Dynasty Warriors 7 Weapons [Guide]


The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been famous for its generous selection of weapons as well as characters. The seventh and latest installment is definitely no different. If anything, the weapons system in Dynasty Warriors 7 has been enhanced and new features added to it. Here’s a list of the different Dynasty Warriors 7 weapon types:

Return to Top Blades

  • Sword
  • Cutlass
  • Rapier
  • Sword & Shield
  • Dual Swords
  • Flying Swords
  • Greatsword

Return to Top Pole Arms

  • Spear
  • Halberd
  • Pike
  • Lance
  • Double-Ended Blade

Return to Top Heavy Weapons

  • Dual Halberds
  • Dual Rods
  • Flail
  • Club
  • Axe
  • Gauntlets

Return to Top Martial Weapons

  • Tonfa
  • Wheels
  • Bo Staff
  • Iron Fans
  • Claws
  • Chain & Sickle
  • Nunchaku
  • Bladed Yo-Yo
  • Whip

Return to Top Ranged Weapons

  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Throwing Daggers
  • Arm Cannon*

Return to Top Magic Weapons

  • Staff
  • Strategist Fan
  • Magic Brush
  • Flute
  • Harp

Return to Top EX Weapons

Every character is given a weapon type they are adept with. These weapons are called the EX weapons and are identified by the EX mark in front of them. If a character is actively wielding the EX weapon type he/she will acquire an additional combo step with that weapon which will be unique to that character.

Below is a list of EX Weapons for each player, categorized according to the kingdom/area they belong to.

Return to Top Wei Kingdom

  • Xiahou Dun (Sword)
  • Dian Wei (Axe)
  • Xu Zhu (Club)
  • Cao Cao (Sword)
  • Xiahou Yuan (Bow)
  • Zhang Liao (Dual Halberds)
  • Sima Yi (Strategist Fan)
  • Xu Huang (Pike)
  • Zhang He (Claws)
  • Zhen Ji (Flute)
  • Cao Ren (Flail)
  • Cao Pi (Dual Sword)
  • Cai Wenji (Harp)
  • Jia Xu (Chain & Sickle)

Return to Top Wu Kingdom

  • Zhou Yu (Bo Staff)
  • Lu Xun (Dual Swords)
  • Taishi Ci (Dual Rods)
  • Sun Shang Xiang (Wheels)
  • Sun Jian (Sword)
  • Sun Quan (Sword)
  • Lu Meng (Pike)
  • Gan Ning (Chain & Sickle)
  • Huang Gai (Club)
  • Sun Ce (Tonfa)
  • Da Qiao (Iron Fans)
  • Xiao Qiao (Iron Fans)
  • Zhou Tai (Cutlass)
  • Ling Tong (Nunchaku)
  • Ding Feng (Gauntlets)
  • Lian Shi (Crossbow)

Return to Top Shu Kingdom

  • Zhao Yun (Spear)
  • Guan Yu (Pike)
  • Zhang Fei (Double-Ended Blade)
  • Zhuge Liang (Strategist Fan)
  • Liu Bei (Dual Swords)
  • Ma Chao (Spear)
  • Huang Zhong (Bow)
  • Jiang Wei (Spear)
  • Wei Yan (Double-Ended Blade)
  • Pang Tong (Staff)
  • Yue Ying (Bo Staff)
  • Guan Ping (Greatsword)
  • Xing Cai (Sword and Shield)
  • Bao Sanniang (Bladed Yo-Yo)
  • Ma Dai (Paintbrush)
  • Liu Shan (Rapier)
  • Guan Suo (Nunchaku)

Return to Top Jin Dynasty

  • Sima Yi (Strategist Fan)
  • Sima Shi (Rapier)
  • Sima Zhao (Sword)
  • Zhuge Dan (Strategist Fan)
  • Wang Yuanji (Throwing Daggers)
  • Deng Ai (Lance)
  • Zhong Hui (Flying Swords)
  • Guo Huai (Arm Cannon)
  • Xiahou Ba (Greatsword)

Return to Top Other

  • Lu Bu (Halberd)
  • Diao Chan (Whip)
  • Dong Zhuo (Flail)
  • Yuan Shao (Rapier)
  • Zhang Jiao (Staff)
  • Meng Huo (Gauntlets)
  • Zhu Rong (Throwing Daggers)

Return to Top Weapons Overview

Each character can equip two weapons. There are no restrictions between the two weapons; they can be the same type. These two weapons can be switched at any time, even during combat. These weapons can be obtained from defeated enemies, bought from merchants, or crafted by a blacksmith. A few weapons have gender restrictions though, such as the harp. The game also boasts an expertise level that indicates how familiar a certain character is with using the said weapon. The higher the expertise level, the more efficient the character is at using them.

The higher the difficulty of the level, or the more powerful the enemies are, the better the weapons that you get. Similarly, the abilities from the weapons you obtain are randomly generated, and are better depending on the difficulty. However, the weapon quality depends on the weapon tier, which also varies according to the difficulty of the game and stage. This means that by playing on a harder level as well as a higher difficulty, you will be able to obtain higher tier level of weapons.

Switch attacks are also one of the newer features in Dynasty Warriors 7. During combat, if a player wishes to switch between weapons, then a switch attack occurs. A switch attack is an attack executed in the process of switching between weapons. The attack depends on the weapon that is being switched to, with each weapon having a different switch attack.

Certain weapons have seals on them. These weapon seals may be available right upon obtaining the weapons, or sometimes they can be hidden. Hidden seals can be unlocked through extensive usage of the weapon. Weapon seals provide passive bonuses for the wielders. The higher the tier of the weapons, the more powerful the weapon seals can get. Some weapons even have multiple weapon seals.

Each weapon also comes with a weapon skill, which can be unlocked by extensive usage of the weapon. When the skill point gauge is full, the skill is learned.

Musuo attacks are attacks that are only available on a specific character with his specific EX Weapon. Each playable character in Dynasty Warriors 7 has two Musuo attacks. These Musuo attacks can only be used with an EX weapon. Regardless of what weapon you are using, once the character goes into a Musuo attack, the character switches to an EX weapon for the duration of the attack.


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