Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Prologue Walkthrough [Guide]


Today we start our walkthrough guides for the next installment in the Lego Star Wars Franchise. Lego Star Wars III focus on the characters and stories of the Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon Network which takes place between the events of Episode II and III.

These walkthroughs are based on the original play-through not the free play so you will not have the benefit of all the types of characters.

Start of by using the force (secondary action) to push the Acklay’s leg away from Obi-Wan. After that use the force again to make stair-steps out of what’s left of Obi-Wan’s pillar. Jump up to the top and use the Force once more to destroy the bricks on the left side of Anakin’s pillar. From the top switch characters to Amidala. Now climb to the top of her pillar and use the grappling hook twice to reel Anakin upwards.
This is actually from the end of Episode II. Once you get all three characters on top of the pillars you can move on.

Return to Top Defeating the Beats

While still in control of Amidala, wait for the Reek to charge you (he’s the one that looks like a Rhino), then use the grappling hook to restrain it. After you have him switch to one of the Jedi and use the force to tame technique to control the beast. Now you can charge toward the Nexu (the feline-looking alien) by pressing the jump button. You must hit the Nexu three times to take it out.
After a quick cut-scene, the three heroes will jump back down into the arena. For this stage of the fight, you must deal with the three beasts that attack you.

After you have cut both the Acklay’s legs that are the different lego color, switch to Amidala and grapple the beast to the ground. A blue symbol will appear on the ground in front of it, this indicates an action for a Jedi; switch back to a Jedi and press the attack button while standing on the icon to damage the monster.
Rinse and repeat the grappling with the Acklay with Amidala and then attacking with either Obi-Wan or Anakin three times to kill the final beast and move on in the level.

Return to Top Jango Fett

When you spot the Boba’s Dad jetting around, hold down the attack button and move the cursor over him, this will trow your lightsabre. Once he’s on the ground, follow up with a ground attack to remove one of his hearts. Repeat this process three times until Jango falls.
Once the alien monsters are dealt with, Jango Fett will enter the fray. Don’t worry about the droids they will just keep coming, you will have to use a Jedi to take down Jango.

Return to Top Evacuation

After this the reinforcements will arrive in three dropships to help evacuate the Jedi. You have to get your fellow Jedi to safety by opening the doors on the drop shifts with the force. Use the force to open the doors on the side of the dropship nearest to your character, then wait for the Jedi to board. Use the force again to close the doors. Repeat for all three dropships (left, middle and right-sides of the arena.) and wala were on to Chapter 1.


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