Nintendo 3DS AR Games [Guide]

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“Hey guys come look at this new 3DS I got.”
“Cool, what games ya got.”
“Uhhhh none the thing was 250 bucks! But I got these cool cards.”
“What do they do?”

Don’t be this guy. That’s why were here to help you figure out what those weird card things in your 3DS do.

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The AR cards are not entirely required. You can print copies, or even use copies that appear on your computer screen or mobile phone, as long as there’s not too much glare. You can even print out enlarged versions of the AR cards for even larger AR elements.
By tapping the X button you change the size of on-screen characters from AR cards or your Mii library.
When playing games like Archery, be sure to move the 3DS all around the subject. Some targets are hidden behind things, requiring you to view the challenge from different angles.

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Well they’re called AR Cards, they’re kinda popular now with happy meal toys and Blu-Ray bonuses. The idea is a webcam or something scans these cards and produces a 3D image on the device. But now we have them in 3D!

Every 3DS system comes packaged with a small set of playing cards necessary to activate this feature. One of them, the primary card, is a simple white-framed, black-backgrounded image with the Nintendo logo and a picture of a Mario series Question Mark Block printed on it. Classic Nintendo characters are featured on the other cards, with one card apiece given to Mario, Link, Samus Aran, Kirby and the Pikmin.

You get things started by taking the primary Question Mark Card and placing it on some flat surface. A table, the floor. Now position the 3DS between you and the card, keeping the system’s outer-facing cameras can capture streaming footage of it sitting there. Once the 3DS is locked onto the card all kinds of magic ensues and you see the wizard trapped inside each 3DS go to work.

The first thing to appear is a little box-shaped new mascot character. If you know his name let us know. The unnamed box, who will probably be in the next Mario Party Game, shows up and you can shoot a virtual tennis ball at him to open the menu, which then renders six duplicates into the space in front of you. They, in turn, offer access to the six main components of AR Games.

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Archery is the first. This game makes a series of archery targets appear in front of you, and your 3DS gets equipped with an bottomless arrow pool to shoot at them. Some of the shots are simple, others are tricky—like the fourth target you’ll try to hit, which is positioned “down inside” the surface you’re playing on Magic!. It appears like there’s a rectangle-shaped hole cut into your kitchen table or living room floor.

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Next is the Star Pics. This mini-game uses the other five characters cards to conjure up Mario, Link and the rest of the Nintendo heroes to appear to be sitting there in real life right in front of you. You can rearrange their positions relative to each other, choose from a handful of different poses for them and snap memorable photos of the virtual dioramas you create.

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Mii Pics is third, relatively the same as the Star Pics but with, you guessed it, the Miis you have created. It’s a bit more robust since the Miis have many more poses than Mario and his crew do, and you can get tons of Miis into the same shot at the same time.

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AR Shot is a truer Mini-Game as it transforms the surface you’re viewing into a contoured canyon. You’re then given a ball and a pool cue and tasked to shoot the sphere into a target similar to a billiards ball.

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Number 5 is Graffiti, you’ll whip out the stylus for this one, sketching a design in 2D on the 3DS system’s lower touch screen. Then that 2D drawing is extrapolated into a 3D model, viewable bouncing around up on the stereoscopic screen above, Awesome!

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Our last game here in the default set of activities is Fishing. This game combines the visual style of the fishing activities from the Animal Crossing series with the motion-sensing catching action of Wii Play’s fishing mini-game. We have seen most of it before, nothing really new.

Now when you’re showing off that fancy bit of equipment you bought you’ll be able to show off one of the coolest things the system does.


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