirlwind to take them out quickly. As soon as they die, move on to other enemies. The point is to not let your companions get hurt as much as possible, even if they’re well made themselves. If you have the Massacre ability from the Vanguard tree, enemies with 20% HP and lieutenants with 10% HP are instantly killed. That should take out most of them within a few seconds.

As for the strongest ones, that’s when you really need to activate Cleave and Sacrificial Frenzy to bring in the pain. Watch your HP as you fight since it will drop pretty fast if you’re not careful. Drink potions when needed and keep heaping in the damage. This is where your companions come in, especially the mages. Buffs like Elemental Weapons should be activated at all times to boost damage and casting debuff and AOE spells always make the fight easier. Once you’ve ironed out your strategies, there should be no difficult battle in the game.

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If you have the Black Emporium DLC, you may want to use the Maker’s Sigh, also known as the respec potion, if you’re not satisfied with your current build. What you’ve just read is merely a rough guide to creating the best offensive warrior possible, and it is up to you to fine tune this idea.


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