Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars- Asajj Ventress: Ambush Walkthrough [Guide]


This is the second chapter in the Asajj Ventress Storyline in Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. As before this walkthrough is done in the story.

Yoda and his detachment of Clonetroopers have been pinned down over the surface of Rugosa, the Toydarian homeworld, in-route to speak with the natives about joining the Republic. Unfortunately, Assaj Ventress and the Separatist army has arrived first and have plans for Master Yoda to reach the Toydarian leadership.

Return to Top Hole Filling

Start the level off by going to the right, might as well destroy droids along the way, then switch to your gatling-gun trooper and blast the gold Legos. Yoda can now put the pieces in front of the hole the droids are coming out of. One last blast the gold pieces again to clog the spawn point for good.

Once you reach the dead-end, switch to the bazooka trooper and blast the silver Lego pieces. Yoda can once again put the pieces back together to block the second spawn point for the droids. Now the purple wall will blow up giving you access to the next area.

Fight your way down the next canyon using the gatling trooper on the gold bricks until a droid appears and shoots off his arm. Switch to Yoda and Force-grab a Super Battle droid and point it to use its blaster toward the gold bricks until they shatter, then head through the hole.

Return to Top Heavy Mechs

Move your way up the next canyon until you come to the first Droid tank. Use the bazooka trooper to shoot the two silver blasters off both sides of the tank, then switch to Yoda and hit the Jedi icon that appears on the ground to finish it off.

Hang onto Yoda and use his ability to pick up Super Battle Droids to shoot off the gold blocks on both sides. Once they’re destroyed, jump over to the Jedi icon again to destroy the tank with some flash.

The final tank at the end of the canyon has two grapple points on either side. Use a Clonetrooper and pull both of them off, now Yoda can use the Jedi icon one more time to finish off this tank.

After the last tank is destroyed, five shielded Droidekas will roll out, no weapons will work on them. To take them out, you must either shoot the silver boulders above their positions (with the bazooka trooper) or use Yoda to Force-throw them down the hole on the right side of the screen.


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